Burmese Ghouls clear the air on Todak loss

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on November 16, 2019

Fans of the Burmese team allege that Todak had cheated in the series which the Ghouls lost 2-0.

The second day of the MLBB World Championship playoffs saw EVOS Legends, RRQ and Todak secure top three placings while Burmese Ghouls were eliminated in fourth. 

Only three teams remain.

However, what was meant to be a celebratory post from Todak turned into a platform for heated debate as fans of the Myanmar outfit flocked to the Malaysian team's Facebook page, alleging that Todak had cheated.

Todak's celebratory FB post.

The two major allegations the Burmese Ghouls fans made were that Todak had first pick in both games of the series, and that there was a bug on Chang'e, played by Moonnnnn where it appeared that the hero had no cooldown for her ultimate ability. 

However, the comments took an ugly turn when fans of both teams started hurling insults at each other. There was vitriol from both Malaysian and Burmese MLBB fans, which unfortunately marred what should have been a great day for MLBB esports. 

Among the things we witnessed, Burmese Ghouls defeated MPL-PH champion Sunsparks, 10Second Gaming+ continued to win the hearts of MLBB fans across the world and EVOS Legends dominated the upper bracket final. Perhaps most notable was the home team Todak, who overcame the odds to knock out both 10Second Gaming+ and Burmese Ghouls in convincing 2-0 scores to set up a lower bracket final date with RRQ on the final day of M1. 

The bracket at the end of the second day of the Playoffs.

Thankfully, Burmese Ghouls were quick to respond to the allegations their fans made through a statement on their captain, IceIce's Facebook page

IceIce's statement regarding the Todak cheating allegations.

The message loosely translates to: 

I would like to say thank you so much again for supporting us through the whole tournament of M1 World Championship. I would like to request that everyone show respect to every single team we have faced. 

Here is the explanation for us having second pick in the second match: 
In the first match, Todak did choose first pick. But in the second match, we chose to have second pick. That’s the reason why Todak had first pick for both matches.

We will try harder than ever and will achieve greater success.

In a livestream, M1 caster, Ikuto, commented about Chang'e apparent cooldown bug. He clarified that there was indeed a bug, but it was a visual bug that only affected viewers. There was no bug with the cooldown of the hero's ultimate ability. 

Ikuto00 explaining that Chang'e's cooldown visual bug did not affect the game.

This conclusion was also corroborated by a Moonton official, on the condition of anonymity. The official confirmed that there was a Chang'e visual bug, but that it didn't have an adverse effect on the game. It was also certified that the Burmese Ghouls players didn't indicate there was foul play in their series against Todak.

Burmese Ghouls fans have shown tremendous support and passion for the team throughout their journey in M1. However, they perhaps went a little too far and jumped too quickly to conclusions. And neither should Todak's Malaysian fans have responded with insensitive words. 

An ugly side of the MLBB esports community reared its head tonight, but thankfully, Burmese Ghouls were equally sharp in addressing the issue. The Myanmar team showed great professionalism in their in-game conduct and they've proven themselves a role model for the gracious manner in which they faced tournament elimination and communicating with fans on a sensitive topic. 

They certainly deserve our respect and we hope to see more of the team in upcoming regional tournaments. 

Mad respect for Burmese Ghouls.

On the final day of the MLBB World Championship M1, the three remaining teams, EVOS Legends, RRQ and Todak will fight tooth and nail for the honour of being crowned the world's best MLBB team. Stay tuned to YouTube to catch the live stream or head over to Axiata Arena to watch the matches live and in-person.


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