Apple Celebrates CNY with Zodiac-Inspired Games!

Posted by George Wong on January 25, 2022

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and we know how dreadful things can get. There are only so many times one can answer questions about getting hitched or being in a relationship before feeling like pulling out your hair in frustration. Just like last year, my answer hasn't changed, aunty!

Well, fortunately for us, these days we've got the perfect distraction from those pointless conversations with relatives - our smartphones! With the ability to access more content than you can ever consume in a lifetime, they are gateways into worlds where nosy relatives don't bother approaching us because we look busy.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Apple has curated a range of new games inspired by each of the Chinese zodiac signs. While you don't have to be the animal to enjoy the games, it makes it more fun if you do. Everyone likes to identify with their spirit animal right? Here are some of the games you should check out on your iOS devices this holiday:

Wildscapes - since it's the year of the tiger, it's only fitting we start with this one. Build the zoo of your dreams by beating match 3 puzzles and decorating it with special objects from around the world. Unlock new areas to accommodate different animals and solve the needs of your visitors.

Tsuki's Odyssey - a game about a rabbit that's moved to the countryside to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle of fishing, decorating and meeting its neighbours.

Bloons TD Battles - a tower defence game featuring monkeys in helmets fighting off hordes of pesky balloons.

Ready Set Goat! - a simple, easy-to-master game where you play a goat who jumps on intruders trying to invade its home.

Zen Koi 2 - take care of your koi by feeding them, breeding them, and eventually evolving them into majestic dragons!

Snake Rivals - a Multiplayer Arena Battles Snake Game. 'nuff said.


Unicorns on Unicycles - a fighting game featuring horses with horns (unicorns). It even supports external gamepads!

Egg, Inc. - become a rooster tycoon by building the biggest egg empire.

Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef - a game about a dog-run food truck. One look at the gorgeous pixel art is all you need to know this game is worth your time.

Bacon Escape 2 - help a pig escape a planet that it crash-landed on by traversing through treacherous environments while collecting resources to repair its spaceship.

Mousebusters - mice who get rid of ghosts in haunted apartments.

Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari - ever wanted to lasso beasts of every kind including animals mistaken for oxen? This might be the game for you.

Be sure to load up your phone with some of these games before you go visiting - you never know when you might have a bad connection. Happy Chinese New Year, everybody! Make sure you stay safe during the festivities.


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