Apex Legends: Revenge is coming in all-new Season 4

Posted by Bryan Terng on February 4, 2020

Revenant is the newest scary-yet-stylish Legend to crash the party, with the meltdown of World's Edge as the backdrop.

The number "four" is viewed by the Chinese as an unlucky number, not to mention that it sounds a lot like "death" when spoken in Chinese. While dying because of bad luck is aplenty for the players of Apex Legends, the same can't be said - thankfully - for the latest season of the battle royale bloodsport, with Season 4 landing in all platforms on the one-year anniversary of Apex Legends: today.

"Four" doesn't exist in the Chinese dictionary for luck.

With a dropship of new content and map changes, the most important highlight of Season 4 is the new Legend of Revenant, a simulacrum - a robot with a digitised copy of his human mind - who was a legendary hitman before Hammond Robotics and the Mercenary Syndicate turned him into a literal killing machine. He first appeared in the limited-time mode of Shadowfall during the Fight or Fright Collection Event late last year. No official details of his skill set has been revealed yet, but one can guess what they are by checking out the gameplay trailer here. Spoiler alert: Revenant is going to be cool AF to play as.

Revenant's (possible) ultimate ability is to turn teammates and himself into Shadows, who can run and climb much faster temporarily.

World's Edge is also getting some interesting renovations to keep the map exciting for players. Among its slew of changes, the literal biggest one is the inclusion of the Planet Harvester, a multi-storey structure filled with long corridors that will act as the map's central point, replacing the map's previous Fuel Depot. Plus, Capital City has been split in two by lava-filled ruptures, and the all-new Weapon Racks in Survey Camp, where you - or worse still, your enemies - can get any gun your heart desires.

Fans of Kings Canyon can rejoice as well, because the classic map will also return in the second half of Season 4, which was announced in dev stream:

  • First split: World's Edge (3 Feb - 23 Mac)
  • Second split: Kings Canyon (24 Mac - 5 May)
World's Edge before Season 4
After Season 4

Rounding out the last of it is the new Sentinel gun, a devastating bolt-action sniper rifle that pulverises body shields; a new battle pass boasting over 100 exclusive items, including Legendary skins for Wattson and Wraith; and finally, free anniversary gifts from Respawn that players will receive upon login. 

Will you be the Jumpmaster for Apex Legends Season 4?

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