DOTA: Dragon's Blood Official Trailer Reveals Selemene, Slyrak and More!

Posted by George Wong on March 2, 2021

When the teaser for the upcoming Dota 2 anime, DOTA: Dragon's Blood was released, we were hyped. Our lifelong (okay, maybe just this writer's) dreams of having an animated Dota 2 series to watch, let alone an official one from Valve produced by Studio MIR, were finally coming true! Since the show is only three weeks (and a bit) away, Netflix has dropped another video for the show as promised.

The two and a half minute-long trailer features a lot of info to unpack. From the characters of the show, the world, the story, and perhaps hints of new heroes or cosmetics that might make their way into the official game. Here's some of the things we managed to spot - Selemene, the goddess of the moon, who is hinted at not being who she claims to be; Dragon Knight vs Slyrak (perhaps the showdown where he obtains his powers?) and a comedic moment between Davion and Mirana (who seems to enjoy her booze!).

Netflix also released posters of the main characters that line up to provide a QR code leading to an unlisted video showing Terrorblade - we don't know what role he'll play in the series yet, but it's probably significant enough to warrant his own video clip! We now know why we had the Foulfell Cavern Crawl during the last battlepass and the lotuses that were added to the map recently. 25 March can't come soon enough! Who's stoked for DOTA: Dragon's Blood?


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