Vote for the MPL Indonesia Regular Season MVP

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on March 20, 2020

Branz, Lemon or Rekt? Who do you think deserves the Season 5 title?

The fifth Regular Season of MPL-ID is approaching its end. With only two weeks of matches to be played before the Playoffs, it's time for fans to vote for the player you think deserves the title of Regular Season MVP.

The league has compiled a shortlist of 16 players, two from each team.

Each voter will place three votes: first, second and third. A first-place vote is worth five points, a second-place vote is worth three points, while a third-place vote gets one point. The voting period began on 18 March and will end on 31 March.

These points will be tabulated. The voting percentage to determine the MVP is as follows: media 40%, casters and analysts 40%, and fans 20%.

The results will be announced on 4 April 2020. Click here to place your votes!

These are the 16 players with their key statistics and favourite heroes.

Bigetron Alpha

RRQ Hoshi

EVOS Legends

ONIC E-Sports

Alter Ego Esports

Genflix Aerowolf


Geek Fam

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