The latest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season is back. Last week, over 500 teams registered to fight for four qualifying spots in MPL-MYSG Season 6, two reserved for Malaysia, two for Singapore.

These are the ten Regular Season teams after Sunday's (26 July) qualifier matches:

  1. Resurgence (SG invited, S5 champion)
  2. EVOS SG (SG invited, S4 champion)
  3. Geek Fam (MY invited, S3 champion)
  4. Todak (MY invited, S4 runners-up, M1 2nd runners-up)
  5. Team Bosskurr (MY invited)
  6. Orange Louvre Esports (MY invited, S5 2nd runners-up)
  7. Team SMG (MY qualified)
  8. Bella Ciao (MY qualified)
  9. Forsaken (SG qualified)
  10. Divinity Esports (SG qualified)
MPL-MYSG S6 Regular Season 10 teams

There are a few familiar faces in the qualified teams. Raisyaa, Ax and Smooth are still on the team, with Loong joining from Axis Esports. Divinity Esports boasts Season 1 winner, wQxD, in their line-up; Season 2 champion Silo also makes a return, after a less-than-amicable parting with ways with Orange Esports Reborn.

Alhamdulillah, jumpa di mpl season 6.Thanks kepada semua yang support kami dari bawah

Posted by Reborn on Ahad, 26 Julai 2020

The MPL-MYSG S6 Regular Season will begin on 28 August 2020. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information.

Last weekend, Cignal Ultra and NXP Solid booked their spots in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines Season 6.

MPL-PH S6 RS qualified teams

They join the eight other invited teams to fight for a share of the US$120,000 prize pool. These are the ten confirmed Regular Season teams:

  1. Aura PH (Invited, Season 5 champion)
  2. ONIC (Invited)
  3. Bren Esports (Invited)
  4. Execration (Invited)
  5. Omega (Invited)
  6. BSB (Invited)
  7. Blu Fire (Invited)
  8. Blacklist International (Invited)
  9. Cignal Ultra (Qualified)
  10. NXP Solid (Qualified)
MPL-PH tournament format (2)

The most significant change to the Regular Season format this season is the introduction of groups. The ten teams split into two groups, each team playing a best-of-three twice against teams in the same group, and just one best-of-three against teams from another group.

The MPL-PH S6 Regular Season will begin on 21 August 2020. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information.

RRQ, the MPL Indonesia Season 5 champions, stomped to a 3-0 grand final victory over Resurgence to be crowned champions of the MPL Invitational Cup (MPLI) 2020. Remarkably, the squad did not drop a single game throughout the tournament - a testament to their undisputed status as the region's best MLBB team.

Earlier in the day, MPL-MY/SG Season 5 champions Resurgence defeated MPL Myanmar champions, Burmese Ghouls, 2-1, which earned them another opportunity to exact revenge over the dominant RRQ.

Although the Singaporean outfit yesterday lost to the Indonesian powerhouse, they looked much-improved and showed their own adaptability to the metagame and versatility, core components of RRQ's recent successes.

Despite Resurgence's confidence-boosting win over Burmese Ghouls earlier in the day, they were unable to cope with RRQ's quick rotations and near-flawless teamfight executions.

Game 1: RRQ win

Resurgence surprised their opponents, casters and viewers alike with a strange line-up, picking Hilda, Wanwan, Gusion and Johnson - heroes rarely seen in the current meta!

RRQ won the first teamfight in the third minute which established an early lead for them. From there, their superior teamfight composition helped Xin's Ling to consistently claim kill after kill. By the 7th minute, RRQ had an 8k gold lead, and despite RSG's best efforts, their cheese strategy failed to make a significant impact.

Xin's Ling diving into RSG's base for kills.

Game 2: RRQ win

Resurgence drafted a "regular" line-up, albeit without a hyper carrying Assassin or Marksman for ly4ly4ly4. Instead, they opted for a durable line-up with Esmeralda as their main damage dealer to counter Xin's Ling.

Nevertheless, the MPL-MY/SG champions failed to crack RRQ's resolve, falling to a 3k gold lead as early as the third minute. RRQ consistently stayed ahead of RSG throughout the game, winning little battles around the map. It didn't look like Resurgence offered a tough challenge as they were outmaneuvered in all the major teamfights.

An 11th minute Lord steal by ly4 and Kayzeepi gave them a reprieve, but RRQ's insurmountable lead put them 2-0 up in the series despite Resurgence's brave defense.

Game 3: RRQ win

RRQ showed how strong they are with a surprising Balmond pick for off laner R7. Despite having a hero regarded as irrelevant in the current meta, RRQ dominated Resurgence from start to finish. The Indonesian champions only lost one tower in the whole game.

At the 15th minute, RRQ were 10k ahead in the gold charts. After Resurgence took a bad teamfight just outside their base, RRQ swiftly pushed in and ended the series 3-0, and claiming the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup 2020 title.

With this victory, RRQ claim their second professional title in as many tournaments, deservedly being acclaimed as the best MLBB team in Southeast Asia in the first half of 2020. With the MLBB World Championship M2 scheduled to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia later this year, RRQ look like a strong contender if they keep up their current hot streak.

Three teams remained as the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup (MPLI) 2020 entered the final day of the Playoffs: MPL-ID champions RRQ, MPL-MY/SG champions Resurgence and MPL-MM champions Burmese Ghouls.

The opening series was the lower bracket final between Resurgence and Burmese Ghouls. The sides met earlier on Day 1 with the Singaporean outfit triumphing 2-0. However, the champions of Myanmar had overcome difficult odds on Day 2, eliminating both Geek Fam and EVOS Legends in the lower bracket.

Game 1: Resurgence win

Resurgence established an early lead with an aggressive line-up including Esmeralda, Lou Yi and Roger. Burmese Ghouls, on the other hand, opted for durability by securing both Uranus and Baxia, with Ace's Hayabusa being their main damage dealer.

As the game entered its midpoint, both teams' power levels were relatively even despite Resurgence having the gold lead. Teamfights were extended affairs which ultimately played to Resurgence's strength in positioning and decision-making.

With Resurgence pulling slightly ahead after each teamfight victory, they finally took the game after 17 minutes.

Game 2: Burmese Ghouls win

With their tournament lives on the line, Burmese Ghouls opted to completely switch up their draft, picking four different heroes from Game 1. It was a more traditional hyper carry line-up built around Ace's Karrie.

From a variety of viewpoints, it was a risky move, as Resurgence have been known to be aggressors in the early game, capable of punishing greedy teams. In fact, Burmese Ghouls had earlier lost 7-31 to Resurgence when they drafted Karrie on Day 1.

Jason's Flameshot Turtle steal in the 9th minute.

Nevertheless, history did not repeat itself. Kudos to Burmese Ghouls to stay in the game despite losing both red buffs at the start of the game and losing a Turtle to Jason's Flameshot.

Game 3: Resurgence win

With the series in the balance, both teams approached the final game cautiously, opting for Marksmen like Bruno (BG) and Granger (RSG), rather than Assassins of the current meta.

The start followed the script of the other two games with Resurgence once again leading the game and Burmese Ghouls hanging on. However, Resurgence made fewer mistakes and had a better late-game composition. Sana's Kaja was instrumental in causing havoc and making key pickoffs, with Jason's Pharsa dealing an insane amount of damage.

Despite Burmese Ghouls valiant defense, the MPL-MY/SG champions were too clean in their teamfight execution, methodically taking down key objectives until they secured victory after 18 minutes.

With this victory, Resurgence book another date with MPL-ID Season 5 champions RRQ, a team to whom they lost in the upper bracket final to be played later today.

Fans can catch the MPLI action live on eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, Facebook or YouTube.

The first lower bracket match of the day saw recently-crowned MPL Myanmar Season 4 champions, Burmese Ghouls, take on MPL-MY/SG Season 5 1st runners-up Geek Fam.

The elimination match was full of surprises, but the seasoned Burmese players' composure, combined with Ace's scintillating performance helped them overturn overwhelming odds in Game 1, which propelled them to an easier victory in the second game.

Game 1: Burmese Ghouls victory

Both teams opened their campaigns yesterday with 2-0 scores: Burmese Ghouls lost to Resurgence, whereas Geek Fam triumphed over Genflix Aerowolf.

Geek Fam's confidence carried them into an early lead over Burmese Ghouls which they carefully maintained. Hero kills were scarce, but Geek Fam's superior economy management allowed them to control the pace of the game and by the 5th minute, the Malaysians had already taken all three of Burmese Ghouls' tier 1 towers without losing any of theirs.

However, the champions of Myanmar held defended their inhibitor turrets well, and each Geek Fam failed to breach their defenses, Ace's Bruno became stronger. But the Malaysian squad's 19th minute Lord push seemed to have sealed the game beyond doubt, but a sloppy teamfight in the 23rd minute gave Burmese Ghouls a lifeline.

The Myanmar outfit duly took the next Lord and in one fell swoop, pushed into Geek Fam's base to achieve an amazing comeback.

Game 2: Burmese Ghouls victory

The previous game's defeat from a winning position seemed to hurt Geek Fam's confidence, and compared to Game 1, they played more cautiously. Burmese Ghouls, on the other hand, went for a crowd-controlling line-up to maximise Ace's Hayabusa pick.

Their strategy proved effective even though Geek Fam fought tooth and nail to stay in the game. Nevertheless, Burmese Ghouls' better teamfight execution, and the lack of a hard-counter to Hayabusa allowed them to gradually build up an insurmountable lead.

There was no fairy tale ending for Geek Fam this game as Burmese Ghouls proved more clinical in finishing off the game without making mistakes. This series was reminiscent of Geek Fam's MPL-MY/SG Season 5 grand final loss to Resurgence, a team they had previously defeated in the upper bracket final. The players will need to do some soul-searching as they figure out why they choke in winnable games.

With this victory, Burmese Ghouls advance to the next lower bracket round and will face either EVOS Legends or ONIC in the next round.

Fans can catch the MPLI action live on eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, Facebook or YouTube.

The opening series of Day 2 of the MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup (MPLI) 2020 was a mouth-watering affair between MPL-ID Season 5 champions RRQ and MPL-MY/SG Season 5 champions Resurgence. Both teams maintained their championship-winning line-up and for fans, it was a chance to see how close (or wide) is the gap between the two MPL regions.

Game 1

The series started with a drafting masterclass from RRQ, who outwitted RSG with an Assassin-less line-up against Resurgence's more conventional draft.

Resurgence were perhaps banking too much on Ly4's Ling, who never reached the critical mass needed to take over the game. Instead, it was Xin's combat Esmeralda which controlled the game from start to finish, ending with an impressive 9/1/6 KDA score. Noteworthy too was Lemon's playmaking prowess on a dangerous Kaja.

It was a relatively straightforward series for the MPL-ID Season 5 champions, who took the win in just 12 and a half minutes.

Game 2

The Singapore outfit needed a confidence booster and surprised the panel with a Hilda pick. They were off the blocks in the second game, with Jason's Luo Yi dominating the mid lane and the early stages of the game.

Despite being behind, RRQ stole the four and a half minute turtle to pull ahead of the MPL-MY/SG Season 5 champions.

Lemon's performance on Uranus was simply flawless.

Resurgence held on bravely, but RRQ were just two or three steps ahead of their opponents. Lemon's Uranus and R7's Chou wreaked havoc all over the map, severely disrupting Resurgence's teamfight ability and getting kills along the way.

But RRQ's march to the grand finals have inevitable, and they wrapped up the game after just 15 minutes despite Resurgence's best efforts.

With this win, RRQ become the first team to reach the grand final of three consecutive official MLBB tournaments (M1 2019, MPL-ID Season 5, MPLI 2020).

The other matches of the day include Burmese Ghouls vs Geek Fam, EVOS Legends vs ONIC, with the final series between the winners of these two matches.

Fans can catch the MPLI action live on eGG Network TV, Astro Arena, Facebook or YouTube.

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