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Mobile gamers, your solution to gaming problems might have arrived.

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Have you ever been in the situation where you are playing a mobile game like Arena of Valor or PUBG Mobile, and you are in the middle of a team fight or a gun fight, and then a friend calls you, or you received a message notification and your screen is blocked, or worse, you are forced out of the game?

If the answer is yes, then a new mobile phone might just be the solution.

Yesterday (26 March), at the Plenary Theatre in KLCC - Vivo held a grand launch for their new FullView Flagship V9 mobile phone.

Vivo V9 grand launch 1

Laser performance as the opening act.

Vivo V9 grand launch

The faces of Vivo V9.

The launch was definitely grand. It opened with a laser performance; then there were speeches introducing the various new features of the phone as well as a look into the China mobile phone company's philosophy of meeting the needs of the public; there was also the appearances of local artists and influencers Janna Nick, Joyce Chu, and Alvin Chong - all of whom will be the faces of the Vivo V9.

The phone packed a punch. It has a FullView display, as well as a 24MP front camera. It also comes with plenty of AI-powered features.

Nevertheless, our focus was primarily on the gaming features the Vivo V9 boasted. Here are 4 highlights.

Vivo V9 grand launch 2
1. Game Mode

This is essentially a 'do not disturb' function while we are playing games. Since the mobile phone is primarily a device for us to contact others, and vice versa, it is usually unavoidable that we receive messages or even calls while we are engrossed in a game. And those precious seconds where we do not have full view of the screen can have dire consequences.

The Game Mode in the V9 offers users (especially those who play mobile games like Arena of Valor) a way to minimise disturbance while gaming. The plus side is: you actually do receive a notification, but it only takes up a tiny area at the top of the screen.

2. Picture-in-picture

Well, let's say you do want to reply to that friend's message: The V9 offers a solution. It has a picture-in-picture function whereby you can respond to a friend's message without having to exit the game.

It is essentially a pop-up box, and can be shifted to the left or right. So without exiting the game, you can:
1) receive notification of incoming messages and decide what to do about them;
2) allow users to stay in the game while responding to messages;
3) give users the flexibility to reply, while still being aware of what's happening in the game.

Vivo V9 grand launch 3

A comparison between the standard and 'gaming' keyboards.

3. Gaming Keyboard

Right, so say you've received an incoming message, and you've decided to respond, most mobile phone keyboards will then take up the whole screen. But the Vivo V9's gaming keyboard doesn't!

Like the picture-in-picture feature, the keyboard appears as a pop-up box as well, meaning that as you type, you can watch what goes on in the game.

The video below summarises these points:

4. Partnership with Garena Arena of Valor (AoV)

Furthermore, Vivo is doing is doing product bundle with Garena AoV. With every purchase of the V9 phone from now till September 2018, you will get a Lauriel character for free. On top of that, the first 10, 000 persons to get a V9 phone will get an additional Blackwing skin for free.

For gaming, it's a step in the right direction. [...] The phone is very affordable, meaning people can play mobile games wherever they go. And the introduction of the game mode shows that mobile phone makers are thinking from the point of view of the gamer.

Yeap Su Fern, Garena Partnerships Manager.

Vivo V9 grand launch 4

Fern introducing the partnership between AoV and Vivo

Final Thoughts

It was good to see Vivo putting effort into catering to a mobile gaming community in their newest flagship model. It was a signal of intent that the China company is keen to penetrate ever corner of the mobile phone market; and one of their latest focus is mobile gamers.

And oh, I forgot to mention. The phone only costs RM 1, 399, and will be available from 31 March 2018 onwards. More info can be found at www.vivo.com.


Benedict Tan