A Quick Guide to the Giveaways Happening on Dream Team

Posted by George Wong on Oktober 28, 2020

Dream Team, the online football manager game from Joyme launched last week, and since then we’re seeing a healthy number of players competing for the various prizes and rewards. There are a lot of different prizes to be won but it may not be immediately obvious due to how busy the main screen of the game is. But fret not, the prizes up for grabs make it worth the effort. There’s a Yamaha Ysuku motorbike, PS4, Note 20, Nintendo Switch and more prizes to be won!

Here’s with a mini-guide to help you through the process so you can focus on grinding to win those prizes! If you haven’t started on Dream Team yet, you can use the code “EGG” when you register via www.dto.asia/egg to get an in-game starter pack.

Contest #1: Champions League

Become the top 3 players of the Champions League (CL) Cross Server Leaderboard by 28th November, 10:30pm in order to win. Each round of CL lasts for 8 days and players who have been eliminated can participate in a new round that will start the next day. 

Note that the Cross Server Leaderboard is a cumulative leaderboard, so the better you do each round, the more points you will gain. Players will need to do well in as many rounds as possible for a chance to win. The higher you place in each round of CL, the more points you will accumulate. This event will only be open to players who are at Club Level 42, so be sure to check out the event page in Dream Team once you hit that level. If you haven’t reached it yet, it’s not too late!


  • 1st: Yamaha Y15ZR motorbike 
  • 2nd: Samsung Galaxy Note 20
  • 3rd: VIVO V19 

Contest #2: Channel Reward Code Lucky Draw

Promo lasts from: 23 Oct till 6 Nov

Any code redemption that happens from now till 6 November will entitle new players an entry into the Channel Reward Code Lucky Draw. To enter, simply use our promo code, “EGG” when you create a character in Dream Team. You will receive the following in-game rewards: Gems*1000, SR Player Pack *5, Star Proof*50, Training Card (S)*10, Cheque(L)*5. Once you reach Level 20, you will be automatically entered into the lucky draw.

Lucky draw prizes: 

  • PS4
  • Vivo V19
  • UR Player Card - Beckham 

Take note that the promo codes can only be used once for each player! To use the code, click on your profile on the upper left corner of the screen, go to Redeem Code > enter the code and press Use.

Contest #3: Tenure Pass Lucky Draw

Any Player who purchases a Tenure Pass during the event period will automatically be entered into a lucky draw to win one of the following prizes: 

  • 1st: Nintendo Switch
  • 2nd: SSR Player pack x3
  • 3rd: 1000 Gems x3
  • Consolation prize (10x): 1000 Gems x1

To enter, click on the Monthly Pass icon to bring up the following screen:

Select Tenure Pass and click the “Activate Now” button to purchase it.

And these are all the giveaways for Dream Team that are available now. If you haven’t started playing yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Dream Team website to sign up now! For more information regarding the contests, email support@joyme.asia.


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