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Virtuelle Bundesliga Finals recap, Things to take away.

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A week ago, AmTuah stepped on the plate and proved himself as he battled it out in the Virtuelle Bundesliga Finals in Germany. Despite being the only Asian in the tournament, he put out an impressive showing in the tournament. In case you missed it, here is a brief recap as well as positives to be taken from his journey in Germany.

The group stage saw AmTuah grouped in with fierce competitors, local veterans and promising rookies alike, including Timo ‘Timox’ Siep, official Wolfsburg FIFA player and 2 time German champion. After a rough start in the group stage, AmTuah got his bearings and grinded through and proceeded to the knockout stages with 1 draw and 2 wins, with one of those wins being against Timox with a score of 4-2.

The knockout stages were even more unforgiving, as AmTuah met with Tim ‘The Strxnger’ Katnawatoss. The Strxnger was no stranger to success, seeing as he’s the official FC Basel 1893 FIFA player with a myriad of titles under his belt. His most recent success was 2nd place at the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona. His skills and experience proved to be too much for AmTuah, and he lost to The Strxnger 0-2 in the Bo3 series. The Strxnger would go on to become the champion of the tournament, finishing most of his games with a high score margin.

Strxnger VBL

The Strxnger showed dominance in the tournament. Image courtesy of Virtuelle Bundesliga

Beaten but not defeated, AmTuah’s loss is without a silver lining however. Here are the takeaways from the recent tournament:

AmTuah has grown as a player.

The last international appearance for AmTuah prior to the VBL Finals was 2 years ago at ESWC Paris 2016. AmTuah at the time would bomb out of the group stages without a single win. Now, with more experience and titles under his belt, AmTuah has shown the maturity and mental fortitude needed for a player on the international stage. In a previous interview with eGG network, Amtuah stated that he is now more adaptable as a player compared to 2 years before. This really showed when AmTuah managed to grind out his wins in the group stages despite having a bad start to the tournament.
amtuah vbl2

AmTuah kept his cool despite the pressure. Picture courtesy of Gamesbond.

AmTuah has also proved his worth on the international stage, effectively silencing critics and delighting fans. There were doubts and predictions cast upon him coming into the tournament, expecting him to crash and burn. AmTuah made his mark however, stunning the crowd as he took down Timox, one of the favourites in the tournament in the group stage.

Asia needs more, better tournaments.

Even with the sudden influx of support from the community, the prestige of Asian tournaments is not at level with those held in Europe. Virtuelle Bundesliga is essentially a tournament exclusively held for people from the surrounding regions of Germany to better market the football league as well as cultivating local talent. It’s only in this tournament that VBL has started to include outsiders from the region in the form of Cihan and AmTuah, who both qualified from their regional qualifiers recently.

AmTuah told eGG Network about his experiences in the tournament and expressed the need for tournaments of a similar caliber in Asia. A better tournament structure builds a better community, giving a chance for rough gems to polish and shine. Thankfully, more and more improvements have been made in the community, like the projects and tournaments handled by Gamesbond. AmTuah predicts that it is not long till Asia can reach the giants of Europe.

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