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Rah Rah Russia Qualifier 1 - Penang

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From 13-15 April, Rah Rah Russia went to Penang as over 100 players gathered at Sunway Carnival, Penang for a weekend of competitive FIFA18, as well as having fun with the various activities on-site.

Despite lots of activities happening over the same weekend, the crowd turnout was great as players battled for 2 spots in the Rah Rah Russia Grand Final next month in Sunway Pyramid.

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There were plenty of activities for the non-competitive visitors as well - making Rah Rah Russia an event catered for all.

The final was a Best-of-3 match between Marshmallow and Tyro_Dakota; and although the matches were close, Marshmallow managed to eke out victory in both games to be crowned champion of the RRR Football Esports Tournament: Penang qualifier.

Here is a simple breakdown of the match:  

First game: Marshmallow (France) 2-1 Tyro_Dakota (Brazil)
Second game: Marshmallow (Brazil) 4-3 Tyro_Dakota (France)

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The winners: Ali 'Marshmallow' Azman (left), Faiz 'Tyro_Dakota' Razak (right).

With the first qualifier over, Rah Rah Russia heads to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall in Malacca from 27 – 29 April, where another 2 finalists will earn their spots in the grand final.

Registration is still open, so head to www.rrrussia.com.my to book your spot in the Rah Rah Russia Football Esports Tournament!

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