Bren Esports vs Onic PH: MPL-PH S5 Playoffs LB Finals

Posted by George Wong on May 31, 2020

It’s the last day of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines Season 5 (MPL-PH S5) Playoffs with the remaining three teams all from the upper bracket at the start of the tournament. This season, for the first time, we’ll be guaranteed some repeat winners to lift the trophy but first, Bren Esports and Onic PH will need to battle for the opportunity to meet Sunsparks in the grand finals.

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Sunsparks, Bren and ONIC keep MPL-PH title hopes alive

Lower Bracket Finals

Onic PH vs Bren Esports

Onic PH started the series by playing a perfect game - taking out all of Bren Esports’ turrets and base without losing a single structure at 12 minutes. Bren Esports seemingly had no chance of winning despite a fairly even early game - they simply weren’t able to find a hole in Onic PH’s tanky lineup.

Bren Esports showed that they weren’t out of the series just yet, drafting a strong team fighting lineup with X.borg, Pharsa and Tharmus, and let KarlTzy go ham on one of his best heroes this tournament, Ling. This time around, Onic PH were the helpless ones, and the game was another 12-minute stomp.

The third game of the series saw both teams making more calculated moves, taking only advantageous pickoffs and objectives. The kill score and networth remained close until 9 minutes when Onic PH managed to secure a couple of kills and towers. However, the turning point of the match was at 11 minutes when Bren Esports was distracted by a skirmish that was breaking out around the Lord. While they were fighting, Onic PH’s Wise (Karrie) split pushed to take out the top inhibitor turret and threatened the base on his own. This forced a retreat from Bren, which led to an uncontested Lord for Onic PH, and turned into a game-ending push by the team.

Congratulations to Onic PH, they got what they wanted: a grand finals rematch against Sunsparks, for the trophy that was almost in their hands last season. GGWP to Bren Esports, they have been eliminated from MPL-PH S5.

Stay tuned to Egg Network (Channel 800 Astro), on Facebook or Cignal in the Philippines to catch the last match of the day! Who are you rooting for?


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