AutoKnockout Free Fire: New line-up, same firepower in FFMC 2021

Posted by Bryan Terng on July 21, 2021

Though the original AutoKnockout line-up - headlined by Facebook Gaming Creator, Mr. D (D Entertainment) - transferred to SEM9, the New Avengers of AutoKnockout have proven themselves to be more than worthy of picking up Mjolnir. (I’ll stop my Marvel Cinematic Universe references now, enjoyed Marvel's Loki too much) The Free Fire Malaysia Championship (FFMC 2021) competitors placed first in last week’s League Stage, with the highest kill volume of 208 and seven BOOYAHs.

Mohd Nur “Lemon” Firdaus - Captain/Rusher 
Mohamad Azim “TheAxle” Bin Mohd Asri - Sniper/Flanker
Putera Iskandar “2Fast” Zulkarnain - Rusher/Support
Muhammad Aslan Roy “Roy” Bin Abdullah- Rusher 
Mohd Shakir “Sadewa” Bin Hashim - Support 

(clockwise from top left) TheAxel, Hajiyaad, Lemon, 2Fast and Roy.

“We are obviously very happy with this achievement,” expressed AutoKnockout’s team manager, Mohd Hazrin "Hajiyaad" bin Hakimi, on behalf of the players. “It will definitely boost the boys’ morale heading into the FFMC 2021 Grand Finals.”

Though AutoKnockout singled out Geek Fam and SEM9 as formidable opponents (“They are very experienced and achieved a lot in other Free Fire major tournaments.”), all 12 teams are actually strong and have their own unique strengths. “We are very happy with our performance, but we’re always careful to not be overconfident and stay focused.”

AutoKnockout and SEM9 may be rivals now, but that only applies in tournaments, mind you - the duo are actually friends. Plus, Mr. D is still the owner of both the esports organisation and the various teams of AutoKnockout, so he and Hajiyaad worked together to build the next generation of AutoKnockout’s main team. The team manager revealed that they looked for players who are experienced competitively to build a powerhouse team, not to mention that they also need to be strong and highly-skilled.

With such lofty expectations, AutoKnockout would of course look to the current Free Fire world champions, Phoenix Force from Thailand, for inspiration. “To be the best we need to watch and learn from the best,” said Hajiyaad, who also streams Free Fire on Facebook Gaming. “What we learned from them, is to attack when there’s an opening, and to defend when necessary - it’s all about the right timing.” 

Team manager Hajiyaad.

With a terrific team manager like Hajiyaad on AutoKnockout, their chances of winning are definitely more substantial. “I’m someone who’s passionate in helping a team grow from zeroes to heroes,” evidenced by the time he managed LastCircle MY, with two teams from the esports family qualifying for the major Free Fire Tri-Nation Cup 2020. He later managed another AutoKnockout sub-team, AutoKnockout Zodiac, for a year before handling the main squad. “I may not be the best, but I feel that these prove I’m a good team manager.”

Nevertheless, the fight isn’t over yet for AutoKnockout in FFMC 2021, with the Grand Finals left on 31 July to secure their throne. Like any good team manager, this is what Hajiyaad had to say for his boys, “Believe in what you do in-game and work together as a team. Whatever happens, stay focused and don't lose yourself.”

Catch AutoKnockout in the final bout of FFMC 2021, held 31 July at 1PM (GMT +8) LIVE on eGG Network TV, as well as Garena Free Fire Facebook and YouTube.

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