PMWL 2020 East: Yoodo Gank scrape into Super Weekend 3, Bigetron RA lead the pack

Posted by Bryan Terng on Julai 30, 2020

Malaysian fans are breathing sighs of relief, knowing that their favourite pair of teams - Yoodo Gank and Team Secret, in case you don't know who - managed to claw their way to the third and final Super Weekend of the Mudah Alih PUBG Liga Dunia (PMWL) Musim Semi Split 2020 Bahagian Sifar Timur.

Here are the full list of teams advancing to Super Weekend 3:

  1. Bigetron RA (Indonesia)
  2. Rahsia Pasukan (Malaysia)
  3. RRQ Athena (Thailand)
  4. King of Gamers Club (Thailand)
  5. Valdus Esports (Thailand)
  6. BOX Gaming (Vietnam)
  7. GXR Celtz (India)
  8. MegaStars (India)
  9. TeamIND (India)
  10. Batu Jingga (India)
  11. Entiti TSM (India)
  12. T1 (Korea Selatan)
  13. Tahap U (Taiwan)
  14. Morph Team (Indonesia)
  15. Yoodo Gank (Malaysia)
  16. Nova Esports (India)

Bigetron RA topped the charts of League Play Week 3 with 114 points, courtesy of two hearty helpings of Winner Winner Chicken Dinners (WWCDs) and the highest kill volume of 49 points. The Indonesian apex team are followed closely by Thailand's King of Gamers Club (103 points) and fellow countrymen Morph Team (102 points).

Not only is it the first time that the latter team reached the top 5, but it's also their first entry into Super Weekend - they have zero points so far for the crucial weekend matches, putting them at a risky spot in entering the League Finals. Even Taiwan's U Level Up got to the top five with 90 points, which didn't happen in the tournament until now.

U Level Up certainly leveled up, with Chaxin and Winter as kill leaders of Day 1, alongside Indian top dogs, TSM Entity.

On the Malaysian side, fans were fearful for Yoodo Gank after they placed 17th in Day 1 of League Play 3 as only the top 16 can advance to Super Weekend. Fortunately, they were able to bag 15 more kills on Day 2 and two Top 5 placements to boost them up the ladder, entering the Super Weekend. As for Team Secret, they fared pretty well this week by placing seventh, winning a sole WWCD and claiming 35 virtual lives.

Find out who will enter the League Finals of the PMWL 2020 East tomorrow and the weekend (24 – 26 July) at 8PM (GMT +8). The Mudah Alih PUBG acara dunia akan disiarkan secara LIVE pada Saluran TV Rangkaian eGG, atau jika anda seorang penonton dalam talian, Facebook dan Youtube. Pastikan anda mengikuti Rangkaian eGG di Facebook untuk lebih banyak liputan PMWL 2020 East.


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