AutoKnockOut Free Fire: Adapting to the new meta of MCP Majors Season 1 Finals

Posted by Bryan Terng on March 19, 2021

Despite placing 16th in last season's Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS 2020 Asia), AutoKnockOut are ready to bounce back to reclaim their glory in the current Free Fire Malaysia, Cambodia, and Philippines (MCP) Majors Season 1, especially when they've shown the potential to go far by finishing second in the regional Free Fire Tri-Nation Cup and represented Malaysia in the international FFCS 2020 tournament.

The Malaysian squad recently qualified for the MCP Majors Season 1 Grand Finals this Saturday (20 March), but their rank during League Circuit wasn't exactly what they envisioned. Nevertheless, AutoKnockOut are unwilling to cry over spilt milk and are keeping their eyes focused on the prize.

"We've already done our best and managed to be in the top seven of League Circuit," said captain Mohd. Ridhwan “Mr. D” Kadir, who also streams Free Fire on Facebook Gaming as D Entertainment. According to him, the MCP Majors have proven to be more challenging than before, with more players from Cambodia and the Philippines competing in the regional tournament that shakes up the norm. Plus, the duration for League Circuit was extended from four weeks to six weeks, turning into a marathon "that really worked to pick the best of the best" to compete in the series.

One such team is WEWS from the Philippines, who Mr. D pointed out as the toughest team that AutoKnockOut faced in the League Circuit. "We have the same rotation and dropping zones, so we end up fighting each other every time we drop," he said. "We'll be studying and probably changing our rotations in the Finals to avoid early-game fights and adapt to the new meta," so that they stand a better chance in the Grand Finals.

Speaking of new, Mr. D recently brought on board new member Yazid Azmin "Yaminn" Azfar as AutoKnockOut's newest support player. "We knew Yaminn from underground tournaments, and we saw his potential while he played," he explained. They decided to take him in to compete in MCP Majors, to help him reach his full potential. "He's done the best he could so far, since it's his first time joining a major tournament." Though former member Sadewa's absence from the team was apparent, it was good news to hear from Mr. D that he actually never left AutoKnockOut - he's now a manager for the team, and decided that Yaminn was worthy of his player slot.

It's been almost two years since AutoKnockOut was formed, and it was always Mr. D's intention to help nurture the growth of esports in Malaysia. Thus, AutoKnockOut is more than just a team - it's officially an esports organisation now, after Facebook Gaming registered it legally as a bona fide company. They currently have 12 teams under their guild, and interestingly enough, four of them - including the AutoKnockOut squad - were in the MCP Majors League Circuit: O Some, Legend Rumble and Steady Squad, with the latter also qualifying for the Finals. "Hopefully in the next season of MCP Majors, we'll have more teams from AutoKnockOut getting a spot in the Grand Finals."

AutoKnockOut's members include:

Mohd. Ridhwan “Mr. D” Kadir - IGL/Flanker
Muhammad Aiman "Shura" Hariz - Support
Muhammad Fahmi "Mirull" Iskandar - Rusher
Yazid Azmin "Yaminn" Azfar - Support
Rusher Muhammad "Zenn" Faris - Rusher

League Circuit leaderboard.

The MCP Majors Season 1 Grand Finals will pit the top 12 teams of League Circuit in a one-day all-out battle royale for their share of the US$34,100 prize pool, as well as the championship title that grants them access to the international Free Fire World Series (FFWS 2021) in April. The top 6 teams will also immediately qualify for MCP Majors Season 2.

Witness AutoKnockout in the MCP Majors Grand Finals tomorrow (20 March), at 1PM (GMT +8) LIVE on Facebook and YouTube.


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