What makes a great match even better has to be its supporting cast of analysts and casters. Meet Laphel, one of Malaysia’s most outspoken and well-versed analysts (that casts as well) for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). He is a staple voice and a household name in the professional scene, most notably in the MLBB Professional League MY (MPL MY) and just recently, the M2: World Championship in Singapore.

In case fans didn’t already know, Laphel is also infamous for having lethal predictions. Previously during MPL MYSG Season 6, every single prediction made by the analyst would always result in the team losing as opposed to winning. Akin to Paul the octopus’ omniscient football (also known as soccer) predictions, Laphel’s predictions emulated a similar vibe. You’d imagine teams and fans alike were on edge whenever Laphel’s predictions came into the picture.

This is Paul, football fans would recognize this ol' chap and drawn some comparisons with Laphel

While it looks like the “curse” has ended in Season 7, Laphel is currently pursuing a 100% accuracy prediction rate.

What to look out for

We managed to have a chat with Laphel to pick his brain before the season started. Laphel shared that he felt absolutely amazing being able to participate in Season 7. “After M2, the level of passion for casting is at its highest,” said Laphel. At the time, Laphel could not contain his excitement for the season to begin.

When it came down to dissecting the participating teams, Laphel had a thing or two to share. “I think HomeBois will make the biggest impression this season. People perceive them as underdogs due to how they’ve entered this season through the qualifiers. But the way they played looks fully professional.”

Prior to the season starting, Laphel had actually highlighted that Suhaz EVOS would’ve been the strongest team this season. “For some reason, I think they can bring trouble to the league for other teams.” And he was right, as Suhaz EVOS has been one of, if not the best team at the moment in the season.

He also shared that he personally looked forward to watching Geek Fam the most. “These guys have been on a downward spiral for some time now. Now that there are roster changes, I want to see whether they can become back stronger.”

Laphel added that one of the more interesting rivalries to potentially look out for would be between TODAK and HomeBois. “Because this rivalry can go either way. Many would say TODAK would win, but I feel that HomeBois have a good opportunity to win too.” Laphel added that HomeBois played really well in the qualifiers and does not regard them as underdogs going into the season.

When it came down to who would be the standout player to watch this season, Laphel had one player in mind. “It would have to be Hyhy. During last season’s Playoffs, his Chou’s prowess was so good that it arguably carried Orange Louvre Esports. While this season he is with another team, I would like to see his carry potential from the EXP lane.”

What Metas

Like any other tournament, metas are always being experimented on. Laphel shared that it would be heavily dependent on the laning phase due to the addition of the Gold and EXP lanes. Speaking of metas, hero picks always come to mind in shaping it. Laphel shared that it would be hard to say what kind of heroes would be staple picks in Season 7 as there will be buffs and nerfs that come into play later.

Prior to the season starting, Laphel did say that Mathilda was a hero that should be heavily contested. He was right on the money as Mathilda has been widely picked if ever she is not banned in almost all matches of the season so far.

The ups and downs

While pursuing this current career sounds like a dream job for many, it is not without its own set of challenges. Laphel succinctly summed up the experience in this COVID era of doing esports work as:

“Swab tests….swab tests.”

The change in the league’s direction to be fully MY based also sparked interest in Laphel. He shared that he loves the new direction and is looking forward to seeing more strategies and more exciting games being played as a result.

Laphel’s 2 Cents

Prior to the season officially beginning, Laphel did share one hot take. “TODAK might not look too hot this season. During M1, they looked great, but the following season they looked underwhelming. It might happen again.” Be sure to catch Laphel in action on screen for the rest of MPL MY S7 as he continues his humorous antics and insightful analytical work.

HomeBois should be another team that is on everyone’s radar this season. After emerging from the MPL MY S7 qualifiers, the team has managed to find its footing among the MPL elites. Despite the team currently placed second in Group A, HomeBois have demonstrated that it has what it takes to give others a run for their money.

HomeBois’ roster currently consists of:

The current roster actually originated from Team Terbang, except for Avaaa. HomeBois only came into the picture when Inferni and Avaaa reached an agreement to form this team. As MPL’s newer and fresher blood, HomeBois have already managed to snag victories against Team SMG and Orange Esports respectively. However, it is worth noting that whenever the team loses a series, they always make their opponent’s lives difficult. This is evidently seen as TODAK and Reborn Esports had to win their matches through tightly contested 2-1 results.

Hard work pays off

We managed to have a word with HomeBois before the season started. The team had much to say about their qualification journey. “First off, we are very happy as we have been trying to qualify for nearly 4 seasons,” said Chibii. “For us, finally qualifying for Season 7 is considered making history. It was also such an emotional rollercoaster journey to get here, as there were many windy roads to manoeuvre.”

While the team were elated to have qualified, they knew that this was only just the beginning. HomeBois shared that they looked most forward to facing Team Bosskurr. “We want to prove that the younger brother can beat the older brother,” said Avaaa. As for which team would be the biggest threat, HomeBois shared that it would be TODAK due to their previous season’s impression championship win.

Bringing something new to the table

As the season was getting closer, Inferni shared that the team really dialled in on doing as many scrims as possible while studying the meta. When it came to what fans could expect of the team, Sepat shared that “we will showcase an extraordinary style of gameplay that’s different from the others.” Avaaa added that “we would have our own meta. It won’t be comprehensible through the naked eye nor decipherable by normal means.”

HomeBois are staying true to their word, adopting some unique metas of their own, most notably with Eudora as its being commonly banned against them now.

As HomeBois themselves have mentioned, the road to getting here took a lot of hard work. They also shared about their most prominent struggle faced on a day to day basis. Members of the team presently struggle to give full commitment in playing MPL. Despite everyone having their own set of circumstances, the team is doing a great job so far all things considered. “We don’t have too high hopes this season because this is our first MPL after all,” said Avaaa. He added that the team would be more than thankful with a Top 6 finish at the end of the season. 

Did you know that Inferni, Sepat and Ijat are brothers?

The team also shared their thoughts about the league transitioning to be fully MY based. “To us, we prefer a fully MPL MY league as there are still many latent talents lying in wait across the country,” said Sepat. Speaking of latent talents, observant fans would have noticed that the name Anippp has popped up under TODAK’s banner in the past. While he is currently with HomeBois, Anippp shared that he would have a burning fighting spirit when it comes to the showdown with TODAK.

Some words from the HomeBois 

Every team can only go so far without their fans and HomeBois had a thing or two to share with them. “To all of our fans, thank you for continually supporting us whenever we fall and rise as you are all considered the backbone of HomeBois,” shared Ijat. “As for our opponents, you guys better prepare some tissues #supphomies,” strongly suggesting that they will be left in tears. Be sure to catch the team in action for the rest of Season 7 today onwards as Week 6’s matches begin!

Hard work and dedication to their craft is what separates the best from the rest. Meet Terence, one of the most prominent English casters to have graced MPL MY. His signature calm and cool demeanour style of commentary always pairs well with any casting duo, often resulting in a great match viewing experience.

On top of having great in-game knowledge, Terence also adjusts well depending on his casting partner. He makes it a point to contribute any analytical inputs where appropriate or even bring the hype to high adrenaline moments throughout matches.

We managed to catch the well-rounded caster to get his input on MPL MY before Season 7 started. “It feels good to be back again for my 4th season,” said Terence. He also shared that it has been an overall crazy year since the pandemic hit; and that he was really excited to be back to cast and watch some amazing games.

The teams to watch

Amidst the sea of new and familiar faces, Terence shared his thoughts on which team would make the biggest impression this season. “This is going to be a tough one. Honestly, I think TODAK should be the one to potentially take the crown again. But I think the biggest impression this season would be the controversial rivalry between RED and Reborn Esports.” He added that fans should catch all the MPL action LIVE to keep an eye out for more details about this specifically.

Terence also named a few teams that could potentially be the strongest team this season. “Statistically and also historically, it would obviously be TODAK. But after having a couple of conversations with the teams and seeing a lot of roster shuffles, it’s hard to decide. If I were to throw a few names it would be TODAK, RSG MY and Team SMG.”

While it is always a joy to watch the stronger teams in action, Terence shared that he had his eyes set on another pair of teams altogether. “The teams I definitely want to watch the most would be the match between RED and Reborn Esports. Well for starters, drama is always fun to watch.” He compared it to last season’s dynamic between Orange Louvre Esports and RED Reborn, about it being a subject of interest to many fans out there. “There is so much at stake especially for these 2 teams when pride is on the line.”

When it came to the Qualifier teams, Terence commented on how they are considered an unknown variable. “The qualifier teams this season are in the grey area. There is not much info about them.” With the exception of Mal and Eren from RED, this is true as the teams should be extra wary in dealing with opponents that they lack analytical data on.

That being said, Terence shared that “they should take this as an opportunity to learn and play with the best in the scene and hopefully improve themselves for the next season. However, taking into account that this is going to be a long league, anything can happen. It’s all about how quickly they can adapt and learn.”

It’s not just about the players

Mal was one of the best Hypercarries of Season 6.

If Terence had to pick one player that would shine brighter than others this season, it would be Mal from RED. Aside that, he looked forward in general to seeing new potential players rise up too. Terence also added that “I am not that curious about the players, but instead am looking forward to Team SMG’s Coach James in action. Will his actions affect the overall gameplay of the team? And how will the dynamics change compared to the previous season?”

With the league transitioning to be fully MY based to boot, Terence had this to say. “It is a great opportunity for upcoming teams to be able to compete with the best and train for future seasons at the expense of arguably top tier teams from Singapore.”

A stab at the Season 7 meta

When it came to what would be the defining meta of Season 7, Terence had a few things to share. “The meta is going to be slightly different from previous seasons in a sense that Tank roles might still be out of the picture. Whereas the Hypercarry meta for Junglers / Marksmen such as Brody, Yi Sun-shin and Wanwan might be a priority pick for most of these teams.”

“We might see an increase in Mage picks such as Mathilda, Luo Yi, Selena, Harley, Esmeralda, Yve and Eudora and probably a niche, Alice. As for Tank / Fighter heroes, it would be Silvanna, Benedetta, Esmeralda, Paquito, Yu Zhong and Baxia.”

“To sum it up, we might see teams prioritising in picking Mages to carry tempo and try to close up games. We might even see double Marksmen setups with 1 in the jungle and 1 in the Gold lane, with teams trying to drag on the game to go for the win.”

TODAK put up a dominant show with the use of two Marksmen in Week 3

Upon looking back, so far, the heroes that were highlighted by Terence have indeed been highly contested picks. We have already seen teams like TODAK adopt the double Marksmen setup which normally involves Brody as their secondary Marksman.

All for the fam

Not only is Terence a prominent caster, but he is also a father and a family man. “Shoutcasting has always been my career for about 7 years now, it requires me to talk a lot. However, as I have recently started a family in a year-ish, I was very fortunate to spend more time with my 1-year-old daughter during the MCO period.”

“I had to find a bigger space to set up a streaming room to accommodate my daughter so as to not disturb her while I am casting. Adapting to a fully online setup wasn’t an issue.” He also added that taking care of his family was something new to him at the time, but thankfully is something manageable now.

Terence’s 2 Cents

Prior to the season officially commencing, Terence did share his own predictions on who would be the Top 4 teams at the end of the season. He just stated these four names:

“TODAK, Team SMG, Suhaz EVOS and Orange Esports”

Be sure to catch Terence in action on screen for the rest of MPL MY S7 as he continues dynamic and insightful castings!

On top of providing insightful analytical commentary, being entertaining is a valued casting virtue in itself. Meet CortX, a hilarious caster that not cracks entertaining jokes, but also provides the necessary commentary to paint a clearer picture of the battlefield for audiences at home.

A sample of CortX and his contagious laughter
Despite cracking jokes from time to time, CortX knows the appropriate time to shift gears to provide insightful commentary

As you can see, the animated caster is always a welcome addition to whoever he’s casting alongside. Underneath all that humour and fun-filled persona, lies an individual who does take studying the game seriously to ensure the best delivery of his craft.

CortX diligently makes notes to ensure he's on top of his own game

We managed to catch CortX for a few words before the season actually began. When we inquired on how it felt to participate in Season 7, this was what he had to say. “My feelings? I hardly have feelings. Haha. Actually this season I feel very excited because there are a lot of changes. Do you guys want to know what the changes are? Don’t forget to watch MPL MY Season 7.”

Keeping an eye on the competition

While there were many prospective teams to look out for, CortX shared that there was only one team to watch. “The team that would have the biggest impact this season, if they are not changing or testing their lineup, would surely be TODAK.” He expressed that this is a team that is just built to be championship winners. “They are the only team in Malaysia that participated in M1 and M2!” CortX added that the team have a ton of tricks up their sleeve, ensuring that they would ultimately win it all in the end.

Although this statement doesn't apply anymore, fans should never forget the invincible run Todak had last season

When asked about who would shape up to be the strongest team of the season, CortX just had a strong statement. “TODAK! Enough said.” On the other hand, he was actually more excited to watch Reborn Esports this season. “It’s because they have twins playing for them. Mannn and Minnn...so it will be interesting to see the synergy between them in-game!”

CortX also shared that there was also one rivalry that fans should be extra aware of this season. “It is between RED and Reborn Esports. It’ll be a serious match, an epic match.” He added that given the controversy that occurred, “it is not only just a clash between players but between the management of these two teams as well!”

Speaking of players, CortX shared his thoughts on who would be the standout player to look out for this season too. “It has to be Ciku, he is so good. Whenever he gets pressured, he still finds ways to get fat in-game and proceed to get more kills!” He also wanted to remind fans about the wise words of Laphel, “Ciku tak takut mati. Mati takut Ciku.” (TL: Ciku isn’t afraid of death. Death is afraid of Ciku).

Why does it meta?

CortX also shared his thoughts on what kind of meta would be prominent in Season 7. “It would be a two core meta. The Jungler and Gold lane heroes will have a big impact in this season’s meta.”

Expanding on this, he added that there were a couple of heroes that would be prominently picked. “There are two common hero picks that come to mind, Jawhead and Yi Sun-shin. Jawhead is a more commonly aggressive hero in the early game. He can give pressure to enemies when they are trying to get buffs and is also a good setup hero for teamfights. Teams will surely contest this pick.”

Despite the recent nerf to Yi Sun-shin, the hero is still frequently picked.

“As for Yi Sun-shin, this hero is very good at applying pressure to other teams with his ultimate, Mountain Shocker as well as his ability to farm very quickly compared to other Jungler heroes.”

All things considered, CortX’s insights line up with what we currently see. Jawhead is almost picked every time it isn’t banned. While Yi Sun-shin isn’t as hotly contested, there are many teams that still value the arguably stable Markman pick.

Got esports, will travel

As everyone is aware, the COVID era has made things a tad bit more challenging for any sort of work in general, with shoutcasting being no exception. CortX personally shared how he commutes over long distances to deliver the best MPL MY viewing experience for the fans out there. “I need to travel over 300+ km to get to the casting venue and am always worried about my car breaking down at any time. Yup, my car is more than 10 years old but hopefully, everything will be fine.”

CortX’s 2 Cents

Now that MPL MY is a fully Malaysian based league, CortX had mixed opinions on the current change. He summed it up as a “we win some and we lose some” scenario. “Now we can develop and see more talented players. At the same time, we will have fewer chances or opportunities to learn and play against Singaporean teams.”

Just like any astute caster, CortX had his own opinions to weigh in before the season officially started. “If TODAK can manage their team like last season, I can confirm to everybody out there that they will win MPL Malaysia. They have great synergy and high-level players on the team.” Taking all this into consideration, CortX stated that they would have what it takes to reach the top. Be sure to catch CortX in action on screen for the rest of MPL MY S7 as he continues cracking jokes while providing extra animated commentary!

Week 3 of MPL MY Season 7’s Regular Season was yet another week filled with intriguing occurrences. From newer players making impactful debuts to teams finding their meta niches, fans were definitely spoiled with another entertaining week of matches all around. 

Here’s a glance at Week 3’s Results along with each Group’s standings:

Group A

Group B

Another week passes and Suhaz EVOS still remains as the sole undefeated team. They managed to bulldoze Geek Fam and RED this week to extend their perfect record. At this rate, it will be interesting to see which will be the first team to break their streak or take a single game off them in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, In Group A, Season 6 champs TODAK have managed to regain their top of the group position too while Ashi was absent this week due to his wedding. At the same time, Team SMG managed to climb up to second place. Via the debut of their new tank player, Nova, the team looked like a well-oiled machine in all of their matches. 

TODAK had a lot to be tank-ful for

Ciku racked up the most assists in Game 2 with his Jawhead

Fans would have noticed that Ashi was missing in action this week due to his wedding. This resulted in the team requiring a solid Tank substitute for Week 3. While many would be sceptical of the choice, Ciku took up the temporary mantle of being TODAK’s Tank. Known for being a very mechanically skilled Core player, Ciku managed to display a commendable performance. While his Tigreal in Game 1 against HomeBois was not as effective, Game 2 and 3 was where he truly shined. Ciku donned Jawhead and Chou in those games, demonstrating solid initiations on key targets and created a lot of openings for his team. Observant fans would have also noticed that this was the very first match where TODAK maintained the same 5 players from start to finish.

A Potential Game of the Season

A game that would've kept everyone on the edge of their seats

Fans who were tuning in live managed to witness one of the longest games of the season. A game that lasted 30 minutes and 54 seconds took place between Team SMG and Orange Esports. It was a match filled with many teamfights, where the scales kept tipping back and forth between the two. Any mistake could have easily been the end of one team during the late game. There was even a point where the minions were on the verge of destroying Orange Esports’ crystal!

While everyone was elsewhere fighting, the minions came this close to ending the game

While Orange Esports did end up losing this match, I think we can all agree that their bout was one of the best games we’ve seen this season so far.

Does Ling ring a bell?

Ling has been ignored so far this season, not being picked any team whatsoever. That is until Team SMG decided to pick it in their Week 3 matches. So far the team has a 100% win rate whenever Ling is utilized by F4kez. The Core player has managed to showcase the hero’s viability in MPL MY.

F4kez went ham and did not drop a single death in Game 2 against Reborn Esports

Just like how Fanny has become something of a signature pick for Geek Fam, will Ling perhaps be that same pick for Team SMG? While Ling has arguably seen much more competitive usage than a hero like Fanny, it will be interesting to see what other teams will do in the future weeks. Amidst the sea of Claude, Bruno, Yi Sun-shin and Roger picks, will any team potentially look to Ling as a strong go-to pick again? 

Continual Progressive Growth

As the second instance of the double-round robin kicks into the Regular Season, teams have had their chances to get their paybacks. While not everyone was successful, one thing’s for certain - the teams are all getting progressively better with each passing week, some more so than others. How far will the teams go this season? Will we see even more amazing matches in the weeks to come? Be sure to tune in to Week 4’s matches this 2 to 4 April to find out!

The path to livestreaming is often an arduous one to pursue. While many attempt it, only a few succeed. Meet SHITSUKE, a down to earth creator that has managed to diligently make a name for herself in the livestreaming sphere. 

Prior to donning her current handle, Farah used to go by “INCESSDIBS” , which was a shortened amalgamation of “princess” and “Diba”. Upon continual pursuit of this pathway, she found it within herself to transition to SHITSUKE. The term actually stems from Japanese cultural origins. It comes from an infamous workplace organization system that encompasses of five S, which are seiri, seiton, seisō, seiketsu, and shitsuke

One of various Google search results, the meaning of shitsuke does vary in some contexts

We’ll spare details of the other four S, but shitsuke here essentially refers to the art of sustaining or having sustained discipline to continually practise and improve oneself. The end result of accomplishing this feat: becoming someone who’s extremely proficient at one’s craft was what drove Farah to don this namesake. 

She was actually introduced to the world of livestreaming in May 2020 via her brother-in-law. This ended up piquing Farah’s interest, which eventually led to her personally pursuing livestreaming herself. From that point onwards, the rest as they say, is history. She is currently a full-time student studying in Politeknik Melaka. She juggles her studies while continually looking to improve her content and livestream.

While many would often disapprove out of concerns and risks of an unconventional career pathway, Farah was very fortunate to have understanding peers. Her family and friends had positive outlooks of this livestreaming venture. “They were supportive,” said Farah. She explained while smiling that her peers did say to “just make sure you don’t forget about your studies.”

A shot of Farah in her natural habitat

Fans would notice that her most streamed game is PUBG Mobile. “I stream PUBGM the most because its something I’ve been playing since I was 17,” Farah explained. Prior to this though, she did share about dabbing into Rules of Survival (RoS) before making the definitive switch over.

While juggling between a hectic study schedule and livestreaming, she does make it a point to unwind where she can. “I’ll just take time lying down to just chill and spend time with my family,” said Farah. She added that sometimes this wasn’t doable due to the occasional online classes that would pop up from time to time. “Throughout the MCO period, my schedule, for the most part, consisted of online classes, streaming, eating and sleeping,” she giggly explained. 

While she diligently improves her craft daily, there is one person that she looks up to in the world of livestreaming. “I personally look up to UP Gaming, he’s a real funny and chill guy,” said Farah. 

It ain’t sunshine and rainbows in the world of livestreaming though. “I’d say the least favourite thing about livestreaming would have to be how toxic the environment can be at times,” said Farah. Despite the challenges, Farah has always been all smiles on camera, looking to put some good back into the world in whatever way she can. 

For any aspiring streamers out there, here’s some advice that Farah wanted to share. “Don’t ever give up even though you have only a few viewers, just go on. But if years have passed and there are still no viewers coming in, you should probably stop. Don’t waste any more precious time and money.” Farah also wanted to take the time to express some words of appreciation to her loved ones. “I would like to thank everyone, especially my family for supporting and for believing that I could do this. And thank you so much as well to my parents for giving the start-up capital needed to assemble my PC!”

While Farah does not have a fixed streaming schedule, she does her best to livestream whenever possible, so do drop by and say hello whenever you can over at her Facebook page!

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