The SEA Game Awards 2021 came to its conclusion on Friday night after an entertaining showcase from its hosts and performers. While you can watch the full replay on our Facebook page, we've got a handy recap for those of you who don't have an hour to spare. Here are this year's nominees and winners for all 10 categories of the show, with links to check them out!

Best Game Design

Winner: Rising Hell | Tahoe Games

Nominees: Tank Brawl 2: Armor Fury | Phung Games, The Signal State | Reckoner Industries, Malice | Eldritch

Best Innovation

Winner: Airship Academy | Revolution Industry

Nominees: DeLight: The Journey Home | DreamTree Studio, Tales of Phi: Math Land Great Battle | Seraph Games Studio, Kingdoms Reborn | Earthshine

Best Storytelling

Winner: DeLight: The Journey Home | DreamTree Studio

Nominees: Coffee Talk | Toge Productions, When the Past Was Around | Mojiken Studio, A Space for the Unbound | Mojiken Studio

Best Technology

Winner: Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer | Devata Games Production

Nominees: DeLight: The Journey Home | DreamTree Studio, Water Child | UOW Malaysia KDU University College, Airship Academy | Revolution Industry

Audience Choice Award

Winner: Fallen Tear: The Ascension | CMD Studios

Best Audio

Winner: Rising Hell | Tahoe Games

Nominees: Noodle SouperStar | BattleBrew Productions, Coffee Talk | Toge Productions, When the Past Was Around | Mojiken Studio

Best Student Game

Winner: Water Child | UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Nominees: Clocked-In | UOW Malaysia KDU University College, Hadal | UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Rising Star Award

Winner: Exist.EXE | Skyfeather Games Studio

Best Visual Art

Winner: When the Past Was Around | Mojiken Studio

Nominees: My Lovely Wife | GameChanger Studio, A Space for the Unbound | Mojiken Studio, Biwar: Legend of Dragon Slayer | Devata Games Production

Grand Jury Award

Winner: Coffee Talk | Toge Productions

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists, we look forward to next year's entries. Make sure you check out the titles above and give them a shot - who knows, you might discover your next favourite game!

How many people do you know would give up a career travelling across the world for something as mundane as sitting in a room to play video games all day? Few, seeing how exciting life in the air and in other countries can be, especially during a time where we’re all chained to our homes thanks to the pandemic. Li Shun Yang or better known as ShunYeungHD to his fans is one such person. In fact, the Hongkonger quit his day job as a flight attendant many years ago because he didn’t have enough time to focus on streaming!

Starting out as an unknown streamer about six years ago, he grew from playing ARK: Survival Evolved for minute crowds to him soiling his pants running from ghosts and demons for his legion of fans. If that sounds familiar to you because of a particular Swedish YouTuber that we all know, you’re not wrong.

“One of the major people I looked up to was PewDiePie, he’s the reason I got into streaming,” Shun Yang reflected. When he found his audience growing after streaming spooky titles, amongst other things, he decided that would be his new path. What began as a pastime turned into an opportunity to make a living, it was a happy accident. Fortunately, for him and his fans - if he wasn’t working as a streamer, he’d likely be a government servant for the immigration department (a job he had rejected after becoming a full-time streamer).

But, it hasn’t been a completely smooth journey for him. For one, he’s streaming without the encouragement of his family. Despite them tuning into his streams occasionally, they haven’t given him their full blessing to pursue this career. The best he can do for now is build his own success in hopes of changing their minds.

Though the sports buff (who enjoys gymming, swimming and travelling) didn’t find it difficult to be in front of the camera, he found it even more awkward to have it on while nobody was watching. Having little to no audience was one of the biggest challenges ShunYeungHD had to overcome when he was a fledgeling but fortuitously, he had friends to rely on. By making appearances on the streams of popular content creators like Songsen, Laowu, JP and Lunacy Hollow, he was able to tap into their fanbase to grow his own audience.

Making content relevant to your audience is important, especially when you’re still growing. And putting out the right content at the right time can give you a boost in traffic. ShunYeungHD is notable for having a lot of Malaysian fans, despite not being one himself, due to his series of vlogs during his time in the country. It also helped that the crossover audiences from his friends’ streams were Malaysian. Another thing he had to do was learn to edit his own videos.

“Having VODs or highlights on your channel are important for growth. I had to learn how to edit videos by following online tutorials. It’s important to have all these basic skills first or you’ll be very lost when starting out,” said Shun Yang on advice for newcomers to streaming. “Competition is very tough right now, so let your personality shine to stand out.”

Just like every other popular streamer out there, ShunYeungHD has his fair share of haters. Despite what many people think, streamers do read what people write in chat, and sometimes the comments he receives bring him down. Regardless, he’s determined to not let it stop him from doing what he loves. Yet, he did mention, if he ever stops streaming one day, he wants to remain in the gaming industry - probably in the backend of esports.

ShunYeungHD, who is based in China and sometimes Hong Kong, relies on VPNs to stream on Facebook. When asked why he chose this approach despite the multitude of Chinese streaming platforms available, he replied that he found the audience on Facebook more challenging to engage, which gives him the motivation to do better. He’s also a fan of variety, preferring to create content for various games instead of only one, which explains the plethora of games he streams on his channel.

He may not be the biggest streamer yet, but if he keeps up his growth and working mindset, he’s bound to go places. To his supporters, he offers his gratitude and thanks to them for accompanying him on this journey so far, and to his fans in Malaysia - he promises he’ll drop by to visit once the pandemic is over.

Catch ShunYeungHD streaming live on Facebook or his VODs on YouTube. Stay tuned to eGG Network for more in-depth profiles of your favourite streamers!

Pengumuman barisan pemain pasukan Todak untuk MPLI baru-baru ini memberikan pelbagai reaksi dari peminat apa pasukan itu membuat kejutan dengan 'meminjam' pemain RSG MY Leixia.

Walaupun prestasinya sedikit merudum pada musim ini, namun dengan pengalaman dan corak permainannya luar biasa khidmatnya ditagih pasukan Todak.

MPL Invitational bakal berlangsung 2 November ini di mana pasukan Todak, pasukan Orange dan SMG juga akan mengikuti MPL Invitational diikuti dengan beberapa pasukan daripada Indonesia, Singapura, Kemboja dan Filipina.

Dipinang Todak

Bagi Leixia dia tidak menjangkakan akan dipinjamkan ke pasukan Todak untuk MPLI kerana prestasinya kurang memberangsangkan.

"Ciku menghantar satu mesej di Whatsapp dan bagitahu Todak nak saya bermain dengan mereka untuk MPLI.

"Ketika itu saya tengah stream dan ciku masuk dalam live saya dan bagitahu sebelum pihak pengurusan RSG membuat rundingan dengan Todak mengenai perkara inj," katanya ketika ditemui.

Tekanan Dan Harapan Tinggi

Baginya, dia merasa agak sedikit tertekan kerana harapan pasukan Todak begitu tinggi dan berharap agar memperoleh kemenangan.

"Setiap pasukan mahukan kemenangan dan tiada yang mahu kekalahan. Mendapat tempat kedua pun tiada siapa yang ingat.

"Tekanan memang ada kerana ini kali pertama bermain bersama Todak dan harapan mereka terhadap saya begitu tinggi. Walaupun saya hanya pemain pinjaman saya perlu membuat yang terbaik," katanya.

Persiapan MPLI

Leixia berkata dia kini menetap di Gaming House Todak untuk bersama pasukan Todak melakukan latihan persediaan.

"Apa yang saya boleh katakan cara latihan di Todak dan RSG sangat berlainan dan mereka di sini sangat membantu saya.

"Kita tahu semua pemain Todak sangat berbakat dan saya sangat teruja ketika berlatih bersama. Kami berkongsi pengalaman bersama,"katanya.

Peluang Dan Luaskan Pengalaman.

Dia berkata, peluang untuk bermain MPLI ini adalah peluang tidak boleh dilepaskan.

"Banyak yang saya perlu belajar lagi dan perkara ini adalah satu peluang untuk saya meraih pengalaman dari pasukan lain.

"Saya akan lakukan yang terbaik dan akan mengharumkan nama negara dan nama kedua-dua pasukan,"katanya.

Kata-kata Dari Pemain RSG MY.

Sudah semestinya mereka menyokongnya kerana mereka tahu dengan peluang ini pemain itu akan lebih berjaya.

"Mereka kata buktikan kelebihan saya cakap jangan lupa jalan balik," katanya.

Dengan kemasukkan Leixia sebagai pemain pinjaman, mungkin akan memberi impak yang berlainan kepada pasukan itu. Lexia yang merupakan core yang diminati ramai semestinya boleh mengikuti rentak permainan Todak di MPLI nanti.

Sebagai seorang Jungler, Leixia bakal menunjukkan bakat bersama pasukan Todak bagi mendapatkan gelaran juara bagi MPLI 2021.

Adakah anda sudah bersedia peminat-peminat MLBB? Kejohanan Dunia Mobile Legends M3 pastinya akan menjanjikan kelainan buat para penonton dari seantero dunia.

M3 akan mengumpulkan 16 pasukan bertarung untuk merebut gelaran juara serta wang hadiah lumayan terkumpul sebanyak AS$800 ribu (RM3.3 juta) pada bulan Disember ini.

Semalam, merupakan penutup bagi saingan peringkat grand final MPL PH dan MPL ID musim kelapan semalam, menyaksikan Onic Esport, RRQ Hoshi, Blacklist International dan Onic PH melengkapkan 16 pasukan yang bakal bersaing pada M3.

16 Pasukan Bersaing Dalam M3

  1. Team SMG Juara MPL MY musim kelapan
  2. Todak Naib juara MPL MY musim kelapan
  3. Red Canids Juara MPL Brazil musim pertama
  4. Vivo Keyd Naib juara MPL Brazil musim pertama
  5. EVOS SG Juara MPL SG musim kedua
  6. RSG SG Naib juara MPL SG musim kedua
  7. SeeYouSoon Juara MPL KH musim pertama
  8. BloodThirstyKings Juara pusingan kelayakan M3 Amerika
  9. Akatsuki Juara Arabia Major M3
  10. Malvinas Gaming Juara Kejohanan Latam 2021
  11. Deus Vult Juara Liga Mythic Mobile Legends CIS
  12. Bedel Juara Kejohanan Mobile Legends Turkey 2021
  13. ONIC Esports Juara MPL ID musim kelapan
  14. RRQ Hoshi Naib juara MPL ID musim kelapan
  15. Blacklist International Juara MPL PH musim kelapan
  16. ONIC PH Naib juara MPL PH musim kelapan

Juara MPL MY S8 Team SMG dan Naib juara Todak dijangkakan akan bertemu dengan saingan yang lebih hebat kali ini antaranya lawan dari negara, Timur Tengah, Amerika dan Amerika Latin.

Jika dilihat dari prestasi yang ditonjolkan pasukan tanah air mempunyai peluang cerah dan mampu menjadi juara buat pertama kali di M3.

Terdahulu, pasukan EVOS Legends pernah menjadi juara untuk M1 manakala Bren Esports untuk M2.

Last weekend was packed with plenty of things to watch so we're pretty sure you missed some of the awesome stuff that was shown during Gamescom Asia 2021. If that’s the case, fret not, we’ve compiled a handy recap of important things that you may have missed!

Asia Games Awards 2021 Winners

Excellence in Narrative:

Excellence in Audio:

Excellence in Visual Art:

Excellence in Design:

Best Overall Game:

Jury’s Honorable Mention: At Your Service (FairPlay Studios), Jump Jerboa (ChinyK), EDDA Cafe (Mushroomallow Studio)

Best Esports Athlete: Winner - Xian

Best Gaming Content Creator: Winner - Winston Ng (Finute)

Gaming Event (Gaming/Esports):

Gamescom Asia 2021 Indie STUDIO selection:

Fireside Chats with EA, Ubisoft - Just Dance 2022 sneak peek

Game Launch/Announcements

There was a lot more content shown over the three days, not covered here, so if you'd like to consume everything Gamescom Asia 2021 had to offer, do check out the official YouTube channel!

Game 1

PSG.LGD drafted comfort picks for the first game of the series, Ursa, Io, Lycan, while Team Spirit pulled out a new weapon to complement Elder Titan and Tidehunter - Naga Siren. The game started off pretty slowly, with barely any blood spilt. With Naga left untouched, she easily out farmed Ursa and enter the midgame with a fast Aghs Scepter and Bloodthorn. This led to Team Spirit going around the map securing kills and objectives.

Naga Siren's upgraded Ensnare was the silver bullet against PSG.LGD's evasive heroes. With the clutch initiations by Collapse's Tidehunter and Mira's Lion, they easily closed out the first game in their favour. Team Spirit take the lead in the grand final series, 1-0.

Game 2

Team Spirit were allowed to pick Collapse's signature Magnus, while LGD drafted the classic Earthshaker-Morphling combo. This game was a bit slow as well, but Yatoro didn't have as much space to farm as before. LGD learnt from game 1 and constantly invaded the jungle to hunt him down. With Io and Leshrac, PSG also went around the map claiming towers quickly, while Team Spirit struggled to defend the early pushes.

Midgame is when things turned around - once Collapse farmed his blink dagger, Team Spirit shifted into the next gear, getting pick off after pick off. Things didn't get better for PSG.LGD when Magnus got his Shard and Horn Toss. Despite what Xiao8 said during the interview about anticipating Team Spirit's Magnus, it looked like they weren't ready at all. Team Spirit 2-0 PSG.LGD.

Game 3

For the third game, it feels like LGD didn't think Magnus was the problem and as expected, the CIS squad snapped it up as their first pick. However, PSG.LGD drafted two unpopular heroes in the Bloodseeker and Tinker.

For the first time this series, LGD started in control of the game. Their tankier lineup was much more survivable to Spirit's early initiations, and Spectre's haunt allowed Ame to participate in fights earlier than before. With the copious amount of crowd control and spells that provided vision and Spectre had its Aghs online, LGD's lineup morphed into a ferocious global ganking squad.

By the midgame, things looked bleak for Team Spirit due to their lack of lockdown for the Tinker, who had purchased an early Scythe. This made the team fights unwinnable for Spirit and they lost the bottom lane of barracks at 40 minutes. The second lane of barracks were destroyed 6 minutes later, followed by complete decimation in Spirit's base shortly after an Aegis pickup. Turns out, LGD didn't need to ban the Magnus. Team Spirit 2-1 PSG.LGD.

Game 4

Team Spirit drafted an unorthodox lineup this game, trying to take LGD's strategy of picking Spectre against Magnus. However, LGD drafted a fast pushing lineup around Luna instead to end the game before Spectre came online and what a whomping it was. LGD only conceded two deaths this game, while getting away with 23 kills on Team Spirit. Not much to say here other than PSG.LGD equalize the series with Team Spirit 2-2.

Game 5

One game to decide it all. Both teams on their tried and true comfort heroes, with Collapse Magnus, Miposhka Wyvern, while PSG.LGD went with their Tiny/Lycan combo. PSG.LGD secured an early gold lead with their faster early game farmers but Team Spirit didn't let up, matching their farm on their cores despite losing towers. Team Spirit continued playing patiently, getting items on their Ember Spirit, Terrorblade and Magnus.

Once LGD's cores came online, the Tiny/Lycan combo failed to secure any important kills while Team Spirit continued farming. Thanks to the massive initiations from Collapse on his signature Magnus, Team Spirit had no problems picking off cores and securing objectives around the map. Team Spirit never let up the pressure and eventually pummeled LGD into submission. When they knew LGD had no more buybacks, Spirit marched down the Dire base to end the game 3-2.

Congratulations to Yatoro, TORONTOTOKYO, Collapse, Mira, Miposhka and Silent - Team Spirit are the champions of The International 10. They walk away with a whopping USD 18,208,300 and the Aegis of the Immortal. What a fairy tale story for the CIS squad. From playing tier 2 tournaments to getting knocked down to the lower bracket in the first round of the playoffs of TI 10, they've displayed that they're the best Dota 2 team in the world today.

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