Though climbing ranks with your mates can be fun in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, sometimes you just want to have a little more entertainment besides Brawl mode. Well, in the upcoming update for the game you'll be able to! Moonton released a video today detailing 'Creation Camp', its unique game mode for MLBB where you get to set the rules of the game. From the number of players per team, to what heroes are available, how much health, damage output, cooldowns and more - you can design a game mode catered to you and your friends!

Want an all-Franco pudge war? Check. Want a -wtf mode? Check. Want a no Minion mode? Check. The sky's the limit! The best part is, in this mode, there are no restrictions on heroes (unless you set them) so it's possible to play games with heroes that you don't own. You will also be able to get rewards for playing. It's super easy to get started.

Once you've got the rules established, invite your friends or share the lobby code with people who aren't on your friend list and you're good to go! For those of you who aren't so creative - fret not, you'll be able to join games created by other people!

Since MOBAs started off as custom maps in strategy games (Aeon of Strife in Starcraft, and Dota in Warcraft III) before they spun off into their own genre many years later, it's always fun to see custom game modes within MOBAs themselves. Perhaps we'll witness the birth of a new genre and the next big thing.

The Creation Camp update arrives in MLBB on 12 April, in time for the 515 festivities. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more details. Download MLBB for Android or iOS today.

Last week, we announced the qualifiers for PUBG Mobile at the Hanoi SEA Games was going to take place over the weekend and after 3 days of competition, here are the results:

Well played to TABAH NSEA and Geek Fam for their awesome performance last weekend. TNSEA finished in first place with 167 points (1 WWCD) while Geek Fam finished at 156 (2 WWCD). Both of the teams will be representing Malaysia at the upcoming Hanoi SEA Games (taking place 13-22 May 2022).

“Congratulations to both TABAH NSEA and GEEK FAM on their extraordinary feat during the Malaysian Esports Selection 2022. They have shown superb gameplay and teamwork, and are deserving of the title ‘national athletes’. With the impressive skills they displayed last weekend, we are confident that both teams will make Malaysia proud at the Hanoi SEA Games 2021. I would also like to thank the other 14 teams for participating in the qualifiers. All teams have done remarkably well, which really shows that Malaysian PUBG MOBILE teams are top class,” said Oliver Ye, Director, PUBG MOBILE.

“Congratulations to both TABAH NSEA and GEEK FAM and we wish them the best of luck at the Hanoi SEA Games. I would also like to applaud the other 14 teams that demonstrated spectacular skills and teamwork during the qualifiers last weekend with 13 different teams getting Winner Winner Chicken Dinners across all 15 matches in three days. We are looking forward to watching the teams play again during the PUBG MOBILE Pro League MY/SG/PH,” said Kelvin Pang, National Esports Team Manager.

MESF also announced the teams that will be taking part in the other esports at the event: Todak (MLBB), SEM9 (Wild Rift and League of Legends), ADT Esports (Arena of Valor), Sorry Roar and Secret Xpert (Free Fire). Orange Esports has been shortlisted for FIFA Online 4. It looks like we're all set to go against the other nations this May. We look forward to seeing how our local squads will fare this year. Malaysia Boleh!

Team Flash has just announced their next step in their expansion plans for Southeast Asia, with their latest collaboration with the Cambodian-based esports organisation, Burn Gaming. Today Team Flash revealed their new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang squad that will be competing in the upcoming Cambodian MLBB Professional League. Here's the lineup that will be playing under the Burn X Flash banner:

The lineup hasn't changed much from the last season of MPL Cambodia, we now have D7 (previously NewBlood) coming in to replace Pekaboo. This collaboration will see regular training sessions with other Team Flash squads and knowledge sharing between teams analysing each other's gameplay to help identify strategies or areas of improvement, something sorely needed after Burn Gaming's less than satisfactory results in the first season. The new alliance will also see both organisations combining their resources and expertise to elevate each other’s MLBB division and cultivate a stronger presence in Cambodia’s esports scene.

Burn x Flash will make their debut in MPL KH Season 2 kicking off 26th February. Stay tuned to see the new roster in action!

Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage Mobile Legends: Bang Bang came to a stunning conclusion last night with Impunity KH pulling off a flawless final day. The Cambodian squad went through the final day of the tournament without dropping a single game - going 2-0 against Laos representatives, Nightmare Esports in the lower bracket final, and then 4-0 against IDoNotSleep from Thailand in the grand finals. It was sweet retribution for the Cambodians as they got to take out the team that sent them down to the lower bracket earlier in the week.

Congratulations to Tyyy, Oppi, Senpai, BOOM and Deja on their victory, even though they didn't make it for the M3 World Championship, they still managed to close out the year with a bang. On the bright side, they get to chill for a bit longer before the next season of MPL starts!

If you missed the action of the Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage: MLBB grand finals live, you can watch the replay here:

Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage continues this week with Rules of Survival. Watch it live on eGG Network TVYouTubeTwitch, and Facebook form 8-12 December, 1 PM.

If you've ever wondered how good younger students are at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang these days, you're in luck! Thanks to FIGHT Esports and KITAMEN, you'll be able to catch secondary school students in action this weekend, at the Level Up KL Junior Cup 2021. Broadcast live this weekend, as one of MDEC’s Malaysia Digital Creativity Festival (MYDCF) 2021's programs, a total of 8 teams will compete for their share of the RM5,000 prize pool.

Prize Pool Breakdown

While we don't know much about the players competing, it's nice to see something catered to younger players since they don't have many opportunities out there. With the plethora of tournaments for college/university and professionals, this tournament will be a nice breath of fresh air! Perhaps we'll see some of these kids again in the future.

For more info, check out the official website. Tune in to KITAMEN's YouTube Channel, TikTok or FIGHT Esports TikTok on 6-7 November, 10 AM to watch the grand finals live. Support the next generation of MLBB players!

If you're a Valorant or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang player who's looking for another chance to flex your skills and win some cash at the same time, you're in luck. There's another tournament on the horizon, and this one organized by Agri Mind (our partner for our recent tournaments), Malaysian Esports & Gaming Fair, Crit Esport and ServerDNA. Featuring an RM14,200 prize pool (RM7,200 per title), it's a nice chunk of chance for all you aspiring pro gamers out there! Open to all amateur players in Brunei and Malaysia (if you've competed in MPL or VCT, you're not allowed), the registration period is from now until 11 November.

Qualifier Dates:

The top 2 teams from each qualifier will advance to the Playoffs happening on 4-5th December.

Senpai Cup will be livestreamed on the MSG Fair Facebook page. It's supposed to be an anime-themed tournament, so it's probably going to have some interesting production value. Think you have what it takes to win? This might be your time to shine. Sign up for the Senpai Cup now! Official Rules.

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