Alpha Esports Pro Win Top Clans 2021 MLBB Summer Invitational

Posted by George Wong on September 6, 2021

Congratulations to Alpha Esports Pro! With their stellar performance in the Top Clans 2021 MLBB Summer Invitational, they won the whole tournament by beating Quantum in the Grand Finals. The squad performed very well during the event, finishing at the top of Group A and cruising into the upper bracket without breaking a sweat. Along the way, they defeated IDoNotSleep, MNP Esports and Quantum to secure themselves the gold medal. We see a bright future ahead for Lembot, Kram God, Ardee Haya Only, Sn4p, Bertzy and Kyletzy.

Quantum themselves were no slouches, finishing top of their group, but falling to the lower bracket thanks to fellow group mates - MNP Esports who took them out in round 3 of the playoffs. They managed to come back against MNP Esports in the lower bracket final but fell short against the eventual champions. If you're interested in watching the final day of the tournament, check it out on the Top Clans page.

While the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament has concluded, we still have many more weeks of Top Clans 2021 Summer Invitational action lined up. The Dota 2 tournament will kick off this Wednesday, 9 September, followed by the Rules of Survival event for the following two weeks. Make sure you follow Top Clans and eGG Network for more info!


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