AniMajor Grand Finals: PSG.LGD vs Evil Geniuses

Posted by George Wong on June 14, 2021

For the second time this year, Evil Geniuses find themselves in the grand finals of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit Major against another Chinese team but this time, their opponent will be the fearsome-looking PSG.LGD. EG lost the Singapore Major to Invictus Gaming previously, will they be able to seize the championship this season or will PSG.LGD maintain the Chinese Major streak?

Both teams started in the group stage this Major, and PSG.LGD stayed in the upper bracket, while EG had to fight their way through the lower bracket to make it this far. They have been looking like the best teams of this tournament, so the final series should be one for the books.

Game 1

PSG.LGD started the first game with Ame on his carry Axe who farmed up a storm getting his Vanguard and Manta Style by 13 minutes, blink at 16, and shard at 20. EG seemed to be unable to respond to PSG.LGD's superior map movements that mirrored and countered all their gank attempts. Aegis at 21 minutes meant that EG had no chance to stop Axe. Arteezy kept EG in the game by split pushing with his Nature's Prophet, unfortunately it wasn't enough - after a failed wipe at the Rosh pit at 33 minutes (despite stealing the Aegis), EG called GG.

Game 2

Game 2 saw PSG.LGD drafting a death ball lineup, while EG picked up some signature heroes for their players - Abed Storm Spirit and Cr1t- Earth Spirit - the duo did what they do best, running around the map finding kills on their opponents. Despite PSG.LGD's faster-paced draft, EG's gameplan made them feel like the slower team. NothingToSay got shut down hard in the game and couldn't do anything in the early game. PSG.LGD switched gears and slowed the game down, allowing Ame and Faith_bian to catch up in levels and farm. After winning multiple team fights, at 43 minutes, PSG.LGD felt confident enough to march down mid to destroy the first lane of barracks, taking over EG's gold lead in the game. Not long after that, they closed out the game, leading the series 2-0.

Game 3

The third game saw PSG.LGD running a Naga carry, while EG put Terrorblade in the hands of Arteezy and Cr1t- on his signature Tusk. As expected, EG came out ahead in lanes but they did nothing to shut down Axe and Naga Siren's farm. PSG.LGD's superior vision and movement allowed them to invade EG's side of the map in the mid-game. Before the half-hour mark, both teams found themselves around the Rosh pit, poking back and forth in a stalemate. Eventually, it was PSG.LGD who forced EG away, securing the Aegis, and the first two lanes of barracks and the whole game. PSG.LGD defeat EG in a clean 3-0 series.

While this wasn't the anime story many people expected, PSG.LGD did put on a clinical display of top-tier Dota 2 that will surely be dissected by other teams in the coming months. If they keep up this form, winning the next TI surely isn't out of the question. Well played to EG for making it this far, but it wasn't their tournament to win.

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