Dingoz MPX: Shooting for the stars in PMPL SEA Finals Season 3

Posted by Bryan Terng on May 5, 2021

Dreams do come true when you put your mind to it, as is the case for Malaysian PUBG Mobile esports team Dingoz MPX. Despite underperforming in the PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Finals (with a valid reason), their League Season championship title granted them passage to PMPL SEA Finals Season 3, where they’ll go up against the top dogs of Southeast Asia and prove their worth.

First row: Eypul and IronPRO; second row: Pasha, Pemburu and Rith; third row: Appy.

Muhammad Haziq Hanafi “Appy” bin Md Zin - IGL
Muhammad Harith Aimar “R1TH” bin Stanley - Rusher
Mohamad Saiful Annuar “Eypu1” bin Shahrom - Support
Sahrul Daulay “PEMBURU” bin Jailani - Support
Muhammad Mukhriz Lutfi “IronPRO” bin Fariq Adlan - Rusher/Fragger


Muhammad Nur Azmi “Pasha” bin Mohamed Halim


Khairul “Joker” Ridhwan

“This has been our dream since we played in PMNC (PUBG Mobile Malaysia National Championship) two years ago,” said team manager Joker, adding that training and staying focused were key to their success. “We are excited to bring our country flag onto the SEA stage”.

Knowing that they’re already advancing to PMPL SEA Finals Season 3 (“We had no pressure to win this league”), Dingoz MPX took the chance to try new strategies and rotations in the Country Finals to prepare for the regional face-off. “We just focused on securing top 12 to qualify for PMPL MY/SG Season 4,” Joker revealed, which they did by placing ninth.

Joker tearing up after Dingoz MPX's League Season win.

Aside from the SEA Finals, Dingoz MPX - along with fellow countrymen Team Secret - even had the chance to go up against China’s upper echelons in the Peace Elite Asia Invitational (PEI 2021), albeit playing Peacekeeper Elite in FPP (first-person perspective). Describing it as an amazing experience, Joker admitted that they “didn’t train or play in FPP mode, but we still managed to give the Chinese teams a hard time” and placed ninth (a coincidence?). “The best moment was when we got the first Chicken Dinner for Malaysia.”

Dingoz MPX have come a long way since then. They previously played under the name AXIS MPX (AXIS NRL MPX last season) before Axis Esports pulled out as their sponsor. Nevertheless, Rith, Eypul and Appy remained when Dingoz Esports came in as their latest benefactor, and to fill in what the team lacked, they enlisted veterans IronPRO (RSG MY) and Eypul (N.E.D Brotherhood), along with former PUBG PC pro player Pasha as their coach.

Dingoz MPX even got the highest kill per match in their Chicken Dinner win for Day 2 Match 3.

“It's a very different experience for me (joining Dingoz MPX) because this team is more solid,” Eypul expressed, with Appy echoing his sentiments. When observing the newly refreshed lineup, Pasha noticed “how each of them have their own calibre; the way they moved, spoke to each other and handled any situations, there was potential. They just need help tweaking here and there.”

Apart from training eight hours every weekday, comprising scrims and competitor analysis, bonding time between the boys are equally essential. It helps that all of them reside in the same gaming house, so they can go swimming and work out together in the gym. “Bonding with the team is a good way to build chemistry and a winning mentality,” Joker explained. “When we are down, we support each other; when we win, we celebrate together.”

Rith's sister passed away during the PMPL MY/SG Country Finals and is currently taking a short break to be with family. He'll be back in action for the SEA Finals.

Even coach Pasha couldn’t emphasise enough the importance of understanding his players off the arena. “So that I know how to help them, know when to push them, and so on,” the coach said, with IronPRO adding that “we appreciate one another and respect each other.”

Looks like everything that Dingoz MPX did has finally paid off, and will be flying off (digitally) to the PMPL SEA Finals Season 3 to battle top-tier teams like Bigetron RA and Valdus Esports. “We are excited to play with every team,” Joker said. After all, every participating squad are the best of the best in their country “so it will be exciting to play at this level.”

“We respect every team, but we aren’t afraid of anyone either,” said Pasha with finality.

Did we mention that Domino's Pizza Malaysia also sponsors Dingoz MPX? Free pizzas!

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PMPL SEA Finals Season 3 will begin 21 May, with 16 of the best PUBG Mobile professional squads in Southeast Asia, battling for bragging rights as the best team in the region as well as a share of the soon-to-be-announced prize pool. Stay tuned as more info will be revealed very soon.


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