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Dear Internet,

It's been two weeks since my last entry playing PUBG Mobile, and I'm elated to announce that ... I finally got my first legit kill. (virtually, of course) That's how bad I usually am at PUBG Mobile, and it may seem like a small feat, but it's a pretty big deal for me personally - I'll get to this later on.

Nevertheless, I think I'm slowly getting into the beat of the game; yes, that's a wholly intentional pun, in conjunction with PUBG Mobile's music-focused 3rd Anniversary update. Like any other season, PUBG Mobile Season 18 (patch 1.3) is jam-packed with new content, but there's one particular new mode that helped elevate my experience with the mobile battle royale.

Here we go with Blog Entry #2:

This feels familiar

My prayers for wanting to play in Erangel more was answered, with all of my past games taking place in el classico. I guess Tencent wanted us to try out the latest limited-time game mode they've inserted into the map: the Hundred Rhythms mode. Most importantly, the skill-based gameplay reminded me heavily of Apex Legends, a game I sunk over 200 hours into last year, so it is a great addition for me.

Not a big fan of this, due to the minimal cover they provide. Good loot though.

Aside from concert stages spawning randomly (which are almost always hot spots), the new skills in Hundred Rhythms - reminiscent to Runic Power mode - felt more tactical to me. I enjoyed using the Recon Armband, which lets you scan for enemies with a throwable device and help my more capable friends to seek out enemies.

Enemies glow red after scanning them, rendering them more vulnerable.

I felt Recon is a bit OP, because enemies stay marked for as long as 30 seconds (give or take), so you can heal up first and still find time to hunt them down or know how far they are and revive your downed friend(s). But, I'm not complaining - if I can't help my friends eliminate enemies, I can at least help to scout for them. Plus, my proficiency in using skills help a lot in improving my contribution to the team, especially when Apex Legends' Bloodhound (a recon Legend) is one of my mains.

My friend reviving me, knowing that the baddies are far away enough with the Sonic Scan.

Now I pray that my improvement is not due to Hundred Rhythms' skills. Speaking of improvement ...

Little triumph

I intended to follow up on more Mini 14 x Micro Uzi usage, after praising it profusely in my last update. Alas, I now know that Mini 14s are pretty hard to find, leading to me not being able to experiment more with the combo. By the time I found one, I already had a decked out gun that uses 7.62mm ammo - mainly the superbly common AKM - and another non-5.56mm gun so it would be a waste to swap out.

However, the one match that I managed to bag a Mini 14, was the same match that I scored my first kill. With 25 left breathing in the game, I took the initiative to drive my teammates for the first time too, in a UAZ.

Arguably the scariest micro second in my entire playthrough.

My buddies praised me for my cautious driving - not before I almost drove us off a cliff, phew - before one shouted, "Got car, got car!" I rammed into the gas pedal (figuratively) and chased after them with my friends' guns blazing, eventually crashing the party of a post-battle area, with a few still alive and a couple of smokes.

War never changes.

It felt like Mad Max: Fury Road, with everyone shouting orders and gunning everyone. Once we downed the other squads, we exited the vehicle to finish off the last one amidst the smoke. The moment I got down, I noticed one was leaving the cover of smoke and quickly hip-fired with my Mini 14, knocking him down in one/two shots (my teammates probably damaged him prior).

My proudest moment.

Despite us dying in the end after another squad third-partied us, I'm still pretty proud of that small moment. Throughout my two-weeks playtime, I managed to get two kills in total.

Can't get over how nuts this car chase was, their car spun out of control after knocking them down.

Also, car battles are pretty awesome when you have the chance. You get to move around fast, and you can focus on your shooting without worrying about movement. Then again, if you happen to be on the receiving end, then the entire squad dying in the car explosion probably isn't that fun.

Died trying

In case you guys didn't know, I wrote some pretty useful guides for grenades (if I do say so). And one match, in particular, came a golden moment to experiment with one of my frag grenade tips: Get a headstart. "It’s tempting to rush an enemy when you know they’re in that building, but hold up, why not use your frag grenades to give yourself a few advantages?" I wrote.

Prior to that moment, a few enemies were in a room in the upper level of a building. My attacking friend was knocked down, and my other teammate and I rushed up to assist. Right when I saw them trapped in a small room, the idea came to me - to flush them out with a frag grenade. While he was spraying at them to keep them at bay, I tossed a nade inside and went to revive my downed friend quickly.

Six seconds before disaster.

That was my mistake, because the nade bounced off a wall and landed near my teammate. Once the fuse was up, every single one of us was blown up sky-high.

R.I.P. I should've thrown my grenade lower with a Low Toss.

We burst into fits of laughter as I apologised profusely. "It's okay, man. That was super funny!" one of them breathed in between snickers. Important tip: Always play with friends that enjoy the game the same way as you do.

Closing statement

My step forward may be minuscule, but baby steps count too. As a three-finger player, it's definitely easier for me to aim and shoot at the same time, though I'm still lacking in my quick scope and peeking. Guess I'll have to look up some tutorials on how to do both efficiently because it would be a big help.

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The Internet is already oversaturated with the gaming community's disappointment towards Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red's latest ambitious endeavour, so this writer will forego a rant-y intro for this piece. Instead, he'll openly wonder if anyone feels the same as he does, on how Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to fill his appetite for a deep sci-fi RPG that's as complex as the tabletop game it's based on.

With the void left by Cyberpunk 2077, he sets out to uncover what other video games could scratch his itch for a good quality cyberpunk game, for the greater good such as readers like yourselves:

1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The year is 2029, and the world is divided between humans and augmented people (individuals installed with advanced artificial organs). You take on the role of Adam Jensen, an augmented double agent for hacker group Juggernaut Collective and Interpol, to uncover who's dead set on dividing both populaces even further and bring global destruction.

This was the first game that this writer dived into after Cyberpunk 2077, and as a newbie to the Deus Ex franchise, he's glad that he did. In spite of its half-finished plot and unnecessary microtransactions (presumably caused by publisher Square Enix), Mankind Divided is still a great cyberpunk action RPG that's true to its genre, with game-changing dialogue options, different varieties of augmentations, a plethora of approaches to complete your objectives (including hacking, hidden pathways, lethal or non-lethal takedowns, and even through dialogue which change consequences). Combining those with its impressive level design and unique mix of realistic and futuristic aesthetic, especially the main hub of Prague, makes Mankind Divided worth your attention. Or you could opt for its superior predecessor, Human Revolution, which most gamers seem to agree with.

Available on PC, PS4/PS5 and Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

2. Ghostrunner

Image credit: NME

The idea of playing as a cyborg ninja may sound a little angsty, but when you see how Ghostrunner plays, that notion wouldn't matter, especially when it's so darn fun and cool. The One More Level-developed cyberpunk action game combines fast-paced platforming/parkour, sword combat, and high-tech gizmos, as you traverse the megastructure of Dharma Tower and take down enemies to exact your revenge on its tyrannical ruler.

Doesn't this look cool as ****?

Ghostrunner is one fast-paced game that keeps your heart racing as you slide, wall run and grapple to your objectives. But, if you need a bit more time to make a decision - or you just want to admire the setting - you can slow down time to redirect yourself, or even dodge and deflect bullets with your katana. Be warned though, Ghostunner can be quite tough, because both you and your enemies can be killed in one hit. But on the bright side, checkpoints are pretty frequent (unlike Dark Souls), which makes Ghostrunner more accessible.

Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

3. The Red Strings Club

Image credit: DualShockers

In The Red Strings Club, a compassionate corporation aims to entirely remove negative emotions like depression, fear and anger from society. But, one ragtag group of individuals - as well as one empathetic android - believe that it's basically brainwashing, setting out to take them down not with tech guns and thermal katanas, but with bartending, pottery and social media deception.

Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun.

As you can tell by now, this indie darling isn't your run-of-the-mill sci-fi game, with The Red Strings Club playing a bit more like a visual novel that explores intimate topics like humanity and emotions. Its gameplay may not amount to much, but its unpredictable story, colourful characters and endearing pixel art will make The Red Strings Club a game you won't forget so easily.

This guy knows what he was in for.

Available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

4. Observer: System Redux

When you have the villain of a cyberpunk classic taking on the role of a cybernetically-enhanced detective in your game, you can bet your butt that it’s going to be a cyberpunk tour de force. Rutger Hauer from Blade Runner stars as Daniel Lazarski, who uses the Dream Eater tool to hack a person’s mind to interrogate them and solve crimes in the year 2084.

Observer: System Redux is a psychological horror game set in a dystopian futuristic world, with its main attraction lying in its mind-hacking segments. You'll traverse dark, glitchy and surreal worlds in the minds of your targets to uncover clues, and witness the stuff of cyber nightmares coming to life. And most impressive is how believable the world feels with its minimalist yet thoughtful level and sound design, truly immersing you in its urban future. System Redux is the enhanced version of the original 2017 game, which has since been removed from stores.

Available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

5. Disco Elysium

Your very own character wakes up with memory loss, remembering nothing except that he's a detective hired to solve a murder. As you explore Elysium and investigate further, you'll soon uncover that powerful invisible forces are affecting the world, as well as your history.

Although Disco Elysium isn't exactly a cyberpunk game, it has one of the deepest RPG elements that modern gaming has to offer, something which this writer wishes Cyberpunk 2077 had more of. Its gameplay is inspired by tabletop role-playing games, so you can guess how complex its system can get - you can even change your personality traits, ideals and beliefs as the game progresses! Pair these with its intriguing watercolour art style, and you know why it was so good that a television adaptation of Disco Elysium is underway.

Available on PC, but the upcoming Disco Elysium: The Final Cut (an expanded version of the original) will be available on consoles too from March 2021 onwards.

What are other games do you think are as good as what Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to be? Share your wisdom with us in the comments!

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If you're reading this, chances are you already know the debacle CD Projekt Red has been under, thanks to the disappointing release of Cyberpunk 2077. This is after eight long years and three delays! Although it's working pretty fine on rigged-out gaming PCs, it's console players who have been suffering, especially those with current-gen hardware which CDPR's CEO claimed last month to be running "surprisingly good, I would say, for such a huge world", not to mention that many promised features didn't even make the final cut. The writer thinks that statement actually meant "shocked that the game even runs at all".

Dissatisfied gamers gunning for CDPR.

Anyway, to celebrate(?) the dumpster fire that is Cyberpunk 2077, we figured what better way to lick our wounds than to reminisce the times other AAA games disappointed us as much as Cyberpunk did.

Final Fantasy 14

(Image credit: Fanbyte.com)

In terms of scale, Final Fantasy 14's awful launch is probably the closest to Cyberpunk's. Initially released in September 2010, the original version of FF14 was a huge letdown in almost every aspect, causing so much backlash that it partly caused Square Enix's 2010 profit to tank by a whopping 90%. However, not wanting to tarnish the Final Fantasy reputation, a new version of FF14 - subtitled A Realm Reborn - was created from the ground up with a new game engine, fixing everything that was wrong with the last one. Fortunately, A Realm Reborn was extremely well-received, and it has since been updated with three major expansions - the latest Shadowbringer was hailed as one of "the best Final Fantasy in years". Could a happy ending such as this come to Cyberpunk?

Fallout 76

(Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun)

From misleading buyers with a cheaper version of a supposedly-premium bag to ridiculous pay-to-win elements and overpriced cosmetics, the online-only Fallout game disappointed everyone with its empty world (no NPCs?!), uninteresting quests, and many, many questionable decisions Bethesda made to "improve" the game. Fast forward to today, numerous updates have been released that drastically upgrade the Fallout 76 experience, most notably the Wastelanders expansion that reintroduced NPCs (non-playable characters) and a better campaign and questline, a return to the beloved Fallout formula. Though Fallout 76 didn't get to be the online survival Fallout game it wanted to be, at least its current state is still more enjoyable than the initial version - plus, more is yet to come!

WWE 2K20

(Image credit: HappyGamer)

To give an idea of how bad WWE 2K20 was, this year's WWE 2K21 was cancelled and replaced with its spin-off, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, which was never done before in the history of WWE video games. Horrendous glitches and character models that look like they "crawled out of a PS2-era wrestling game" are just the tip of the colossal iceberg that is the problematic WWE 2K20, with Gamespot claiming it as the one that made the series "hit rock bottom". Unlike the last two games we mentioned, there's no happy ending for this wrestling game, but 2K Sports' decision to skip this year's edition could mark the sign of a comeback in the next one.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Not only did Star Wars Battlefront 2 introduce a single-player campaign (albeit one that's lackluster), but the EA DICE game also set the "microtransaction controversy" in motion during its beta trials stage, much to the dismay of fans. Behind its faithfully impressive visuals and gameplay, lay a baffling pay-to-win system where one can acquire gameplay advantages by paying with real money, a blasphemy for a multiplayer online shooter. Even though they can be purchased with in-game currency, players would have to grind up to 40 hours just to get a top-tier hero like Darth Vader. At least they removed microtransactions before release, and fixed the game economy and balanced out character progression, making it a well-liked game once again. However, the damage was done, and EA lost US$3 billion in stock value by 2017.

No Man's Sky

How can we talk about game launch disasters without mentioning the infamous-turned-famous No Man's Sky? Back in 2016, the sprawling space adventure by Hello Games was hotly anticipated due to its sheer ambition, allowing players to explore a procedurally generated universe and carry out anything a space traveller would do. But, in reality, many promised features of the game were missing at launch (sounds familiar?), a hollow husk of what it should've been. Since then, the indie studio has been dead-set on redeeming themselves, churning out updates quietly like nobody's business until now. And now, No Man's Sky is the game it's always meant to be and more, with the addition of VR support, sentient organic ships, mech suits and even abandoned, alien-infested starships to explore for loot.

Looking back at how many hopeful turnarounds these initially-horrendous game ended up becoming, one can't help but wonder if Cyberpunk 2077 will meet the same fate as them. For the sake of CDPR's reputation and the fan base, chances are high that the Polish company will follow suit to redeem themselves, no matter how long it takes.

What other game launches were as terrible as Cyberpunk 2077? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Have you ever wondered what your favourite Facebook Creator’s strange habits or top local dishes are? In this series of interviews, we sat down with the stars of Dari Hati, an eGGs-clusive special documentary programme, to ask them a few lighthearted questions that were too amusing for the show!

Donning an out-of-place wig in his wacky Vine content, Luqman Podolski’s antics won the hearts of meme enthusiasts and comedy gold seekers, which stayed long after the platform ceased operations. Refusing to falter, Luqmanul Hakim continued to upload his content on YouTube and Facebook, with his most recent endeavour being video game streaming on Facebook Gaming. On top of streaming horror games much to the enjoyment of his viewers, Luqman likes broadcasting his content with various video games, including FIFA, single-player games, and even tries his hands at odd ones - for example, his latest foray includes playing as Mr. Krabs of SpongeBob SquarePants acquiring questionable substances.

If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

A bear, definitely - they sleep, eat, and do it again and again. I like to live like that, lazy to move.

What are three things you can’t live without?

Internet, PS4 and PC.

What are your top 3 local foods?

What weird beliefs or superstitions do you have?

Believe it or not: horoscopes, especially those daily ones - it’s too coincidental to be true at times! When I read them and remember what I did today, it turned out to be real sometimes.

What was the first video game you ever played? 

Super Marios Bros. My Mom used to always travel to China a lot (I think), and a lot of consoles and cartridges were sold cheaper there at the time. So, she bought it and introduced it to me when I had nothing to do after kindergarten. It was so hard for me, man, that I was stuck at level one.

What do you like doing that relaxes or destresses you?

A bit cliche, but listening to music, and the genre depends on my mood. I’m into more Korean hip-hop music now, like Dean, Jay Park and Zico.

What's a funny fact about yourself that not many would know about you?

I like cats, but sometimes they really frustrate me. I have two cats, and when I tell them not to do something, they end up doing anyway, like bothering me or taking dumps outside the litter box even though I already bought them two boxes. They’re still cute though.

Which country do you dream of living in, and why?

Indonesia, I love how unified the people are.

If you could master a new language, what would it be and why?

Japanese, their accent is nice, and I can even try asking a Japanese girl out.

What are your worst habits?

Procrastination. I tend to play with my phone, lepak (hang around), play games, then only I will do my task. Not just work, but even for tidying up my house.

Dari Hati is a documentary series by eGG Network that dives deep into the lives of Malaysia’s top Facebook Gaming Creators, featuring an intimate dialogue and rarely-heard-of stories by the streamers themselves. 

Remember to tune in to eGG Network’s Facebook page this Saturday (12 December) at 8PM (GMT +8) to catch the premiere of Luqman Podolski’s Dari Hati episode.

Have you ever wondered what your favourite Facebook Creator’s strange habits or top local dishes are? In this series of interviews, we sat down with the stars of Dari Hati, an eGGs-clusive special documentary programme, to ask them a few lighthearted questions that were too amusing for the show!

MissRose Gaming truly is the quintessential gamer mother/wife. Not only is Roslinda “MissRose” binti Embran a regular PUBG Mobile streamer on Facebook Gaming, but she’s also the founder and co-manager - along with her husband - of her very own esports team, MissRose Esports (MRE), which participated in the first PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore (PMPL MY/SG), and conquered the Safe Zone Community Cup 2020. Despite her ongoing presence in the professional gaming industry, MissRose always put her family first, only taking the time to stream after making sure their needs are taken care of.

If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

Rabbits - they look tame, but they’re actually quite protective. They may be cute, but they can be aggressive too.

What are three things you can’t live without?

Family, friends, and water.

What are your top 3 local foods?

What was the first video game you ever played? 

It was a Super Mario game my Mom bought last time, in the form of cartridges. I always had fun wanting to beat the game. 

What do you like doing that relaxes or destresses you?

Shopping and eating.

What are some interesting facts about yourself that not many would know about you?

I’m actually Sabahan, so my dialect was very different when I first moved here. Also, when I was little, I liked looking and playing with eyes, to the point that I scratched a couple of cat’s and fishes’ eyes, although I didn’t know it was wrong at the time.

Which country do you dream of living in, and why?

Iceland. I want to feel the cold weather and see the Northern Lights.

If you could master a new language, what would it be and why?

Korean, because I like K-drama and K-pop. 

What are your worst habits?

I like to buy and taste a lot of food, but I end up not finishing them because I ordered too much. (laughs)

Dari Hati is a documentary series by eGG Network that dives deep into the lives of Malaysia’s top Facebook Gaming Creators, featuring an intimate dialogue and rarely-heard-of stories by the streamers themselves. 

Remember to tune in to eGG Network’s Facebook page this Saturday (28 November) at 8PM (GMT +8) to catch the premiere of FattahZie’s Dari Hati episode.

Have you ever wondered what your favourite Facebook Creator’s strange habits or top local dishes are? In this series of interviews, we sat down with the stars of Dari Hati, an eGGs-clusive special documentary programme, to ask them a few lighthearted questions that were too amusing for the show!

Even though Fattah “FattahZie” Zakaria largely stuck to streaming PUBG Mobile regularly since we last spoke to the Facebook Gaming streamer, there isn’t much that needs changing as long as he and his followers are having a good time together just by hanging out and playing games. “I love what I’m doing, because I like chatting with my fans,” he said earlier this year, a mindset that remains true to this day. The Malaysia professional gamer has also recently been dabbling in another popular mobile game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and even participated in the MLBB All Star Showmatch over the weekend, alongside Malaysian singers Naim Daniel, Shalma Eliana, and fellow Facebook Gaming streamers like Soloz and MasterRamen.

If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

I feel like a monkey, they like jumping around because they’re hyperactive, just like I am. Even though I’m not particularly fond of bananas, I don’t mind eating them.

If you had to be shipwrecked on a deserted island, but all your human needs—such as food and water—were taken care of, what two items would you want to have with you?

An ROG Router, my smartphone and PUBG Mobile - so I can still do my live streams!

What are your top 3 local foods?

  1. Nasi lemak with chicken
  2. Chicken rice (nasi ayam)
  3. Chicken fried rice (nasi goreng ayam)

Yes, I love chicken.

What’s the most controversial thing you can say that won’t get you in trouble?

I watch TikTok a lot without my wife knowing. (laughs)

If you could only pick one video game to play for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

Dota 2, I like the gameplay, its heroes and its graphics, which still look good too.

What do you like doing that relaxes or destresses you?

I drive my car a little faster than usual - it helps me clear my head and focus what’s on my mind.

Family man FattahZie values time management is of utmost importance to him.

What’s one funny/interesting habit/fact about yourself that no one else knows about you?

None, because I don’t really hide anything. Everyone knows everything about me!

Which animals are you a fan of?


What other skills do you have that other people don’t know about?

I actually like singing, but I don’t think I sing well. (chuckles)

What are your worst habits?

I browse TikTok a little too much.

Dari Hati is a documentary series by eGG Network that dives deep into the lives of Malaysia’s top Facebook Gaming Creators, featuring an intimate dialogue and rarely-heard-of stories by the streamers themselves. 

Remember to tune in to eGG Network’s Facebook page this Saturday (28 November) at 8PM (GMT +8) to catch the premiere of FattahZie’s Dari Hati episode.

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