At first glance, Mita doesn’t look like the kind of person who likes sticking blades into the hearts of her opponents but after spending a few minutes watching her stream, I immediately changed my mind. Despite her cheery and coy demure, Mita doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to slicing up enemies standing in her path to Glory - and yes, we’re talking about Naraka: Bladepoint - a game she’s been streaming almost every day since discovering it this year.

Mita is a unique Facebook Creator. Unlike most of her fellow streamers, she wasn’t a gamer from a very young age. The Taiwanese streamer’s first foray into gaming was in college, where she was introduced to the dancing game, Audition Online. The game’s simplistic and rhythmic controls were enough to kickstart her interest in the hobby. Being able to beat other people in the lobby was a taste of things to come - it awakened a competitive spirit inside her.

Shortly after, Mita was introduced to League of Legends, a game with which she fell in love immediately. The 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) checked all the right boxes for her, and she couldn’t stop playing it. Mita would even bring her laptop to work to hop into some games during her free time when she was a cosmetics salesperson at a department store. LoL was her life, so it was fitting that it ignited her streaming career.

“Back then, my friends suggested that I give streaming a try since I was always staying home and playing LoL,” she admitted. Instead of going out to party and have fun like other people her age, she was more of a homebody. With no idea of what to expect, she took her friends’ advice and broadcast her gameplay on Twitch. There weren’t many Taiwanese female streamers playing LoL during that era and with her streaming 8 hours a day, it didn’t take long to build a loyal following.

After finding success as a streamer, Mita turned it into her full-time job by signing with a talent agency and leaving sales behind. Having an agency let her focus on what she enjoyed doing - streaming and playing games - while they handled everything else. It also opened additional opportunities for the streamer, landing her photoshoots, brand deals and more. The fact that she had people to help style, plan videos and write scripts was the icing on the cake.

It’s been a number of years since Mita’s transition to a full-time streamer, and she’s gone through a few changes since then. Instead of only streaming LoL, Mita branched into other games and occasionally treated her audience to live singing performances - the latter being a suggestion by her talent agency as a way for her to stand out from the competition.

The reception to her singing was encouraging, and it gave Mita the confidence to release a number of high-effort music videos, which also demonstrated her acting skills. 

To prove that she can be successful anywhere she wanted, Mita made the decision to switch streaming platforms earlier this year. Leaving her Twitch account behind, she jumped to Facebook where she rebuilt her fanbase. Her most loyal supporters followed her, of course, but it didn’t take long for her to hit the same heights she was capable of. People followed Mita wherever she went.

Speaking of following - Mita mentioned that she is constantly recognized in public, even with a mask on. “One time I went to 7-Eleven with a motorcycle helmet on and a fan noticed me!” While she’s gotten used to the fame, she remains thankful to all her fans. Without them, she wouldn’t be living this dream life. Mita believes her success comes from the way she treats her viewers.

“If you recognize someone who watches your stream many times, the viewer will think ‘oh this streamer remembers me’ and they will come back to watch you,” says Mita, who spent her early days as a streamer welcoming every single viewer to her channel. The fact that she also enjoys making new friends while gaming made the task easy to accomplish.

Mita enjoys streaming because she makes a living doing it and she’s happy that she can make a living as a streamer. This self-fulfilling cycle is what keeps the Facebook Gaming Creator going. However, not everything is perfect in her world - if there’s one thing she dislikes about streaming, it’s dealing with haters and negative people. She’s at a point where she can easily rise above the toxicity, but she struggled with it at the beginning of her career. Another challenge she had to overcome was winning her parents’ support - something Mita accomplished only after she started making a stable income.

Overall she’s had more good experiences than bad, involving her viewers. In fact, Mita’s fondest memories of her career are the online singing sessions with her audience and the parties she would occasionally host for her friends and fans to hang out together in person. Talk about down to earth! It’s not every day you hear about streamers hosting get-togethers for their viewers.

In the future, Mita wants to do more singing and hanging out streams. She’s also considering getting back into LoL (she stopped playing the game after the demise of the Taiwanese league (LMS) and her friends switched to China’s servers). She also wants to upgrade her streaming room and equipment.

We asked her to give some advice to upcoming streamers and she responded, “stream because it’s a hobby, don’t think of it as a way to make money. If you have that attitude to make money instead, you’ll stream with stress, which is not good for the viewers to watch you stressed out - they won’t follow you if your stream is unenjoyable.”

To her loyal fans, she concludes, “thank you for your support even though I don’t stream LoL anymore!” Catch Mita live on her Facebook Page, check out her videos on YouTube and stay tuned to eGG Network for more interviews with your favourite Facebook Gaming Creators!

How many people do you know would give up a career travelling across the world for something as mundane as sitting in a room to play video games all day? Few, seeing how exciting life in the air and in other countries can be, especially during a time where we’re all chained to our homes thanks to the pandemic. Li Shun Yang or better known as ShunYeungHD to his fans is one such person. In fact, the Hongkonger quit his day job as a flight attendant many years ago because he didn’t have enough time to focus on streaming!

Starting out as an unknown streamer about six years ago, he grew from playing ARK: Survival Evolved for minute crowds to him soiling his pants running from ghosts and demons for his legion of fans. If that sounds familiar to you because of a particular Swedish YouTuber that we all know, you’re not wrong.

“One of the major people I looked up to was PewDiePie, he’s the reason I got into streaming,” Shun Yang reflected. When he found his audience growing after streaming spooky titles, amongst other things, he decided that would be his new path. What began as a pastime turned into an opportunity to make a living, it was a happy accident. Fortunately, for him and his fans - if he wasn’t working as a streamer, he’d likely be a government servant for the immigration department (a job he had rejected after becoming a full-time streamer).

But, it hasn’t been a completely smooth journey for him. For one, he’s streaming without the encouragement of his family. Despite them tuning into his streams occasionally, they haven’t given him their full blessing to pursue this career. The best he can do for now is build his own success in hopes of changing their minds.

Though the sports buff (who enjoys gymming, swimming and travelling) didn’t find it difficult to be in front of the camera, he found it even more awkward to have it on while nobody was watching. Having little to no audience was one of the biggest challenges ShunYeungHD had to overcome when he was a fledgeling but fortuitously, he had friends to rely on. By making appearances on the streams of popular content creators like Songsen, Laowu, JP and Lunacy Hollow, he was able to tap into their fanbase to grow his own audience.

Making content relevant to your audience is important, especially when you’re still growing. And putting out the right content at the right time can give you a boost in traffic. ShunYeungHD is notable for having a lot of Malaysian fans, despite not being one himself, due to his series of vlogs during his time in the country. It also helped that the crossover audiences from his friends’ streams were Malaysian. Another thing he had to do was learn to edit his own videos.

“Having VODs or highlights on your channel are important for growth. I had to learn how to edit videos by following online tutorials. It’s important to have all these basic skills first or you’ll be very lost when starting out,” said Shun Yang on advice for newcomers to streaming. “Competition is very tough right now, so let your personality shine to stand out.”

Just like every other popular streamer out there, ShunYeungHD has his fair share of haters. Despite what many people think, streamers do read what people write in chat, and sometimes the comments he receives bring him down. Regardless, he’s determined to not let it stop him from doing what he loves. Yet, he did mention, if he ever stops streaming one day, he wants to remain in the gaming industry - probably in the backend of esports.

ShunYeungHD, who is based in China and sometimes Hong Kong, relies on VPNs to stream on Facebook. When asked why he chose this approach despite the multitude of Chinese streaming platforms available, he replied that he found the audience on Facebook more challenging to engage, which gives him the motivation to do better. He’s also a fan of variety, preferring to create content for various games instead of only one, which explains the plethora of games he streams on his channel.

He may not be the biggest streamer yet, but if he keeps up his growth and working mindset, he’s bound to go places. To his supporters, he offers his gratitude and thanks to them for accompanying him on this journey so far, and to his fans in Malaysia - he promises he’ll drop by to visit once the pandemic is over.

Catch ShunYeungHD streaming live on Facebook or his VODs on YouTube. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more in-depth profiles of your favourite streamers!

"November 2018, page ini dapat partner dengan follower sebanyak 4700++ sahaja. Namun, dalam masa 2 tahun lebih. Angka nya naik sampai sebegini banyak. Rezeki Allah tak pernah salah alamat", Itulah luahan Nureddy Bin Nursal atau Daddyhood pada page gamingnya apabila meraih sejuta pengikut baru-baru ini.

Fuhh! Empat daripada tujuh pengasas Team Bosskurr telah mencapai lebih 1 juta pengikut di platform Facebook Gaming masing-masing.

Pencapaian itu dilakukan oleh Soloz - Mac 2020, Fredo - Jun 2020, Penjahat - Oktober 2020 dan kini Daddyhood - September 2021.

Jom ikuti temubual bersama Daddyhood.

Perasaan dapat sejuta follower? Ucapan tahniah dari rakan? Siapa yang pertama ucapkan?

"Alhamdulillah, syukur kepada Allah S.W.T atas rezeki ini. Saya tidak pernah menjangkakan akan memperoleh satu juta pengikut secepat ini dalam masa dua tahun.

"Tidak pernah terlintas untuk berada di tahap ini dan ini semua rezeki yang sudah tertulis. Terima kasih buat isteri keluarga dan rakan seperjuangan yang tidak pernah putus untuk menyokong apa yang saya buat selama ini.

"Terima kasih terutama kepada pengikut saya yang menyokong Daddy Crew dari mula sehingga hari ini sehingga mendapat sejuta pengikut.

"Soloz datang berjumpa dan mengucapkan tahniah, kerana kami 7 sahabat, 4 dah berjaya memperoleh sejuta pengikut," katanya.

Pernah tak terfikir akan menjadi KOL?

Saya tidak pernah terfikir untuk menjadi KOL dan bila menjadi yang KOL apa yang saya lakukan adalah hendak mendidik dan memberi ilmu yang tak seberapa ini kepada generasi yang baru.

Pernah dahulu saya dianggap mengejar dan menumpang populariti sahabat lain namun perkara kata-kata negatif itu saya tidak ambil hati malah saya mempunyai rakan dalam 'circle' yang positif.

Dua tahun masa untuk mencapai sejuta, banyak kesukaran dan kemanisan yang diperoleh. Bagaimana untuk berjaya dalam bidang ini dan berada pada tahap sekarang?

Saya jenis yang langgar dan suka bekerja. Apa-apa yang saya rasa nak buat, saya buat. Yang paling penting adalah dengan rasa bersyukur ia membuatkan saya mengingat kesusahan untuk berada ditahap ini.

Bukan mudah untuk berada ditahap ini dan seperti biasa cakap-cakap orang luar ini biasa kedengaran. Saya mengamalkan dengan tidak amik peduli sangat dan lebih kepada positif vibe.

Bagaimana dengan jatuh bangun Daddyhood dalam industri yang tidak diketahui orang lain?

Kalau nak cerita memang tak habis sehari..Hahaha. Tapi apa yang saya boleh ringkaskan perjalanan dalam industri ini tidak mudah dan banyak halangan dan cabaran perlu dilalui.

Kita ada pengetahuan dan ilmu kita kongsi kepada masyarakat. Saya jenis tak mudah nak 'koyak' sebab orang sekeliling saya semua jenis positif.

Kecaman dan sindiran dari pihak lain terhadap cara Daddyhood dalam menguruskan sebuah pasukan.

"Untuk membina empayar seperti Homebois juga tidak mudah. Saya menganggap mereka seperti keluarga saya sendiri. Alhamdulillah, saya memberi mereka peluang dan kehidupan baru untuk mereka berjaya dalam E-sport.

"Tanggungjawab yang saya pikul ini sangat berat kerana perlu bertanggungjawab menggalas amanah dari keluarga mereka yang mahu melihat anak mereka berjaya.

"Saya pun tidak pasti macam mana nak menguruskan pasukan dangan cara yang mereka katakan. Ada yang cakap saya tak pandai mengurus pasukan, terlalu berkeras dengan pemain saya. Apa yang saya tahu saya anak buah saya dapat apa yang mereka impikan," katanya.

Daddy pun dah sertai Tabligh. Pandang netizen Daddyhood akan stop benda lagha? Adakah ini satu pengakhiran atau permulaan?

"Saya masih yang sama tiada berubah mungkin berubah dari segi penyampaian. Saya akan meneruskan karier saya.

"Menyertai tabligh ini kebaikan utamanya adalah mengubah diri saya dan kembali kepada agama," katanya.

Tahniah sekali lagi kepada Daddyhood dari kami eGG.Network.

Chhineneang Leangmeng, better known as Noobie GMK, is one of the biggest Facebook Gaming Creators in Cambodia. Over the past five years, the twenty-four-year-old from Prey Veng province has managed to amass over six hundred thousand followers on the platform and it doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon. Every time you tune into his channel, you can expect to see a cheerful, jovial boy, having a good time in front of the camera - be it swinging swords in Naraka Bladepoint or driving long distances in Euro Truck Simulator or shooting down opponents in PUBG.

However, things weren't always this peachy for the young Khmer. He had to work hard, in the beginning, to establish a following - back when he was a nobody and was dabbling in content creation for fun. Noobie's foray into the scene started with his YouTube channel, where he shared videos of him playing games with his friends and online acquaintances. "At that time, I only got 1-5 viewers! And they were just from my mates. But day by day, our number of views grew," he recalled.

With his YouTube channel gaining traction, he found opportunities to be part of the esports scene when he organized and casted a Vainglory tournament from his own bedroom. It was from that point onwards when the doors flew open for him and his esports career took off. Since then, he has organized and casted many tournaments for various games, such as Rules of Survival and PUBG (PC and Mobile) for brands like ASUS and Huawei.

However, his time in esports is coming to an end, he admitted during the interview. "My career in esports is almost over because I have a lot outside work (his regular job). But I have noticed that the esports scene in Cambodia has gotten much better recently, and there are many other people who are getting involved in the industry."

A New Leaf

Unlike a lot of streamers we have interviewed in the past, Noobie GMK isn't a full-time content creator. When he's not in front of his computer at home, he's in front of a computer elsewhere, doing his job as an IT security specialist. Thanks to his steady job, he makes good use of his stream income by spending it on people in need. "Since I'm supported through Facebook Stars from fans every month, I always collect those Stars to help those who are weak or needy such as homeless people. Especially every year on my birthday, I buy books and supplies to help schools in rural areas."

His generosity stems from the fact that he grew up in a low-income household, where he went through the struggles of living frugally. "I am not the son of a rich family. My mother was a factory worker and my father was a motorcycle repairman. But they really worked hard for me and I thank them for making me who I am today."

"When I was a child, I was the kid who was disobedient to teachers and my parents, I liked to make my own decisions! But when I grew older, I realized I was actually being a nuisance and after that, I vowed to myself that I will repay them for all the trouble I had caused. Today, I do what I can to alleviate the burden of my family by buying groceries, paying for the car, bills and so on. All I want to do is to see them happy and smiling."

When Noobie was in fourth grade, his cousin, an expert in computers, taught him everything he knew about the subject. This turned out to be a momentous point in the young boy's life as he became fascinated with computers and the world of tech. In tenth grade, he got his first gig writing about tech which led him down the path of gaming, esports, and where he is today. "Games changed my life," is a motto Noobie lives by, and is something that has stayed relevant to him till today.

Like many parents in this part of the world, they found it hard to accept Noobie's decision to game for a career. Streaming wasn't a thing back then (and still isn't widely accepted yet), so it was difficult to garner their support. But after putting in the effort, work and hours, he achieved his goals of being a successful content creator and they are now fully backing him.

Life As A Streamer

Noobie GMK didn't have many people to look up to when he was starting out as a streamer. He didn't have anyone to help or guide him in his circle. He felt like the only one in Cambodia doing it and had to explain to a lot of people what being a streamer meant. However, this obstacle had a silver lining - it allowed Noobie to do what he loved: share information with the public.

While he was already reaching out to people through his tech-focused blog (which he claims was in Alexa's top 10 during its heyday), streaming allowed him to reach out to an even wider audience, especially after he gained recognition through the tournaments he organized. Fun fact, the letters in (Noobie) GMK stand for Game, Meng (part of his name) and Knowledge/Khmer - not to be confused with GMK electronic design GMBH! From the very beginning, he already had a goal to spread knowledge. Since he was the one who was a self-made expert on the topic, he could be the one that people turned to, he helped a lot of people who needed advice about starting a stream and continues to do so.

Though he enjoys how streaming has improved the gaming community in Cambodia, he has some problems with it as well. Noobie dislikes streamers who use inappropriate words on stream and show unscrupulous content to attract attention. He is also tired of the perceptions of gaming being criminal in the country. He's trying to change all that by setting an example. Noobie also makes sure that any sponsorship deals he accepts fall in line with his goals. "Do not demand attention. Find your true fans - that is better than any other traction which won't allow you to grow in the future. As a streamer, we should share and show good things to our fans!"

Noobie is happy with how things are going now - he can fulfil his dreams, has a decent income, and loves what he is doing - but he's not about to rest on his laurels just yet. His current goal is to hit a million Facebook followers within 2022.

"Finally, I would like to thank you for your support from the beginning till today. I am lucky to have and know all of you and I hope you continue to support me like this for the rest of my career."

Tune in to Noobie GMK's streams - every day, 6 PM (GMT+8) onwards on Facebook Gaming and check out his videos on YouTube. For more interviews and features on your favourite Facebook Gaming creators, stay tuned to eGG Network!

Bakatnya untuk menjadi seorang warga emas sangat menghiburkan dan mampu membuatkan penonton sukar untuk bergerak kerana pandai menarik perhatian.

eGG.Network merungkai siapa disebalik watak Pak Cik Osman dan Ayah B sehingga menjadikan ia dikenali dia dalam dunia GTA V.

Mohamad Zulfikri (Bidaah) Zulkefli, 24, Anak jati Kajang, Selangor ini, meminati permainan video sejak kecil namun dia tidak pernah berfikir untuk menjadi seorang streamer hingga dikenali.

Bila permulaan anda untuk menjadi Streamer?

"Pada awalnya sekadar suka-suka nak mengisi masa lapang dan tidak pernah terfikir untuk menjadi streamer sepenuh masa.

"Inilah dikatakan takdir saya untuk menjadi streamer dan alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan begitu baik sekali," katanya.

Mohamad Zulfikri (Bidaah) Zulkefli, 24 tahun, matang dalam setiap apa keputusan yang ingin dilakukannya.

"Pada tahun 2019 dah mula dah tapi buat sambilan je, sebab masih belajar.

Menurutnya, dia mula fokus apabila mendapat menjadi 'rakan' bersama Facebook Gaming pada bulan enam tahun ini.

"Saya rasa bertuah apabila dapat menjadi 'partner' FB Gaming dan terus menjadikan ia sebagai kerjaya," katanya.

merupakan anak sulung dari empat beradik dalam keluarganya. Tanggungjawab sebagai abang dan anak sulung perlu dilaksanakan untuk menjadi contoh kepada adik beradik yang lain.

"Adik beradik masih bersekolah dan saya perlu menunjukkan contoh teladan yang baik untuk mereka ikuti.

"Berat tanggungjawab sebagai anak sulong, nak kena tengok adik-adik lagi. Tapi saya bersyukur, sebab mereka mendengar kata,"katanya.

Kenapa game GTA V?

"Awalnya saya bermain PUBG Lite namun tidak kena dengan jiwa. Saya kemudian beralih kepada GTA V, di situ saya mula nampak permainan video ini menarik dan saya ingin melakukan sesuatu yang berbeza dari orang lain.

Kenapa perlu menjadi watak orang tua?

Bidaah: Watak orang tua ini kena dengan jiwa saya walaupun saya masih muda namun bila menjadi watak orang tua ini ada tarikan tersendiri.

Apa yang dimaksudkan tarikan tersendiri?

Bidaah: "Bila jadi watak pakcik ni, saya perlu betul-batul menjadi orang tua. Dari cara percakapan tu, memang kena jadi orang tua. Serak-serak lar suara tu.

"Rakan-rakan dalam GTAV nampak saya dalam game akan tegur dan ajak untuk buat task yang menarik dan saya senang masuk dengan mereka," katanya.

Karakter Pak Cik Osman dan Ayah B.

Bidaah berkata, dia ada mempunyai dua watak karakter berbeza sorang pak cik yang suka melawak dan seorang lagi pak cik gangster.

"Perwatakan dua pak cik ini berbeza, Pak Cik Osman dikenali dengan kenakalan suka mengusik dan melawak manakala Ayah B watak gangster ditonjolkan.

"Boleh dikatakan bila saya bawa dua karakter ini akan dikenali rakan-rakan. Dah jumpa yang satu kepala, tak jadi apa. Gelak je ceritanya," katanya.

Menurutnya, dia bermain secara solo dan tidak mempunyai kumpulan di dalam GTA V.

"Saya lebih suka bergerak secara solo dan saya akan ikut mereka untuk melakukan tugasan mereka berikan.

"Pernah satu juga jadi perhatian apabila isu mengenai janda kecoh di dalam GTA V namun ianya sekadar 'content' dan ketika itu saya membawa watak pak cik Osman," katnaya.

Server Malaysia Role Play.

Menurutnya, di server inilah dia mula mendapat rakan di dalam GTA V yang baru dan juga yang terkenal seperti Jaa Suzuran, Bobbysan dan ramai lagi.

"Kalau diikutkan ramai yang popular dalam server itu, tapi bila dah kerap main dan ada content sendiri kita akan dikenali," katanya.

Pengalaman unik bergelar streamer.

"Pernah ada satu ketika saya kat luar dan pernah ditegur oleh peminat saya di luar. Mereka menegur ni pak cik Osman ke?. Apa lagi gelak lar semuanya.

"Itu pengalaman tidak dapat dilupakan sehingga direaliti mereka masih memanggil saya pak cik Osman," katanya.

Penghargaan pada penyokong pak cik Osman dan Ayah B.

"Saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua yang menyokong saya sejak hari pertama lagi dan tidak lupa pada kedua ibu bapa saya, Zulkefli B Ismail, 50, Maheran Bt Ismail, 50 yang tidak pernah berputus asa terhadap karier baru saya," katanya.

Jangan lupa untuk share dan like artikel ini di Facebook eGG.Network dan semua sosial media.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many lives for better or worse. For this Malaysian esports shoutcaster (not his only speciality), after 10-ish years of working in the corporate world, Sir_Cloud ventured forth to take his interests to the next level.

Fortunately, the huge risk he took reaped equally gargantuan rewards, regularly casting PMPL MY/SG (PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore), the Wild Rift ICON Series (or ESL Mobile Open) and even the international PMCG 2021 (PUBG Mobile Global Championship). With such enthusiastic yet insightful commentary from the 35-year-old, one can see why he’s been involved in so many renowned esports tournaments.

From the top

Andrew “Sir_Cloud” Cheong’s own electronic sports journey began with Dota, which he used to be a hardcore player of since “the day of Blue Server and it’s a game that still holds a special place in my heart”. Mind you, it’s not an adjective this writer included lightly - he actually started out creating content that centred on Dota 2, ranging from meta videos and articles to live streaming his discussion of Valve’s MOBA.

Early work: Casting the collegiate TARUC Mobile Festival with his co-manager (not at the time) of SC Esports, Ken Lu.

But that was just the start - Sir_Cloud took his next esports step mock casting the Dota 2 Paris Major in his live stream, alongside a dear friend who encouraged him to do so. “I thought (shoutcasting) could only be done by Western shoutcasters through watching The International,” he recalled.

Though he naturally didn’t know what to do in his first attempt (“I hardly spoke!”) Sir_Cloud still found the endeavour interesting to the point that he practised for months - learning particularly from Tobiwan - before landing his first proper gig with Dota Underground, to whom he’ll always be grateful for.

Months went by looking for shoutcasting gigs to fill his weekend, and he eventually met other experienced shoutcasters like LinP and Adrian, who advised him to cast a variety of games to increase his odds. Sir_Cloud chose to start with PUBG Mobile, and even if he admitted that “it wasn’t my best craft, but it fueled me, even more, to discover how to be versatile in casting various esports titles.” Finally, the Kuala Lumpur native landed his breakout role with PMPL MY/SG Season 1 after an open audition and went on to cast Wild Rift esports too with ICON Series Malaysia.

The PMPL MY/SG regular casters: (clockwise from top left) Sir_Cloud, ChuChu Gaming (we miss you), Soultannn and EmiMohamad.

Don't stop me now

Sir_Cloud’s family and friends weren’t aware of what he was doing in his early work, though that wasn’t intentional. “I'm the type that likes to do first and talk later,” he said, adding that he saw it as a serious hobby first. Once he got it up and running properly, they were supportive of his pursuits, after witnessing the fruits it bore. “I guess it helps that I did it in my 30s, so I am fully accountable for my own actions,” he said with a chuckle.

Bromance of the titans: Sir_Cloud getting cosy with Team Secret PUBG Mobile captain MADTOI, while Uhigh minds his own business.

What a transformative transition it was for the Final Fantasy 7 fan, who possesses a Masters in Human Resource Management and worked a 9-to-5 corporate job within the said field for 10 years prior to this. The difference between his current and past life may seem like two worlds apart, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“You don’t need to abandon your education and work experience entering esports.” In fact, the skills Sir_Cloud acquired over the years still contribute to his esports pursuit, and he probably wouldn’t have gotten here without the experience he currently has.

For the Malaysian rock music lover (Sir_Cloud likes Pop Shuvit, Statik and more), it’s been an adventure for the past few years producing esports content. “There are definitely many ups and downs doing this, but overall, I feel good about it,” citing the opportunities he’s been given to grow, and meet and work with people he’s so accustomed to seeing on screen. “I’m grateful to be somewhat recognised in the scene.” A modest fellow who got the chance to shoutcast bonafide professional esports tournaments, in awe of the big stage and top-tier production he got to experience pre-pandemic.

Master of so many trades

Thou mustn't go Military Base: Sir_Cloud coaching PUBG Mobile team Damansara FV.

However, there’s so much more to Sir_Cloud than the engaging and/or educational content he’s known for. He’s also a committee member for MESPA (Malaysian Esports Players Association), oversees his very own esports team (SC Esports), a columnist for The Vibes, as well as provides esports coaching and analysing services, especially for Malaysian PUBG Mobile teams like Damansara Flash Vision and EVOS ViP.

“I thought it (Damansara Flash Vision’s offer) was both an interesting and humongous challenge,” Sir_Cloud reminisced about his first coaching opportunity. Once the announcement was made public, he had a heartfelt moment when one of his followers told him they believed in him, even comparing him favourably to football manager José Mourinho.

“In a nutshell, my reason for building an esports career didn't start out as a ‘career’ per se,” Sir_Cloud revealed. “It was more of an interest in crafting and trying to fill a gap within the community.” In the long run, the JRPG fan even hopes to get into formal education as a professional educator on esports, because “I want to contribute and fill in the educational esports gap in Malaysia”.

"I sometimes help to buy supplies for those in need, mostly animal shelters - I'm currently taking care of five stray cats on my own." Also pictured are PUBG Mobile squad Dingoz MPX.

Even with plenty of goals and pursuits in place, Sir_Cloud prefers keeping his options open and seeing where life takes him. “As an esports shoutcaster, I just want to exercise my craft and do better from time to time. I hope to someday inspire the newer generation down this path, perhaps even closely mentoring someone in the future.” Goes to show that as long as you make full use of the time and chances you have, you can achieve what you set out to do. 

“If it’s done with passion, it’s bound to grow.”

"I need to work on taking wide smile photos more." You look fine to me, Sir. (heart)

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