Online games have been on the rise for the last few years, with millions of people playing titles like PUBG, Fortnite, and Overwatch every day.

These games are different from traditional single-player games in many aspects, but probably the biggest among all is their reliance on a solid internet connection.

No matter how powerful the CPU and graphics card you have in your PC, there will be lags if you have high ping and latency.

For those who don't know, lag is the time duration between a player's actions in a game and the reaction of the game server based on those actions.

The signal your computer sends to the game server for communication is called ping, and the time it takes for your PC to send a ping to the game server and receive it back is called latency. This round-trip is calculated in milliseconds.

Although ping and latency are different terms, most people use them interchangeably. And for the sake of simplicity, we'll do the same here.

Although ping requirements vary from one game to another, most of them are unplayable beyond the 200ms mark. The 100-200ms is what's considered poor ping. You'll be able to compete with this ping, but there will be frequent lagging.

The 50-100ms ping is acceptable, but only for RTS and MMO games. For fast-paced FPS titles, you should aim for the 20-50ms ping.

8 Ways to Lower Your Ping During Online Gaming

In case you're experiencing high ping, below are some of the ways you can improve it.

1. Reboot Your PC

The first thing you should try is restarting your computer. You'll be surprised to know that many programs occupy tiny space in the RAM even after they've been closed. These small memory leaks can accumulate over time, causing your PC to slow down after continuous usage and subsequently increasing your latency.

To avoid this situation, you should restart your PC at least once a day as it will clear your system cache and flush the RAM.

2. Close background programs

There are a lot of background programs running on your PC at any time. You won't necessarily notice, but many of them eat your internet bandwidth in small chunks continuously.

Therefore, you should force-close apps like Skype and Google Chrome using Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) before playing any online game.

Photo by blurrystock on Unsplash
Photo by blurrystock on Unsplash

3. Temporarily Disable Windows Updates

Enabling Auto-Updates for Windows OS is a good step in improving your PC's security as you get updates and patches as soon as possible. But these updates can also consume a lot of your internet bandwidth, causing your game to lag.

That's why you should temporarily disable Windows and other software updates when starting a gaming session.

4. Change Router Settings

WiFi is the preferred internet connection type these days because of its convenience. But it also comes with many downsides such as signal interference, dependency on router's range, and security risks.

The WiFi router's range is crucial because the farther you move away from it, the lesser internet speed (and subsequently high ping) you get. To avoid this, you should place the router in a central location of your house.

In case you're using a single-band 2.4GHz router, make sure to change your WiFi channel as your WiFi signals can get interference from other routers in your area. Ideally, you should select any one among channels 1, 6, and 11, as these are only non-overlapping WiFi channels on the 2.4GHz band.

If you use a dual-band or tri-band router, you can switch to 5GHz, which is much less cluttered and provides faster data transfer.

Some other things you can try are removing less important devices from your WiFi network, restarting your router, and using QoS to prioritize gaming traffic in your network (only available in high-end routers).

5. Switch to Ethernet connection

If you've tried the above settings to your router and are still experiencing high latency, you can try using an ethernet connection. These connections provide faster data transfer than WiFi internet, have no risk of signal interference, and are also more reliable.

You can also try a hybrid solution where your PC/console is connected directly to the router through an ethernet cable. And your other devices, such as smartphones/tablets, are using the WiFi connection.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash
Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

6. Change your game server

The physical distance between your computer/console and the game server also plays a huge role in deciding how high/low latency you'll get. For example, if a game server is in the US, then a US-based player will have lower latency than a SEA-based player.

Therefore, you should switch over to a server that's closer to your location physically to improve the ping.

7. Adjust your in-game settings

Many times your frame-rate can drop due to non-optimized in-game settings. Features like Ray-Tracing, Motion Blur, and Anti-Aliasing can make the in-game graphics even more stunning but will also put a heavy load on your graphics card and processor.

That's why you should tone down these settings a little and then retry playing your game.

8. Upgrade your internet connection

If you have tried all the above tweaks and still experience unusually high ping, then it's your ISP's fault. Try contacting your ISP regarding this issue and ask them whether it can be solved by upgrading your internet speed.

This guest article was written by PCBuilderz.com.

Jika anda seorang pengemar adegan permainan PUBG Mobile, pasti anda menyaksikan PUBG Malaysia National Championship (PMNC 2021) yang baru saja melabuhkan tirai dan empat pasukan sudah melayakkan diri ke PMPL MY / SG Musim 4 atau anda hanya suka bermain 'pertempuran royale' Tencent seperti kami, anda juga mungkin termimpi ingin menjadikan hobi anda menjadi realiti sebagai pemain PUBG Mobile profesional tempatan mahupun antarabangsa. Nah, kami mempunyai berita baik untuk anda – Ia adalah 100% boleh terjadi.

"Ia sebenarnya sama seperti menjadi profesional dalam sukan sedia ada dan ianya secara kebetulan dari hobi beralih kepada karier," kata Muhammad Aiman Mohamed Halim (Slydd) merupakan jurulatih team Anti Circle, salah satu daripada 16 pasukan jemputan PMPL MY/SG Musim 3.

Bekas profesional PUBG PC itu, menasihatkan kepada sesiapa bercita-cita ingin menjadi pemain pro antara salah satu cara terbaik adalah bermain PUBG Mobile's Classic Mode sebanyak mungkin.

Menurutnya, nisbah K/D (bunuh/kematian) anda kelihatan luar biasa. Ini akan membuka mata pencari bakat dan seumpamanya yang memberi tumpuan kepada statistik pemain seseorang dan mengecilkan pemilihan pemain yang berpotensi.

"Jadi jika anda mempunyai nisbah K/D yang baik, anda pastinya akan menjadi perhatian 'mata-mata' pencari bakat dan mereka akan lebih bersedia untuk mencuba anda untuk pasukan mereka," kata Slydd.

Slydd berkata, jika mereka sudah bermain sepasukan, mengapa tidak membentuk pasukan ragtag anda sendiri? Ini akan membolehkan anda bersaing dalam pertandingan yang lebih kecil sebelum dapat mengambil bahagian dalam pertandingan peringkat lebih tinggi.

"Jika anda berjaya masuk ke kejohanan utama, di situlah semua pencarian bakat berlaku.

"Malah pasukan besar mempunyai rombakan jadual, jadi mereka akan mencari bakat atau pemain baharu dalam kejohanan ini untuk merekrut mereka." jelas Slydd.

Selain daripada apa yang dikongsi oleh bekas ahli SEAGM Wolf, anda juga boleh memuat naik kandungan permainan PUBG Mobile anda.

Sama ada melalui penstriman atau rakaman video di platform media sosial dan jika bertuah anda akan disedari.

"Ini sebenarnya bagaimana Secret Jin's Rex (bekas ahli Rahsia Pasukan) mendapat tiketnya ke tempat kejadian profesional, selepas Uhigh Team Secret terjumpa muat naik permainannya di Instagram dan kagum dengan permainannya.,"katanya.

Walau bagaimanapun, individu berkenaan perlu memikir panjang dan perlu bersedia untuk meneruskan karier dalam e-sukan PUBG Mobile Malaysia, jurulatih Slydd berkata perjalanan untuk kearah itu tidak tidak semudah dijangkakan dan pelbagai onak duri perlu ditempuh.

"Anda boleh mencuba untuk pergi kearah itu, tetapi sekurang-kurangnya bersedia dan sekiranya terjadi sesuatu anda masih boleh meneruskan kehidupan.

"Sama ada mempunyai pekerjaan dengan pendapatan yang kukuh atau mendapatkan diploma atau ijazah terlebih dahulu sebelum mencubanya,

supaya jika anda jatuh anda tidak jatuh terduduk, dan anda mempunyai sesuatu untuk bangkit kembali. Seseorang tidak boleh terlalu berhati-hati dalam pilihanya.

Nantikan wawancara penuh kami dengan pasukan Anti Circle, yang akan bertanding dalam PUBG Mobile Professional League Spring Split 2021.

Ikuti laman Permainan Facebook Slydd's Facebook Gaming page untuk aliran PUBG dan laman Instagram Anti Circle.

Ikuti juga eGG Network di FacebookTwitter dan Instagram untuk lebih banyak perkembangan PUBG Mobile.


Al Ikhlas R2K: Back with a vengeance in PMPL MY/SG Season 3

MPX Redline (now JenteraPejuang NSEA): Greatness from small beginnings

Artikel ini adalah sebahagian daripada siri pubg Mobile mini-panduan dari rakan eGCellent di eGG Network, untuk membantu meningkatkan kehebatan anda dalam pertempuran beramai-ramai (Battle Royale) dengan teknik yang mudah difahami.

Tidak menghairankan, pemain profesional menggunakan bom asap dengan banyaknya, terutamanya dalam kejohanan e-sukan PUBG Mobile peringkat tinggi seperti PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero (PMGC 2020). Lagipun, ianya adalah salah satu 'pickup' yang berharga yang terdapat di PUBG Mobile, penting untuk memenangi 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner'. Oleh itu, sudah tiba masanya pemain menggunakan utiliti selain bom peledak (Frag Grenade) dan mengetahui cara pengunaannya.

Selain itu, untuk menjadikan panduan ini lebih mudah difahami, terlintas difikiran penulis untuk mendapatkan pakar iaitu pemain (support/grenadier) Team SMG, Bard, Lagipun, Team SMG PUBG Mobile mendapat tempat ketiga dalam PMPL MY/SG Musim 2 dan mewakili Malaysia dalam PmPL SEA Finals Musim 2.

Jom! kita ketahui perkara teknikal dulu sebelum mengupas apa tips menarik.

Info-info Penting

Masa cook : Tujuh saat
Masa fius: Tiga saat
Diameter anggaran asap: 10 meter (ya, kami mengukurnya)
Berat: 14 ruangan

Tidak seperti bom peledak, tanpa mengira berapa lama anda bom asap (iaitu apabila anda memegang butang melempar tanpa melepaskan), masa fius (jangka masa dilepaskan) tetap sama. Berat bom asap adalah utiliti ketiga paling berat selepas bom peledak (18) dan Molotov Cocktails (16).

Tangkap layar permainan video

Berhati-hati ketika

Cara yang paling biasa bahawa semua orang menggunakan bom asap adalah untuk menyelamatkan diri sendiri, serta rakan sepasukan. Ini berguna dalam pelbagai senario yang anda akan ketahui, seperti:

Kepintaran kami mengukur diameter bom asap.

Walau bagaimanapun, perkara ini membolehkan dan menggalakkan musuh untuk menembak ke dalam asap untuk mengetahui lokasi anda yang sering dilihat pemain pro lakukan dari semasa ke semasa. Walaupun terdapat kelemahan, kaedah ini masih berfungsi lebih kerap, dan ia adalah baik untuk berhati-hati supaya lebih menyedari apa yang boleh berlaku dan sentiasa bersedia.

Terancam ketika pemulihan

Apabila anda sedang merawat diri semasa bersembunyi dalam asap, salah satu cara untuk menentang isu di atas adalah untuk berbaring ketika merawat di atas tanah semasa pemulihan. Ini mengurangkan kesan 'hitbox' (kawasan di mana anda menerima kerosakan) secara drastik, membiarkan anda sembuh lebih selamat. Walaupun anda masih berisiko terkena tmebakan musuh, sekurang-kurangnya ini menjadikan anda lebih tidak dapat diramalkan daripada dengan berdiri atau membongkok.

Gunakan lemparan rendah

Walaupun lemparan tinggi adalah tetapan utama untuk mencampak bom tangan, bom asap boleh dikatakan lebih baik digunakan menggunakan lemparan rendah kerana ia memberi anda lebih banyak kawalan dan melepaskannya lebih dekat kepada anda. Ini kerana anda akan menggunakannya lebih kerap untuk menyembuh anda dan rakan skuad anda, dan anda memerlukan asap yang dekat untuk berbuat demikian; lemparan rendah mengurangkan lantunan lontaran anda juga. Walaupun begitu, ini adalah situasi semata-mata, dan terpulang kepada keutamaan anda juga.

Idea ini ihsan Riggs Gaming di YouTube

Tiada lagi persembunyian

Dah tak ada dekat sana.

Jika anda ingin meningkatkan kemahiran berfikir, mengapa tidak menggunakan bom asap untuk tujuan lain bagi mengaburi pihak musuh?? Anda boleh mengenakan pihak musuh dengan:

Biarkan mereka berfikir

Ambil perhatian bahawa ini memerlukan anda menggunakan lebih banyak bom asap daripada biasa. Lebih baik bersedia dengan segala kelengkapan bagi mengatasi setiap situasi.

Apa yang pro lakukan

Bard secara peribadi memegang lima hingga sembilan bom tangan asap dalam setiap perlawanan, jadi dia boleh membantu pasukannya dalam setiap situasi permainan. "Tujuan utama saya untuk bom asap adalah untuk menghalang musuh daripada menyerang pasukan saya," dengan 'bermain-main' dan mengelirukan mereka. Dia menggemari taktikal bom asap dalam satu baris bagi mewujudkan dinding asap. Grenadier Team SMG menasihatkan untuk "menggunakan asap anda dengan bijak, jangan pernah membazirkannya pada satu kawasan" dan menyebarkannya.

Kongsi dengan kami dalam komen di bawah jika anda mempunyai teknik penggunaan bom asap yang lebih menarik.

Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai Team SMG PUBG Mobile, lihat halaman Facebook mereka.

Every team has their own play style in the ongoing PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore Spring Split 2021 (PMPL MY/SG Season 3). And Team Whales, well, let's just say they love getting those kills. In the Weekday 1 matches last week, Team Whales were the only team in the top 5 rankings without any Chicken Dinners; it was thanks to their consistent decent placements and high kill volume that kept them afloat that high.

🇲🇾#PMPLMYSG Week 1 Day 3🇸🇬 EVOS VIP Squad's hearty meal for today: two 🍗 Dinners, the first team to achieve this feat...

Posted by eGG Network on Friday, 26 March 2021

Of course, Team Whales didn't just run and gun every team they stumble upon. It's a mix between tactical and skilful CQC (close-quarters combat) gameplay that scored them this many kills, and thanks to Team Whales' scouter, Sean "InSomnus" Tee Yau Terng, we have a glimpse behind how an aggressive team like Team Whales rotate to secure their kills.


"Gathering information is most important when doing rotations (moving from one place to another)," said Insomnus. He explained that as an aggressive team wanting to rake in kills, they will look at the killboard (to keep track of which players or teams have been eliminated) to find out which team has fewer members or in the middle of a gunfight, so they can decide whether to push for kills or not while rotating. "If they're having an intense fight, we can probably third-party (ambush) them and clean them out. And if the team has fewer players, we can choose to push them while entering the safe zone."

InSomnus relieving PMPL MY/SG Season 3 matches in his stream.

Since information is vital to the team's success, it would also be wise to know who Team Whales will be up against when attacking. But, knowing that they don't see the same way the audience do in the livestream, how exactly will they know who they're battling?

"Drop spots for every team are pretty much the same," InSomnus elaborated, adding that every team has this knowledge from participating in scrims. However, if the plane's flight path deviates far from their favourite looting area, some teams may change their usual spots and opt for somewhere closer or safer. Nevertheless, based on this intel, Team Whales will figure out where nearby teams are and deduce who's fighting who before they make their move.

Here are the members of Team Whales:

Kuang “Stewart9k” Jian Sew - IGL
Neo “XinB” Sau Puey - Support
Tee “inSomnus” Yeu Terng - Scouter
Loo “Looyou” Tze You - Fragger
Koh “Snap” Wen Hong - Fragger

Team Manager

Jack Wong Jing Feng

General Manager

Zac Lim Zhi Xiang

Follow InSomnus on Facebook Gaming to check out his live streams!

You can also follow Team Whales on Facebook and Instagram for more info on the PUBG Mobile squad.

PMPL MY/SG Season 3 continues 31 March, 5.30PM (GMT +8), broadcast LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube.

Follow eGG Network on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more PUBG Mobile goodness.

If you're an avid follower of the PUBG Mobile esports scene - PMPL MY/SG Season 3 is just around the corner! - or just love playing Tencent's mobile battle royale like we're attempting to, you probably daydreamed about taking your hobby one step further and be a professional PUBG Mobile player in the local, nay, even international mobile esports scene. Well, we've got good news for you - it's 100% possible.

"It's actually similar to becoming a professional in physical sports," Muhammad Aiman "Slydd" bin Mohamed Halim shared, the coach of team Anti Circle, one of 16 invited teams of PMPL MY/SG Season 3. "It's basically turning your hobby into a career."

The ex-PUBG PC professional advised aspiring pro players that one of the best ways to become a professional player, is to play PUBG Mobile's Classic Mode a lot - or specifically, "grind" as he puts is - until your K/D (kill/death) ratio's numbers look good. This is due to the fact that scouts/talent seekers and the like will focus on one's player statistics and narrow down potential players. "So if you have a good K/D ratio, you'll eventually be noticed and they'd be more willing to try you out for their team," Slydd said.

Or, if you're already playing with a bunch of friends already, why not form your own ragtag team of players? This will allow you to compete in smaller competitions before being able to participate in the upper-tier ones. "If you manage to get into major tournaments, that's where all the scouting happens," Slydd explained. "Even big teams have roster shuffles, so they'll look for new talents or players in these tournaments to recruit them."

Aside from what the former SEAGM Wolf member shared, you can also upload your PUBG Mobile gameplay content - either via streaming or video recording - on social media platforms and hopefully get noticed. This was actually how Secret Jin's Rex (former Team Secret member) got his ticket to the professional scene, after Team Secret's Uhigh stumbled upon his gameplay uploads on Instagram and was impressed by them.

However, even as someone whose career in the Malaysian PUBG Mobile esports is cemented, coach Slydd said that the pursuit isn't definitive. "You can try to go for it, but at least have something you can work with so you can still make a living." Either have a job with enough income or get a diploma or degree first before attempting it, so that if your pursuit didn't bear any fruits, then "you have something to fall back on". One can never be too careful.

Stay tuned for our full interview with team Anti Circle, who will be competing in the PUBG Mobile Professional League Spring Split 2021.

Follow Slydd's Facebook Gaming page for his PUBG streams, and Anti Circle's Instagram page.

PMPL MY/SG Season 3 begins 24 March, 4.30PM (GMT +8), and will be broadcast LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube.

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Al Ikhlas R2K: Back with a vengeance in PMPL MY/SG Season 3

MPX Redline (now JenteraPejuang NSEA): Greatness from small beginnings

This article is part of a series of PUBG Mobile mini-guides from your eGGcellent friends at eGG Network, to help level up your mobile battle royale prowess with bite-sized tips that are quick yet nutritious to digest.

Throwables in PUBG Mobile - maybe except stun grenade - are one of the most essential tools to getting that Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, which is why so many professional PUBG Mobile players utilise them to the max, even in PMGC 2020 (PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero). We've already covered how you can put your smoky friends to good use, so now it's time to shine the spotlight on the big daddy of all utilities: the frag grenade.

Become more than friends

Cook/fuse time: Seven seconds
Weightage: 18 spaces

The time you start cooking a frag (pressing the Throw button) will also enable its fuse (duration before it explodes), so it's extremely crucial when you release the frag before it goes off. Frag grenades are also the heaviest utility of all, but this is balanced by its high damage that almost always knocks down/eliminates enemies it comes in contact with.

Timing is everything

Ever heard of the terrifying clinging of an enemy frag that lands next to you? That sound cue goes both ways, and with seven seconds to spare before the frag goes off, throwing it too early will alert your "buddies" and allow them to escape.

(Insert clock ticking)

So, depending on the distance and angle of where your frag will fly towards, the estimated best time to release your frag is two to three seconds before it goes kaboom so that your opponents will have little to no time to run away and have to face the music. However, if you happen to hold it for too long and miss your timing, you can just cancel it and try again, lest you risk damaging yourself and your teammates, or giving away your location.

(Credit: Zendex)

Get a headstart

Credit: The Bushka.

It's tempting to rush an enemy when you know they're in that building, but hold up, why not use your frag grenades to give yourself a few advantages? The most obvious one is to lower their health or knock them out, but even if you don't damage them, near enough explosions can deafen your enemies, so they can't hear your footsteps when you run to invade them.

Keep a low profile

As we covered in the smoke grenade guide, aside from being able to control better, the low toss is also perfect for moments when you want to stay hidden when in the prone position. It's because, with the low toss, your arm movement will be more discreet and minimal when compared to high tosses - it's not like you're tossing pizza dough anyway. So, if you want to surprise your competitors and blow them up out of nowhere, keep it low (toss).

Look freely

It's tiny here, but it does show exactly where the frag will land.

Speaking of staying hidden, it can be a bit trickier to aim with your frag when you're lying on the ground, and we have a solution for that: use your Free Look joystick (the small eye button). It allows you to look lower and see where your frag would land exactly, and it keeps your character motionless while planning where to aim too. This also works if you're throwing your frag on a higher plane, and it applies for all throwables, including smoke and Molotov cocktails.

Still more accurate than without Free Look.

Flushed away

Enemy escaping from cover after hearing the frag. (Credit: The Bushka)

Who isn't scared of frag grenades? Any sane gamer would run away the moment they hear the clanging sounds of a frag landing, even if they're in the safety of cover. Thus, this fear can be taken advantage of (Batman much?) - just flush them out of hiding by throwing a frag at them, then you can gun them down to your heart's desire. Suitable for both alive and knocked down players.

Note: if you want to remove someone who's on higher ground, be sure to use the low toss to minimise the grenade's bounce and frag more accurately.


Save them for last

And finally, similar to how some of us leave our best food for the end, it's an option to save your grenades for the final few circles. As the area of safety grows smaller, there's less space for everyone to rotate and stay safe in, making it the perfect time to use the AoE (area of effect) damage of frag grenades and eliminate them. After all, where else could they go to escape? Outside of the ring? We advise keeping one to two frag grenades for this situation if it arises.

What other stupendous frag grenade tips do you have? Spread your knowledge in the comments below!

For more PUBG Mobile goodness, be sure to follow eGG Network on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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