PUBG Mobile Professional League MY/SG: Important things you need to know

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on January 31, 2020

We break down the key dates, tournament format and participation eligibility of the inaugural season.

PUBG Mobile is potentially the biggest mobile esports in the world. At last year’s PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split Global Finals in Malaysia, Tencent Games unveiled their esports plan for 2020 – which includes giving out US$5 million in tournament cash prizes.

Four Southeast Asian countries will have their own national professional leagues: Indonesia, Malaysia (together with Singapore), Thailand and Vietnam. Registration for the Malaysia/Singapore national league opened on 30 Jan 2020. Boasting a US$150,000 prize pool, the registration and qualifying rounds will last for roughly a month, with the league starting on 2 Mar.

Key dates

Registration period: 30 Jan – 6 Feb
Stage 1 open qualifiers: 10-15 Feb (7pm till about 11pm)
Stage 2 qualifier finals: 22 Feb (Singapore), 23 Feb (Malaysia)
League start date: 2 Mar (lasts for three weeks)


Stage 1

The qualifying rounds will be divided into two stages: the open qualifiers and the qualifier finals, both will be played online. During the open qualifiers, four (4) matches will be played per day, and each match will be played on a different map: Erangel, Vikendi, Miramar and Sanhok. The open qualifiers will last for six (6) days.

Here’s the interesting part, you can play the maximum 24 matches (4 matches per day, 6 days in total), but only your top 8 results will contribute to your overall rank. However, each team must play on each map at least twice. This means, for example, if you play Erangel three times, but play Vikendi once, only your best two scores on Erangel will be calculated, and you only have the score of that single Vikendi match. So make sure you take part in the correct match!

Teams with the best scores after the open qualifiers (11 for Malaysia and 16 for Singapore) will then advance to the qualifier finals. At this point, five (5) directly-invited Malaysian squads will join the second stage of the Malaysia qualifier.

Stage 2

The 16 teams from both Malaysia and Singapore will play 8 rounds, consisting of two matches per maps. The same four maps, Erangel, Vikendi, Miramar and Sanhok will be played.

The top 12 Malaysian teams and top four (4) Singaporean teams will earn their places in the 16-team League which will run for three weeks.


Nationality: Each squad can register up to five players, but at least three (3) players must be a citizen, or a lawful permanent resident of the country under which they are registering.

Age: Malaysian players must be at least 16 years old to participate, but those under 18 years old are required to obtain parental or a legal guardian’s consent.

Rank: Players must be ranked Platinum or higher at the time of registration.

Device: Only mobile phones are allowed. Tablets and emulators are banned.

Anti-cheating measures: All team members playing in the qualifier finals are required to stream their games privately (or unlisted) to either YouTube or Facebook. Additionally, there will be a cheating check after the qualifiers end before officially announcing the PMPL MY/SG teams.

There hasn’t been news about the invited Malaysian teams, although we can hazard guesses that Team Secret, Yoodo Gank, and Victorious in Play are contenders. This is a great opportunity for PUBG Mobile fans to test their skills and see if they have what it takes to compete at the highest levels. Finally, the top three teams at the end of the PMPL MY/SG 2020 will advance to the PMPL SEA Finals, details of which are unreleased.

Many chicken dinners will be served and eaten over the next few months. Are you ready? Sign up now at http://pmpl2020.com/PMPL/Home.


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