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EVOS Esports SG Post-MPL: What Happened at the Playoffs? What’s Next?

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MPL Prize pool breakdown

What’s up guys? I hope you enjoyed Season 3 of the MPL–MY/SG Playoffs! It WAS pretty exciting after all, with loads of plot twists and unexpected outcomes.

I mean, who could have predicted NARA SG and Reborn (the top Singaporean and Malaysian teams respectively) getting eliminated so early on in the playoffs? Or that Geek Fam would defeat EVOS Esports SG in the finals and win the S3 championship?

Well, let’s hear what EVOS (and specifically, Potato) has to say about the whole thing.

How’re you guys feeling?

ashita no joe

It’s kinda bittersweet for them, really. On one hand,

"getting 2nd place isn’t too bad" as Potato says.

On the other hand, they also failed to win the S2 title, so this is their second time in a row losing the finals.

"we are happy with our overall result since we didn’t expect to have such a good run anyway."

S3 has been rough on EVOS, and they ended the Regular Season at #5, which meant they were in the Lower Bracket for the Playoffs.

From there, they managed to claw their way back up, defeating teams like Bosskurr (formerly AirAsia Saiyans) and their rivals NARA. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to defeat Geek Fam.

What do you think of the other teams?

The competition seems to be getting tougher each season, and Potato feels like this season has showcased improvements for each of the competing teams, especially the Malaysians, which means EVOS and the other Singaporean teams will need to work harder too if they want to maintain their advantage.

bear grylls

In particular, he mentioned Geek Fam, as the champion team. Compared to before, Geek Fam has definitely improved a LOT, especially since they didn’t even get past the quarter-finals in Season 2.

This time round, they were the #2 Malaysian team even before winning the championship, and with Reborn’s early elimination, the burden fell on Geek Fam to deliver.

Which they did, of course.

Potato acknowledges that Singaporean teams are

“gonna have to step up, if we wanna succeed.”

Bambi emotion

Challenges and mistakes

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair for them to only criticize the other teams, right? EVOS had their struggles and made mistakes too, which costed them the championship.

After thinking it through, one primary reason Potato gave for their loss was the lack of focus versus Geek Fam in the grand final.

It’s like sitting for a major exam, and blanking out halfway through, I guess.

It’s understandable, of course. They played 10 games in total on day 2!

That would tire anyone out, for sure. An average high level game of Mobile Legends can take around 20-30 minutes (including the drafting phase).

If you add it up, that’s a more than likely over 3 hours of sitting around, racking your brains, concentrating, and staring at a screen while simultaneously coordinating with your teammates.

It was a final exam. They didn’t fail, and did very well actually, but…we’re A-sians, so we need that A, not a B.

asian not bsian

On top of that, a live tournament’s environment is very, very different from an online tournament.


Well, here’s the basic explanation: the Playoffs took place in front of a massive crowd of fans and supporters, all cheering on their respective teams. Imagine that you’re up there performing a song, or in this case, playing a game with a huge cash prize at stake, with all those people watching your every move.

To quote Potato,

“It’s stressful when you’re up there playing, like having stage fright.”

EVOS Potato picture

What can you guys improve on?

Well, the weaknesses they mentioned (maintaining focus, stage fright, etc) are stuff they need to improve, of course. They really have to pull themselves and aim higher, and maybe they could win next season.

And of course, they admit that their actual gameplay and mechanical skills (reaction time, positioning, aiming skillshots, etc) could stand to be better as well.

EVOS is not bad at the game - they wouldn’t make it this far otherwise. But there’s always a higher mountain to climb, and EVOS is definitely eager to reach the top.

EVOS MPL Season 3 second place

EVOS coming in second once again.

So…what’s next?

Of course, it’s not the end for them. EVOS isn’t giving up yet, and their next stop is the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC), where they will be representing Singapore. Details are still scarce, so remember follow us for more updates!

Apart from that, there’s also the SEA Games qualifiers for Singapore, which will be held 2 weeks from now. You can find more info on the Singapore Esports Association's FB page.

Related: Malaysia's SEA Games National Selection is coming to a close.

As for next season…well, nobody knows yet.

Regardless, let’s wish them luck!


Samuel "CasualPotato" Ang