Valorant Episode 2 boasts improved Ranked, new Battlepass and new Agent, Yoru

Posted by Bryan Terng on Januari 13, 2021

If you've read our hands-on preview of Valorant's latest agent, Yoru, then you know it's hard not to be excited about Valorant Episode 2, with Act 1 live since yesterday. In case you aren't sure about what to expect from Episode 2, we've got you covered right here.

New Agent: Yoru

The newest Agent hails from Japan, donning a Hantu Tsushima-like face mask when he powers up. Did we mention that the Duelist is one sneaky ninja-like enforcer that rips holes in reality to enter and ambush his enemies unseen?

Yoru is now available with the release of Episode 2 Act 1. Check out our hands-on impressions of Yoru for a detailed rundown of his abilities.

Ranked improvements

Although the upgrades for Ranked aren't related to gameplay, it's now much easier for everyone to track how well they fare against other players, with the introduction of regional leaderboards. Or if you aren't feeling too competitive and the only real opponent is yourself, now you can better gauge your rank with an improved rank progress bar, plus new rewards and other qualify of life changes.

Ini a full breakdown of Ranked updates.

Run It Back bundle

Missed out on some of the coolest weapon skins from Episode 1? No need to cry over spilt milk, because the milk is back for you to purchase!

  • Sovereign Ghost
  • Oni Phantom
  • Prime Spectre
  • Nebula Ares
  • Spline Operator

Act 1 Battlepass

  • 12 gun skins (plus 3 sets of Variants for one of the skin lines), 1 melee skin, gun buddies, cards, sprays, and titles
  • Marquee items
    • Infinity Phantom, plus 3 Variants
    • Infinity Classic, plus 3 Variants (earnable at Tier 50 for free by all players)
    • Aerosol Operator
    • Outpost Melee
    • Salt Shaker Gun Buddy
    • Choose My Weapon Spray
    • Omen and Sage Versus Card

The Episode 2 Act 1 Battlepass costs 1,000 VP, and will be available until 1 March.

If you're interested to know the full patch notes for 2.0, you can read them di sini.

Better yet, if you want to see your favourite Facebook Gaming streamers duking it out and sharing their thoughts on the latest Valorant episode, we have a little something that you can check out this Friday (15 Jan) at 7.30PM, LIVE on Rangkaian eGG. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the reveal.

Muat turun Valorant for free today and dive into the beginning of Episode 2!


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