360 Well Played: Guess who's back tomorrow?

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 1, 2020

Hosts Faraz, Shu Faye and Mu'adz return with a revamped formula to the eGG Network show.

In a time of lockdowns and Movement Control Orders (MCO), the digital world has never felt more alive than it does today, with the world's people relying on content to remain connected with one another at home and pull through the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, #stayathome is going to be a lot easier now for us, because eGG Network's 360 Well Played returns tomorrow (2 Apr)!

With last season's hosts (Faraz, Shu Faye and Mu'adz) returning to helm the now-biweekly show, the wacky trio are looking to shake up the age-old formula and entertain viewers (that's you!) in wholly new ways. Previously described as "a gaming show" where new games and interesting products are un-boxed, plus "in-game challenges and ludicrous punishments", the latest season of 360 Well Played will instead feature discussions on the latest and greatest in gaming and esports across the world and why they matter to you, all done in a manner that'll be both entertaining and informative.

To get this show on the road, the first episode will feature a Topic of the Day that's extremely timely and relevant in the current world: how has COVID-19 affected the video games industry? With more people playing games than before, it's hard not to assume that the pandemic has had a lasting impact on the industry. But, how exactly has the gaming world been affected?

It's not for us to spoil the fun here, so why not check out what the fuss is all about tomorrow?

Catch the new season of 360 Well Played every Monday and Thursday at 1PM (GMT +8), only on eGG Network's Facebook page.


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