Creator Spotlight: chii

Posted by Dexter on January 29, 2020

This master of FPS games is also a gym buff.

Being introverted shouldn't stop you from becoming a successful streamer! Afiq "chii" Afzainizam may be quiet and soft-spoken and shuns large crowds, but he is also a Facebook Gaming streamer who mainly streams PUBG Mobile and more recently, Escape from Tarkov. Unlike other streamers who exuberate humour and fun, he sticks to what he regards as the essential - showcasing practical yet skilful gameplay.

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It was his audience who motivated chii to start streaming. "I was a very shy guy. Being forced to leave my comfort zone as I engaged with my fans felt good. They helped me to get out of my own shell and build relationships with them," chii explained.

When the 32-year-old started live streaming, he primarily played PUBG PC, a title in which he was also competing professionally. However, the game tended to be too serious and stressful for chii after some time. More importantly, he wasn't able to interact with his fan community in the way he desired. "Then I started to play PUBG Mobile and it was better. The streams became more relax and I could play together with my fan community."

Never resting on his laurels, chii is constantly trying to improve the quality of his live streams. "Some come for my high-skilled gameplay while some are here for the strategies. The fans always want to learn more."

The health-conscious streamer is also working hard to surpass himself. "I get my stream inspiration from other established streamers from around the world to enhance my shows. That said, I also want my content to be a benchmark for the Malaysian streaming scene," chii said.

chii's new streaming studio. (Image source: chii's Facebook page)

"Work hard everyday until you don’t need to introduce yourself." - chii's motto.

On the type of content he'd like to try in the future, chii wants to explore streaming VR games, which is uncommon in the current streaming scene. He has even built a studio specifically for VR streaming!

chii is keen to bring the best gaming content to his fans. (Image source: chii's Facebook page)

Follow Afiq "chii" Afzainizam to catch his Escape from Tarkov (9am-1pm) and PUBG Mobile (9pm-1am) live streams every weekday!


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