BenQ Announces ZOWIE XL-K Generation Gaming Monitors

BenQ Announces ZOWIE XL-K Generation Gaming Monitors

BenQ, the company behind one of the most popular gaming monitors on the market, has announced the arrival of the ZOWIE XL-K Generation models: the XL2546K and the XL2411K. Designed with gamers in mind, these high-end monitors are aimed at giving them the edge when it comes to performance and accuracy. Featuring high refresh rates and full HD resolution, these monitors have everything that players need when it comes to gaming competitively.

The new XL-K Generation monitors feature smaller base stands than their predecessors, giving you more room on the table for your keyboard and mousepads. The stands also provide additional height and tilt settings, making sure you have the monitor right where you want it, regardless of your height.

Starting off with the higher end of the two, the 24.5″ 240Hz XL2546K comes with built-in shields to better protect the monitor during transport, and also to prevent side light sources from creating any onscreen glare. It also features DyAc⁺ Technology, which reduces blur and allows players to maintain sight of their crosshair at all times, improving their aim and accuracy. It also comes with the ever-handy S-Switch – an external device for you to adjust the settings on your monitor without fumbling over hard to press buttons on the side or back of the display.

The XL2411K is slightly smaller at 24″ and only refreshes at 144Hz, and doesn’t come with the built-in shields or the S-Switch, though they are an optional purchase. The monitor also supports DyAc™ Technology, though due to limitations of the panel, turning it on does reduce brightness. However, it does come with a much cheaper price tag than the XL2546K.

Interested in taking your gaming experience to the next level? The XL2546K (RM2,279) and XL2411K (RM1,099) are available now from BenQ’s official Lazada store.

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