5 favourite moments from PMPL SEA Championship Season 3

Posted by Bryan Terng on May 26, 2021

We, along with other PUBG Mobile esports fans, are still left reeling from the high-octane action that we witnessed in the PUBG Mobile Professional League Southeast Asia (PMPL SEA) Championship Season 3, with Thailand's The Infinity Esports reigning supreme as the country's second team to win the SEA series. If you forgot what were the historical heart-pounding moments that went down during the competition, we've got you covered, fam.

Here are five times in the tournament that we just couldn't stop thinking about:

1. Day 1 Match 6: Turning the tables over and over again

Despite their lack of players, both Orange Play and AURA Esports had better positioning.

EVOS Reborn initially had the upper hand with three living members, especially when Orange Play (SkyNinn) and AURA Esports (Jeixy4s and NoMercyy) had only one and two player(s) alive, respectively.

As the spectators, we grinned cheekily as the ingenious SkyNinn put himself in a blind spot from both teams, later surprising his opponents by gunning down Jeixy4s then EVOS' Lyzerg in quick succession, resulting in a 1v1v1 standoff (more like "proneoff").

Jeixy4s fell prey to SkyNinn when escaping from EVOS, and Microboy made a blunder by exposing himself to the painful blue zone.

However, the Cambodian's actions made it advantageous for NoMercyy, as it revealed both his and RedFace's positions.

So, the AURA Esports sniper enveloped his surrounding area with smoke to conceal his rotation, approaching the pair silently and shot down their dreams of a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

NoMercyy used his cunningness to overcome both players' defensive mindset, eliminating SkyNinn then RedFace, with the latter exposing himself when attempting to attack.

2. "We've got to stop seeing each other like this": Malaysian squads

More like a collection of moments. It was hard not to miss the Malaysian trio (RSG Malaysia, Geek Fam and Dingoz MPX) bumping into each other a fair number of times throughout the 18-match esports event, which was a mix of both misfortune and amusement to netizens.

As for who proved to be the better team amongst the three post-PMPL MY/SG Season 3, there's simply no clear victor - all of them managed to best one another at various times, though the overall leaderboard might have something to say.

3. Day 2 match 5: RSG Malaysia's little triumph

Though the Malaysian teams only settled for bottom 4, RSG Malaysia showed glimmers of hope when they brought home one delicious Chicken Dinner.

While the full squad were holding the fort in a compound, they left the other three opposing teams - either solo or duos remaining - to their devices, waiting for the right opportunity to strike them down while they finish off one another.

Once EVOS Reborn's RedFace and Lyzerg were all that remain, they emerged from their warehouse and surrounded the Indonesian pair. Fragger SmallBoy managed to squash their health with a frag grenade, but it was Vokey, who was flanking them, that pulled off the finishing executions.

What a fantastic grenade throw from SmallBoy. No wonder he's the team's designated fragger.

It also helped that support Kim circled around with a car to distract - or flank, whichever that would work - EVOS Reborn, so that Vokey can shoot them with zero worries.

Kim acting as a loud diversion to take EVOS Reborn's focus away from Vokey.

4. Day 2 match 2: A series of fortunate close-calls

If there's a time when the odds are almost exactly 50-50 for the final two squads, it would be the clash between Eagle Esports and JoinMe Yellow.

Both were battle-worn from their previous encounters with LIVESCAPE, The Infinity, and EVOS Reborn. But that didn't stop three-man Eagle Esports from immediately advancing towards the full squad of JoinMe Yellow, who had a pretty good position along the slopes that got them 14 kills.

Moving in.

After a few seconds of trading lives, as well as a smart manoeuvre by the Eagles to circle their enemies, it was finally down to Eagle's DarLyy (now behind JoinMe), and JoinMe's Easy and Joseph.

The odds were against DarLyy at first, when two living members of JoinMe divded and conquered to attack him from two angles that he shouldn't be able to counter. However, aside from possessing little health, it was the Eagle player's fast reflexes that ultimately led to their victory.

The JoinMe duo were smart enough to leave cover and split, predicting that DarLyy would want to blow them up.

To give credit where credit is due, Easy and Joseph's decision to split up and try to outgun DarLyy was a good point of action. If they attacked at exactly the same time, they might've won the round instead.

5. Day 3 Match 3: Mindblown level = Infinity

And finally, this round gets the award for "Biggest Gasp-worthy Ending" in the PMPL SEA Championship Season 3. Sosnovka Military Base basically went up in flames as the final two members of The Infinity, Mela and nOOzy, chucked grenades after grenades that to secure their overall victory.

After finishing off the three-man HVNB in one fell explosion (thanks to the impeccable Mela), LIVESCAPE and EVOS Reborn were all that was left to battle.

And to their good fortune, the latter were caught between them and the former, so they pretty much teamed up to vanquish EVOS, with frag master Mela having the final say by exploding their nearby vehicle and shooting down Microboy, followed by nOOzy bombing the rest of LIVESCAPE sky high.

What's your favourite highlight from PMPL SEA Championship Season 3? Do share with us in the comments below!

PMPL SEA Championship Season 3 saw 16 of the best PUBG Mobile professional esports teams across Southeast Asia locking horns over the US$150,000 total prize pool, as well as two direct slots to the next season. The regional tournament ran from 21 – 23 May, and was broadcast live on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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