PUBG Mobile celebrates 2 years with Season 12

Posted by Bryan Terng on Mac 5, 2020

Get ready for an explosive birthday bash that's jam-packed with content and quality of life changes.

There's a reason why birthday parties exist - because it's so much more fun to celebrate your birthday with people you enjoy! It's no wonder that Mudah Alih PUBG would invite all of us to its two-year-old birthday party with the brand new Season 12, not to mention that the Tencent-published game would be gifting us with one too many improvements and additions in the latest season.

A teaser of how the Amusement Park Mode looks?

With the almost-2GB update rolling out since 3 Mar, we've gotten a glimpse of what interesting new modes to expect from the new season: Amusement Park Mode in Erangel, where you get to play arcade machines and participate in fun attractions - such as Reverse Bungee, Trampoline and Shooting Range - across literal amusement parks scattered across the map; Arctic Mode, where you're dropped onto the now-extra-cold Vikendi with other players to stay warm amidst vicious snowstorms via bonfires, chicken hunting and other heating tools while staying vigilant of other players; and Brothers in Arms, where rookie players can pair up with veterans to learn from the master, while mentors can earn awesome rewards for being good teachers, just to name a few modes.

Hardcore Mode returns! As per its namesake, it focuses on realistic gameplay by disabling enemy alerts and utilising all-manual actions (e.g. open doors, pick ups) for a more hardcore experience.

Apart from the addition of a deadly new airdrop weapon (DBS Shotgun), several much-needed quality of life changes has also been implemented into the game. One of the most sought-after improvements is the newly-added Death Replay, which lets you see how enemy players ended your Winner Winner Chicken Dinner streak ala Panggilan Tugas's Killcam. Also, as per the standard set by Apex Legends' Ping system, Mudah Alih PUBG has a new feature called Universal Mark, allowing you to mark supplies, opened doors, specific areas, vehicles and death crates.

All guns and no chill in the all-new Arctic Mode.

There's been almost no news on the Royale Pass for Season 12 - themed 2gether We Play - yet, but it will be released on 9 Mar, with the official in-game anniversary celebration starting on 12 Mar. Be sure to update the game before 6 Mar to get your own birthday goodies too.

Anda boleh menyemak nota tampalan penuh for the 0.17.0 update on the official Mudah Alih PUBG laman Facebook.


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