D Entertainment: Free Fire streamer goes pro, forms his own team, AutoKnockout

Posted by Bryan Terng on November 20, 2020

It seems to be a growing trend for streamers wanting to get more involved with the esports scene, with the likes of MissRose and Soloz forming their own PUBG Mobile esports teams this year. It seems that the movement is showing no signs of slowing down, especially when popular Facebook Gaming Creator, D Entertainment - or better known to his cohorts as Mr. D - is making waves with his own Free Fire team, AutoKnockout, advancing to the Play-ins of the international Free Fire Continental Series 2020: Asia tournament as one of two teams representing Malaysia. AutoKnockout qualified for the global series by placing second in the Free Fire Tri-Nation Cup 2020, in which they also won US$7,000 in cash prize.

"(Our performance) was good, but we still need a lot of improvement and training to be better prepared for the FFCS 2020," mused Mohd. Ridhwan “Mr. D” Kadir, adding that they're aiming to enter the Free Fire World Cup next year, which is their main goal. "We really want to have the achievement of playing in the world league."

“There aren't many Malaysian representatives in the Free Fire esports scene, which is why I formed my own team,” explained the AutoKnockout founder, who's also the captain of the five-man squad that was formed last year in June. They also competed in several high-profile Free Fire competitions prior to the Tri-Nation Cup, including Axiata Game Hero 2019 and the Free Fire Malaysia Open 2020. Mr. D personally battled in the Free Fire Malaysian Solos 2020 too.

It may have taken the Terengganu native a little over a year to reach this stage, but Mr. D already had dreams of becoming a professional esports player way before that. In fact, he dabbled in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile esports, joining numerous tournaments before transitioning to Free Fire. “There’s already a lot of local teams for other esports titles, such as PUBG Mobile, MLBB, and Call of Duty: Mobile.” It goes without saying the 28-year-old is overjoyed that his hard work is paying off so far, fulfilling his desire to help esports grow in Malaysia across various platforms. 

Both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile may be mobile battle royales, but the pair have numerous differences when it comes to their competitive scenes. “In terms of gameplay, Free Fire is more aggressive than PUBG Mobile; Free Fire has a smaller map, which makes combat much faster, whereas PUBG Mobile’s maps are bigger and more diverse,” along with different tournament formats, points system and the number of matches. Despite their contrast, the regular Free Fire streamer doesn’t play favourites, never shying away from including PUBG Mobile and other popular mobile titles in his streams, including COD Mobile.

Regardless of Mr. D’s esports career progress, his streaming content never slipped his mind. He’s been managing his time laboriously, dedicating his mornings to streaming and training later in the day, maintaining the best of both worlds. “My fans have been supporting me endlessly, and are proud that there’s finally a streamer who’s representing Malaysia in Free Fire esports,” and his electronic sport endeavour even contributed to the growth of his Facebook Gaming followers, currently sitting at 1.5 million.

The question burning in his fans’ minds would probably be: is Mr. D going to be in the Free Fire esports scene for the long haul? The short answer … is yes. “This is just the beginning of Free Fire esports in Malaysia. My current plan for the near future is to make AutoKnockout one of the biggest official esports teams in Malaysia.”

Catch Mr. D and his AutoKnockout squad in action at the Play-in of the Free Fire Continental Series 2020: Asia this Sunday (22 November), at 3PM (GMT +8) on the official Free Fire Facebook and YouTube pages.

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