Bunnyh0p from grApe, the first Malaysian Apex Legends champion in ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs

Posted by Bryan Terng on March 29, 2021

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Winter Circuit 2020 Playoffs concluded over the weekend, crowning five regional ALGS champion teams across North and South America, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), and APAC North and South. It's in the APAC South region that team grApe won their first ever Apex Legends championship. With three of its members from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, they're truly the pride of Southeast Asia.

Here are the players that make up team grApe:

Panggau Noel "BunnyH0p" Uthan Chuat - Wraith/meta main | In-game leader (Malaysia)
Thoriq Sultan "BigzzyX" Hidayat - Gibraltar | Support (Indonesia)
Sila "KzyyX" Akepadcha - Bloodhound | Scout (Thailand)

Team grApe's winning final match was nothing short of intense and overwhelming. "The odds of us winning were next to none, because we had bad positioning. Winning the match was the last thing on our mind," BunnyH0p recalled, so they focused on gathering kills and placement points instead of winning. However, after multiple successful encounters, they soon realised they still had a chance to win, because "the ring favoured our side." Thus, they switched their mindsets once more and played for the win, resulting in "You are the Apex champions!"

BunnyH0p relieving his glory moment with his followers.

The first thing that BunnyH0p did to celebrate the team's victory was calling his parents, who were watching his stream competing in the tournament. "It might not be a celebration with confetti and cakes. but hearing my parents say that they were proud of me is the highlight of the celebration," the part-time Facebook Gaming streamer said, adding that his family has been rooting for him since the start of his esports journey.

BunnyH0p's favourite Wraith skin.

"The first thing that I’ll do with my prize money is to treat my family dinner." He'll also be investing in building a gaming PC dedicated to streaming, as well as donating some of his winnings to those in need. "My parents taught me to always share one's good fortune with others."

Though BunnyH0p has been playing Apex Legends competitively since early last year, team grApe (short for "great apes") was formed only three weeks before the ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs. The trio are just a bunch of good friends who wanted to have fun and try their luck in the tournament. It was KzyyX who first mentioned needing a team to compete for the Winter Circuit, to which BunnyH0p suggested teaming up while inviting another mutual friend BigzzyX to complete grApe.

Triumphant screams filled BigzzyX's winning moment.

With little time to prepare for the series, they trained by playing ranked games and participating in weekly GLL Community Cups. "I would not have won if it weren't for KzyyX and BigzzyX, the support of my followers, and most important of all, the blessings from my friends and family," expressed the 25-year-old ("actually 17, wink wink"), who only got top 10 spots in the Finals ... until now.

Team grApe will be continuing their esports journey in the ALGS Championship 2021 (APAC South), slated to begin 22 May. "We'll prepare for the ALGS Championship 2021 the same way we did for the Playoffs, but this time with more time on our hands, we'll be training more too."

You can follow BunnyH0p on Facebook Gaming, and his fellow grApe teammate BigzzyX on YouTube.


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