BiuBiu Steps Down From Team Secret and Competitive PUBG Mobile

BiuBiu Steps Down From Team Secret and Competitive PUBG Mobile

In a short and surprising live stream last night, BiuBiu, the captain of Team Secret announced that he is no longer part of the team (since a month ago) and will take a break from professional PUBG Mobile.

It seems like there’s no bad blood between him and Team Secret, as he thanks them graciously in his parting message. He mentioned that he wanted to announce his departure personally because he didn’t want any wrong messages or theories popping up on the internet.

Fortunately, he states he’ll be back to livestreaming casually, so BiuBiu fans won’t have any shortage of content. He also said that leaving the competitive scene has made him feel happy, and it marks him stepping into another phase of his life. Perhaps we’ll even see more YouTube content from him in the future. All the best to BiuBiu and whatever he aims to achieve in the future!

Check out the full announcement video below:

hiii. 5 minutes, no more and no less

hiii. 5 minutes, no more and no less

Posted by Secret BiuBiu on Rabu, 30 September 2020
BiuBiu’s farewell announcement

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