The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many lives for better or worse. For this Malaysian esports shoutcaster (not his only speciality), after 10-ish years of working in the corporate world, Sir_Cloud ventured forth to take his interests to the next level.

Fortunately, the huge risk he took reaped equally gargantuan rewards, regularly casting PMPL MY/SG (PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore), the Wild Rift ICON Series (or ESL Mobile Open) and even the international PMCG 2021 (PUBG Mobile Global Championship). With such enthusiastic yet insightful commentary from the 35-year-old, one can see why he’s been involved in so many renowned esports tournaments.

From the top

Andrew “Sir_Cloud” Cheong’s own electronic sports journey began with Dota, which he used to be a hardcore player of since “the day of Blue Server and it’s a game that still holds a special place in my heart”. Mind you, it’s not an adjective this writer included lightly - he actually started out creating content that centred on Dota 2, ranging from meta videos and articles to live streaming his discussion of Valve’s MOBA.

Early work: Casting the collegiate TARUC Mobile Festival with his co-manager (not at the time) of SC Esports, Ken Lu.

But that was just the start - Sir_Cloud took his next esports step mock casting the Dota 2 Paris Major in his live stream, alongside a dear friend who encouraged him to do so. “I thought (shoutcasting) could only be done by Western shoutcasters through watching The International,” he recalled.

Though he naturally didn’t know what to do in his first attempt (“I hardly spoke!”) Sir_Cloud still found the endeavour interesting to the point that he practised for months - learning particularly from Tobiwan - before landing his first proper gig with Dota Underground, to whom he’ll always be grateful for.

Months went by looking for shoutcasting gigs to fill his weekend, and he eventually met other experienced shoutcasters like LinP and Adrian, who advised him to cast a variety of games to increase his odds. Sir_Cloud chose to start with PUBG Mobile, and even if he admitted that “it wasn’t my best craft, but it fueled me, even more, to discover how to be versatile in casting various esports titles.” Finally, the Kuala Lumpur native landed his breakout role with PMPL MY/SG Season 1 after an open audition and went on to cast Wild Rift esports too with ICON Series Malaysia.

The PMPL MY/SG regular casters: (clockwise from top left) Sir_Cloud, ChuChu Gaming (we miss you), Soultannn and EmiMohamad.

Don't stop me now

Sir_Cloud’s family and friends weren’t aware of what he was doing in his early work, though that wasn’t intentional. “I'm the type that likes to do first and talk later,” he said, adding that he saw it as a serious hobby first. Once he got it up and running properly, they were supportive of his pursuits, after witnessing the fruits it bore. “I guess it helps that I did it in my 30s, so I am fully accountable for my own actions,” he said with a chuckle.

Bromance of the titans: Sir_Cloud getting cosy with Team Secret PUBG Mobile captain MADTOI, while Uhigh minds his own business.

What a transformative transition it was for the Final Fantasy 7 fan, who possesses a Masters in Human Resource Management and worked a 9-to-5 corporate job within the said field for 10 years prior to this. The difference between his current and past life may seem like two worlds apart, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“You don’t need to abandon your education and work experience entering esports.” In fact, the skills Sir_Cloud acquired over the years still contribute to his esports pursuit, and he probably wouldn’t have gotten here without the experience he currently has.

For the Malaysian rock music lover (Sir_Cloud likes Pop Shuvit, Statik and more), it’s been an adventure for the past few years producing esports content. “There are definitely many ups and downs doing this, but overall, I feel good about it,” citing the opportunities he’s been given to grow, and meet and work with people he’s so accustomed to seeing on screen. “I’m grateful to be somewhat recognised in the scene.” A modest fellow who got the chance to shoutcast bonafide professional esports tournaments, in awe of the big stage and top-tier production he got to experience pre-pandemic.

Master of so many trades

Thou mustn't go Military Base: Sir_Cloud coaching PUBG Mobile team Damansara FV.

However, there’s so much more to Sir_Cloud than the engaging and/or educational content he’s known for. He’s also a committee member for MESPA (Malaysian Esports Players Association), oversees his very own esports team (SC Esports), a columnist for The Vibes, as well as provides esports coaching and analysing services, especially for Malaysian PUBG Mobile teams like Damansara Flash Vision and EVOS ViP.

“I thought it (Damansara Flash Vision’s offer) was both an interesting and humongous challenge,” Sir_Cloud reminisced about his first coaching opportunity. Once the announcement was made public, he had a heartfelt moment when one of his followers told him they believed in him, even comparing him favourably to football manager José Mourinho.

“In a nutshell, my reason for building an esports career didn't start out as a ‘career’ per se,” Sir_Cloud revealed. “It was more of an interest in crafting and trying to fill a gap within the community.” In the long run, the JRPG fan even hopes to get into formal education as a professional educator on esports, because “I want to contribute and fill in the educational esports gap in Malaysia”.

"I sometimes help to buy supplies for those in need, mostly animal shelters - I'm currently taking care of five stray cats on my own." Also pictured are PUBG Mobile squad Dingoz MPX.

Even with plenty of goals and pursuits in place, Sir_Cloud prefers keeping his options open and seeing where life takes him. “As an esports shoutcaster, I just want to exercise my craft and do better from time to time. I hope to someday inspire the newer generation down this path, perhaps even closely mentoring someone in the future.” Goes to show that as long as you make full use of the time and chances you have, you can achieve what you set out to do. 

“If it’s done with passion, it’s bound to grow.”

"I need to work on taking wide smile photos more." You look fine to me, Sir. (heart)

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As the PUBG Mobile esports scene in Malaysia grows, so do its players, evidenced by PUBG Mobile professional player InSomnus’ recent transfer to EVOS ViP, as well his very own streaming career reaching new heights - he was promoted to a Facebook Gaming Partner early this year. Currently amassing 63k followers on his Facebook Gaming page, there’s nowhere to go but up for the “high firepower, frontline player” (EVOS ViP team manager AurOra’s words).

“I definitely feel great. This is a step forward for me in improving the quality of my streams, as well as supporting my family better,” said Sean “InSomnus” Tee Yeu Terng. Since his father stopped working after a heart attack, the Facebook Gaming Creator has been steadfast in contributing to his family’s well being. 

InSomnus carries that same dedication to his career too, streaming PUBG Mobile (most of the time) to not only entertain and educate his viewers but to also “sustain my gameplay and practise any gameplay that I’m not 100% familiar with yet”.

When there are any ongoing tournaments, InSomnus even shares his thoughts and analysis on recent broadcasts, giving viewers a glimpse into the thought process of an esports professional. “I love how streamers can interact and have fun with their viewers, which was why I wanted to give it a try,” he recalled, saying that his curiosity ended up being a daily routine. 

Before playing PUBG Mobile seriously, InSomnus was a hardcore Dota 2 player. His name is even based on his Dota 2 pro player friend’s (xNova of EHOME) teammate, Somnus丶M, because he idolises his “arrogant and confident playstyle”. He added the vowel “I” at the front of his name, because it symbolises “perceiving moments when you need to be kind to your peers and to avoid harmful behaviours”.

Alas, InSomnus had to stop playing Dota 2 when he couldn’t afford a functioning PC. One door closed, but another opened when PUBG Mobile was officially released. “I decided to give it a try, and lo and behold, I didn’t expect to be so good and into PUBG Mobile - I’ve never felt bored playing it every day.” He loved the game so much that he even formed his own team, Team Notorious, where his esports career began.

InSomnus had a considerably good start in PUBG Mobile esports with Team Notorious, his very first squad.

Even though their performance was only decent, reaching top 2 in tournaments like SEACA UnipinKK and Dingoz League, InSomnus’ calling to bigger dreams came in the form of his previous captain, Stewart9k. He invited InSomnus to join Team No Recoil (now Team Whales) in PMPL MY/SG Season 1 (PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore); in spite of their rough start in the qualifying rounds, Team No Recoil actually performed quite well and reach seventh

Fast forward one year and a half, InSomnus has traded whales for the white tigers, a change of pace after staying loyal to Team No Recoil/Team Whales for this long. “Maybe the vision and atmosphere in Team Whales has changed?” he attempted to explain his departure. But, not without expressing that “they were the best teammates I’ve ever been with professionally”. Needless to say that InSomnus is excited to compete in PMPL MY/SG Season 4 with EVOS ViP, even with the adjustment he’s been going through with them. “I feel like I’m part of a family since my tryout with them, so it’s easier for me to get into the rhythm.”

How InSomnus describes EVOS ViP.

Teams change, but not InSomnus’ goals, his eyes laser-focused on seats to the regional PMPL SEA Finals, and hopefully the international PMGC 2021 (PUBG Mobile Global Championship). Based on how well EVOS ViP performed in last season’s PMPL MY/SG, the Ed Sheeran fan would most likely achieve his dream very soon if the team stays on course. “I’m confident in my team, knowing how experienced they are and their teamwork.”

If you’re a fan of InSomnus’ streaming side, don't worry, because streaming remains equally important to the PUBG Mobile pro. “I follow a strict schedule every day (that balances both streaming and training). Some days I might slack a little due to continuous work, but I usually toughen myself up to stick to it as much as possible.”

He hopes to boost his followers and viewership, so he can entertain and teach younger fans to consider other career paths from esports. “Education is important too, it opens a pathway into other journeys that we wouldn’t normally think of.” As for his competitive side, InSomnus will continue doing his darndest to reach new heights.

Be sure to follow InSomnus on Facebook Gaming for his daily streams!

Tencent Games has been hard at work swatting their Ban Pan in PUBG Mobile, banning as many as 3.8 million cheaters - players use hacks to gain unfair advantage in-game, such as wall hack, aimbot and speed hack - one week in June. Though these buzzkills are usually labelled as hackers, the type of hacking we're exploring today is one where hackers force their way into PUBG Mobile accounts to steal in-game resources, take ownership of an existing player's account, and even selling them.

It may not mean much to casual players, but for serious PUBG Mobile players, getting our accounts hacked would result in losing our:

Those are just some of the things we'd lose if our accounts are infiltrated. It may not have happened to us or our friend yet, but it's such an ever-present issue that there's still a chance of us being targeted for such a heinous act. You know what they always say: better to be safe than sorry. Fortunately, it's super simple to give extra security to your PUBG Mobile account, and it definitely helps to know what not to do to prevent your PUBG Mobile from getting hacked.

Here's everything you need to know to give your PUBG Mobile account security that extra oomph:

1. Two-factor authentication (2FA) for extra security

What is 2FA?

Simply put, two-factor authentication is a security feature that adds an extra step when logging in. PUBG Mobile itself may not have this in place, but since all of us create our PUBG Mobile accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and the like, those platforms have 2FA that can be enabled, which in turn gives your PUBG Mobile account that extra security layer.

How does 2FA help?

When logging into Facebook or any other platforms linked to your PUBG Mobile account, after entering your username/e-mail address and password, 2FA requires you to enter a code that you receive via SMS, e-mail or third-party authenticator apps on your phone. Unlike your password, this code changes every time you log in, and only you would be able to get the latest code through your preferred method.

Some of the most common authenticator apps include Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

How do I activate 2FA?


1. In the Facebook homepage, click the three-lines button.

2. Scroll down until you see Settings & Privacy, followed by Settings.

3. Then, press Security and login.

4. Click on Two-factor authentication and follow the subsequent instructions.


1. In the Twitter homepage, click on the three-lines button.

2. Press Settings and privacy.

3. Then, select Account.

4. Followed by Security.

5. Until finally, you reach Two-factor authentication. Just follow the instructions that ensue.


1. In the Gmail homepage, click on the three-lines button. (man, it's always three lines)

2. Then, go to Settings.

3. Select Manage your Google Account.

4. Here, scroll to the right until ...

5. ... you see Security. After pressing that, you'll see 2-Step Verification.

Super easy, right?

2. Other ways to fortify your PUBG Mobile account security

a) Link to multiple platforms

It may not seem like much, but binding your PUBG Mobile account to various social media platforms does tighten security. Hackers usually gain access to your PUBG Mobile account by forcing their way into one of your social media accounts, granting them access to your game account.

However, if you link multiple social media accounts to PUBG Mobile beforehand, you can still log in to the game with the other linked account(s) and unlink your compromised account before more harm is done. Then, change the password for your hacked account before linking back, returning things to normal.

Wondering how you can link your PUBG Mobile account to multiple platforms? It's super simple:

1. In the PUBG Mobile lobby, press the arrow in the bottom right corner. (Finally not another three-lines button!)

2. Then, select Settings.

3. In Basic section, press the + button in the Linked tab.

4. Voila, pick whichever social media platform you'd like to bind your PUBG Mobile account to.

b) Remember entirely different passwords with password manager app

Most of us tend to use one password for all our accounts across the Net, including PUBG Mobile. Nevertheless, this convenience would be our eventual downfall, because once hackers figure out our password, they can use the same one to invite themselves into our other platforms.

Our advice: create different passwords for every single account, including PUBG Mobile. However, we're aware that it's almost impossible to remember all of them, so instead of trying to memorise all of them, you can opt to use a password manager app to store all your account passwords. With the app, you need to only remember one password to log in to your password manager app and find out PUBG Mobile password.

The most accessible password manager app would be the Google Password Manager (since most of us have Gmail), but you can easily find other apps you prefer just by looking them up in your respective app store or Google them.

3. What not to do to avoid getting hacked

a) Don't resort to UC hacks and the like

It's super tempting to know that there are ways to get precious PUBG Mobile UC for free or enable cheats to push rank easily, but trust us when we say that the benefits don't outweigh the cost. These vendors/tools are never officially supported by Tencent Games, so they're not regulated and have little credibility in what they offer.

Sure, they do deliver on their promise at first, but you risk exposing your personal details to these vendors. In turn, they'd break into your account with any information you've given them, take control of it and make it their own, before selling your account online.

So, be sure to buy your UC from official vendors like SEAGM, Codashop, Razer Gold or better yet, farm fresh from the in-game PUBG Mobile store.

b) Don't jailbreak your device

For the uninitiated, the act of "jailbreak" (also known as "cracking" or "rooting") basically gives smartphone owners full access to their device's operating system and features, letting them install applications that aren't approved by Apple or Android. Jailbreaking is also necessary for PUBG Mobile cheaters who need to lift their devices' restrictions to install unauthorised mods/hacks.

Jailbreaking may sound nice on the surface, but according to Kaspersky, what most people tend to overlook is that it removes the security measures placed by phone companies. Thus, it makes your smartphone more susceptible to hacking, as well as viruses, instability, and even shorter battery life. You can technically reinforce the security of your jailbroken device, but you'd need to be a tech guru to know what to do.

In the end, is it worth risking your PUBG Mobile account just to install illegal hacks to rank up faster or get even more UC?

Closing statement

And that's all there is to it - super easy to remember, and super effective. We totally understand that taking these steps to increase your PUBG Mobile account protection can be a bit of a hassle, but hey, we wholeheartedly assure you that the slight tedium is worth every second. We'd like to think that putting in a few seconds more to make sure that hours of our PUBG Mobile labour stay safe is worth the effort.

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SEM9 may be a new name in the Malaysian Free Fire esports scene, but their players are far from rookies. Boasting two years of experience in the field, the roster of SEM9 actually comprises the former soldier boys of AutoKnockout, the runner-ups of Free Fire MCP Majors Season 1 (Malaysia, Cambodia, and Philippines).

Right now, they’re competing in the Free Fire Malaysia Championship 2021 against other top Malaysian Free Fire teams, including their former organisation. However, there’s more than meets the eye behind the scenes.

Mohd Ridhwan "Mr. D" bin Kadar @ Kadir - Flanker
Muhd Faris "ZennOP" Bin Mohd Sharol - Rusher
Muhd Aiman Hariz "Shuraa" Bin Idris - Support
Muhammad Azman "NEWB" Bin Buyung -Fragger
Muhammad Fahmi Iskandar "Mirull" Bin Suhaizan - Support/Rusher

“We are rivals in-game, but outside of it, we are actually friends,” said captain Mohd. Ridhwan “Mr. D” Kadir, who doubles as an extremely popular Facebook Gaming Creator under the name D Entertainment. Despite the exit of Mr. D and his teammates, AutoKnockout 2.0 have proven to remain worthy adversaries to them and other competitors, conquering FFMC 2021 League Stage. Then again, SEM9 - with new player xNEWB on board - are close behind in second place with a mere six-point difference, so it’s going to be a tight competition in the Grand Finals.

Mr. D and his squad performed substantially well over the course of their Free Fire esports career, so it’s unsurprising that they were contacted by current SEM9 team manager and SEAGM (an international digital online game store) representative, Bryan Wong, for the opportunity to collaborate.

“We find that our goals are aligned and decide to join forces and chase our dreams together,” Bryan shared. “Everyone in the team is willing to go beyond their limits to win. They trained very hard for this, so I’m glad that the boys are finally getting the attention they deserve.”

There are currently two teams wearing the SEM9 badge, with the other team competing in League of Legends: Wild Rift esports, a little different from other organisations who usually start with PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams. Turns out it’s by chance that they’ve found these players, who are exceptionally driven and motivated in their respective games. “SEM9 haven’t found the right candidates for PUBG Mobile or MLBB yet, so if anyone is interested in joining us, feel free to message us on Facebook!”

But hey, we’re all about SEM9 Free Fire right now, especially when the FFMC 2021 Grand Finals is just around the corner. Mr. D expressed on behalf of his team the frustration they feel settling for second again in the League Stage, especially when the same scenario happened in MCP Majors Season 1, costing them a seat in the international Free Fire World Series 2021 in Singapore. “We just have to keep looking forward to the future. Besides, now that we’re under SEM9 with a new lineup, we’re more motivated than ever to score the championship title in the Grand Finals.”

Aside from league leaders AutoKnockout, another team that SEM9 has admiration for are Blacklist International. Despite missing a key member who couldn’t compete because he’s underage, “they are still a strong team that we can’t ignore. What we learned from them is that teamwork and team chemistry is one of the keys to winning.” 

SEM9 have been making full use of the two-week break after the FFMC 2021 League Stage to prepare for the Grand Finals. From studying the competition’s meta and their enemies’ rotation, you can bet your butt that SEM9 will be pulling out all the stops to dominate the Finals. Mr. D warned the opposing teams, “Don’t even think of entering the centre of the zone, because we’ll already be there waiting to end your career.”

Catch SEM9 in the Grand Finals of FFMC 2021, held 31 July at 1PM (GMT +8) LIVE on eGG Network TV, as well as Garena Free Fire Facebook and YouTube.

Don’t forget to follow SEM9 Free Fire on Facebook for more information on the team.

Though the original AutoKnockout line-up - headlined by Facebook Gaming Creator, Mr. D (D Entertainment) - transferred to SEM9, the New Avengers of AutoKnockout have proven themselves to be more than worthy of picking up Mjolnir. (I’ll stop my Marvel Cinematic Universe references now, enjoyed Marvel's Loki too much) The Free Fire Malaysia Championship (FFMC 2021) competitors placed first in last week’s League Stage, with the highest kill volume of 208 and seven BOOYAHs.

Mohd Nur “Lemon” Firdaus - Captain/Rusher 
Mohamad Azim “TheAxle” Bin Mohd Asri - Sniper/Flanker
Putera Iskandar “2Fast” Zulkarnain - Rusher/Support
Muhammad Aslan Roy “Roy” Bin Abdullah- Rusher 
Mohd Shakir “Sadewa” Bin Hashim - Support 

(clockwise from top left) TheAxel, Hajiyaad, Lemon, 2Fast and Roy.

“We are obviously very happy with this achievement,” expressed AutoKnockout’s team manager, Mohd Hazrin "Hajiyaad" bin Hakimi, on behalf of the players. “It will definitely boost the boys’ morale heading into the FFMC 2021 Grand Finals.”

Though AutoKnockout singled out Geek Fam and SEM9 as formidable opponents (“They are very experienced and achieved a lot in other Free Fire major tournaments.”), all 12 teams are actually strong and have their own unique strengths. “We are very happy with our performance, but we’re always careful to not be overconfident and stay focused.”

AutoKnockout and SEM9 may be rivals now, but that only applies in tournaments, mind you - the duo are actually friends. Plus, Mr. D is still the owner of both the esports organisation and the various teams of AutoKnockout, so he and Hajiyaad worked together to build the next generation of AutoKnockout’s main team. The team manager revealed that they looked for players who are experienced competitively to build a powerhouse team, not to mention that they also need to be strong and highly-skilled.

With such lofty expectations, AutoKnockout would of course look to the current Free Fire world champions, Phoenix Force from Thailand, for inspiration. “To be the best we need to watch and learn from the best,” said Hajiyaad, who also streams Free Fire on Facebook Gaming. “What we learned from them, is to attack when there’s an opening, and to defend when necessary - it’s all about the right timing.” 

Team manager Hajiyaad.

With a terrific team manager like Hajiyaad on AutoKnockout, their chances of winning are definitely more substantial. “I’m someone who’s passionate in helping a team grow from zeroes to heroes,” evidenced by the time he managed LastCircle MY, with two teams from the esports family qualifying for the major Free Fire Tri-Nation Cup 2020. He later managed another AutoKnockout sub-team, AutoKnockout Zodiac, for a year before handling the main squad. “I may not be the best, but I feel that these prove I’m a good team manager.”

Nevertheless, the fight isn’t over yet for AutoKnockout in FFMC 2021, with the Grand Finals left on 31 July to secure their throne. Like any good team manager, this is what Hajiyaad had to say for his boys, “Believe in what you do in-game and work together as a team. Whatever happens, stay focused and don't lose yourself.”

Catch AutoKnockout in the final bout of FFMC 2021, held 31 July at 1PM (GMT +8) LIVE on eGG Network TV, as well as Garena Free Fire Facebook and YouTube.

Be sure to follow AutoKnockout on Facebook for more updates on the Malaysian Free Fire esports team.

This article is part of a weekly blog series by our eGG-steemed writers, to share our progress playing your favourite games not only for fun but also to level up our mastery and understand your love for the game.

Well, guys, this is my last Getting Good post for PUBG Mobile at eGG Network, though my colleagues will eventually pick up where I left off today. And lo and behold, PUBG Mobile released its biggest update yet with 1.5 (Project Ignition) last week - perfect timing to write my final learnings from it. Time will tell which features of PUBG Mobile 1.5 will remain later, but for now, they do spice up the meta - well, as spicy as black pepper is - that keeps Tencent Games' mobile battle royale fresh. Finally, something to top off my venture into PMNC 2021 Solo.

Here's my personal experience of PUBG Mobile 1.5 with Blog Entry #8:

High tech makeover

Transit Center (Pochinki)

Mission Ignition's Erangel (which can be accessed from Evoground) boasts a plethora of new features. The most obvious one is the futuristic infrastructures erected in several key areas across the classic map, as well as the LRT, I mean, HyperLines (the map's first-ever public transportation) and Air Conveyors, allowing players to make long yet quick rotations.

Transit Center (Pochinki)

First things first, the super clean and high tech structures in Transit Center (formerly Pochinki), Georgopol, Tech Center (formerly School), Security Center (formerly Military Base), Logistics Agency (formerly Yasnaya Polyana) and Energy Center (formerly Mylta Power) consist of expansive corridors and delicious good loot.

Tech Center (School)

New areas are almost always hot spots, but they're even hotter this time with the top-tier gear they hold. Plus, unlike the narrow space in most buildings in Erangel, these futuristic ones hold vast hallways with little cover, making them riskier to fight in for both you and your enemies - truly high-risk high-reward places to drop into.

Tech Center (School)

From Point A to Point Z

Nothing ruins one's fun than having to trek halfway across the map just to be in the safe zone, which is where the HyperLines and Air Conveyors come in. The former literally act like trains, with designated stops across the map with its own schedule. The first time my buddies and I got on one, we were enthralled by how cool it was. You can also shoot out the side windows of the HyperLines to pick off any helpless passersby you come across, though I didn't have the chance to do that. (sad reacts)

The Air Conveyors are similar to what we experienced in Season 18's Hundred Rhythms mode, which catapult you as high as 600 metres before dropping. It's half the height of jumping from the plane, but you can still travel a much farther distance quickly if you don't have any vehicle.

Speaking of transport, the Mission Ignition mode also includes Tesla cars in PUBG Mobile. There's supposedly a Tesla Gigafactory on Erangel that allow you to build a Tesla car, though I didn't manage to find it in my hours of playtime. Nevertheless, my gaming buds did get to drive the Tesla Model Y after I (tragically) died and it was extremely quiet. I'm not sure if driving it near enemies will alert them via sound and in-minimap indicator, but if it doesn't, all the more reason to assemble one and surprise your enemies.

Life is good

I got to try out the all-new 5.56mm assault rifle, the ASM Abakan. And let me tell you, this gun is such a banger. Its gunshots are the loudest I've heard in PUBG Mobile, especially when you fire it rapidly so the volume builds up. Alas, I tried the ASM Abakan before knowing it had three firing modes (single, burst, auto), and this feature has definitely made this my current favourite assault rifle, giving you the option to either spray or shoot more accurately as you please. The spawn rate for the ASM Abakan is pretty high, so you'll surely pick those up much easier than the previous new gun, the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle.

"Is it me or do gun shots in PUBG Mobile sound different now?" Me before knowing I picked up the ASM Abakan.

Finally, I applaud the new quality-of-life improvements that PUBG Mobile now possess. The new Jump Markers (which you mark on your map) will now appear as columns of light, making it much easier to know your destination. On top of that, you can enable Auto-Jump based on the Markers you or your teammates' place, so if you've been worried about your jumping skills, you can now play PUBG Mobile without worrying about it. Make sure not to put your own Marker if you're following your friend, because you may accidentally fly towards your own Marker instead.

And that's all there is to it! It's been fun detailing my PUBG Mobile journey for the past few months, and I hope you find my reads informative and/or entertaining. I know I've learnt to be a better PUBG Mobile player, and have been thoroughly entertained playing with old friends as well as competing in an esports tournament. GGWP, everyone!

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