BenQ GW2780T Eye-care Monitor - A Sight For Sore Eyes

Posted by George Wong on October 12, 2020

With everyone working and gaming in front of the computer from their own homes during these trying times, it's important to take care of your eyes. Which is where BenQ's latest monitor, the GW2780T, comes in.

An upgrade to the GW2480T, this 27" display features the latest eye-care technologies designed to make staring at the screen a less tiring and strenuous affair for your eyeballs. How does it work? You might ask. The monitor utilizes BenQ's Brightness Intelligence Technology (B.I.) which automatically adjusts the screen light to suit the user's surrounding environments, adapting brightness and enhancing dark areas on the display without overexposing bright regions. No more manually tweaking with your brightness settings on your monitor throughout the day. Just continue to use it like you normally would.

The monitor also features a highly-adjustable stand that allows you to tilt it at various angles to maximize viewing comfort and completely rotate the display if you plan to use it in portrait mode. Port-wise, it accepts HDMI 1.4, DP 1.2 and D-sub. While the refresh rate is locked at 60Hz, which is acceptable for most people, the eye-care benefits will be what most people will be buying it for.

Check out the GW2480T, available now for RM899 on BenQ's official Lazada store.

In addition to the display, BenQ has announced that the best-selling BenQ ScreenBar, a USB-powered LED Monitor light desk lamp. Mounting on top of your monitor, this desk lamp will help free up some of your desk clutter while illuminating your desk at the same time. With different brightness levels and light temperatures to suit your needs, ambient sensors for auto-dimming, and a downward-facing angle that doesn't cause monitor glare, the ScreenBar is perfect for people who want to work in a dark room without having to turn on all the lights.

The BenQ ScreenBar is will cost RM599 when it goes on sale on BenQ's official Lazada store.

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