E1 Championship Finish Line Summary: Round 2 Results (Shanghai International Circuit)

Posted by San Joe Kim on November 30, 2020

Round 2 of the E1 Championship saw drivers competing at the Shanghai International Circuit. Missed out on the action? Not to worry, we’ll walk you through how the results transpired as well as some of the key moments that took place on the track. 

Qualifying Round (to determine driver starting positions)

The short 5-minute opener race ended with an intense neck and neck finish from P5 upwards. Just look at how close these lap times were!

P1 to P5 finishes: 

  • Resurgence - Ayman Aqeem (1:31:884) - 5 points 
  • Stratos Motorsports - Naquib Azlan (1:31:930) - 4 points
  • Scuderia Stratos - Troy Eimann (1:32:093) - 3 points
  • GT Radial Eurasia - Inigo Anton (1:32:146) - 2 points 
  • Team Safehouse - Mikko Nassi (1:32:194) - 1 point

Race 1: The power of two

Here’s a handy map guide to get a feel of how some corners look dastardly hard

Lap 1 saw Sepang's Race 2 P1 finisher, Resurgence’s Ayman Aqeem making an early mistake at Turn 6, allowing Stratos Motorsports’ Naquib Azlan to get in front of the pack. At the same time,  Blackwolf Racing’s Kalen Chin was also off to a flying start, whizzing through drivers and up the leaderboard, only to fall off abruptly due to a broken front nose cone. The Australian had to retire to the pit stop this early to patch up his vehicle. At the same time, both Resurgence drivers, Ayman Aqeem and Mika Hakimi were breathing down Naquib’s neck. 

Nobody likes getting off track

Fast forward to Lap 4, GT Radial Eurasia’s Inigo Anton was sitting comfortably in P2, but lost control of his vehicle mid-way and spun off track. The Sepang Race 1 second-place finisher, unfortunately, fell off hard and did not manage to finish Top 5 this race. Towards the end of the lap, Ayman overtook Naquib at Turn 14 by the skin of his teeth. Naquib did not relent however and kept following Ayman ever so closely behind. On the final 10th lap, Ayman was already ahead in P1, with Mika following him closely in P2. Mika managed to keep Naquib at bay who was closely following behind in P3. 

Ayman (left) was just heading straight for the finish, while Mika (middle) was holding off Naquib (right) until the very end

It all came down to the wire at the final straight as Mika managed to effectively support Ayman who was ahead in P1, shielding against Naquib who was looking for any nook and cranny to zip past. It paid off as Ayman managed to secure a first-place finish for Resurgence at the end of Race 1. This marked a consecutive win for Ayman, as he managed a P1 finish back in Sepang’s Race 2 as well.

At the same time, Kalen managed to secure the Race 1 best lap time despite a nightmare start. During the post-race interview, the young lad mentioned that while he was in the pit stop, he recollected his thoughts and shifted focus towards getting the fastest lap as the next best course of action.

P1 to P3 Best Lap times: 

  1. Ayman Aqeem (Resurgence) - 1:33:921
  2. Mika Hakimi (Resurgence) - 1:33:698
  3. Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) - 1:34:349

Race 1 Best Lap time: 

  • Kalen Chin (Blackwolf Racing) - 1:32:540

Race 2: The long tyre-ing game

In the longer race format of Race 2, teams had to be wary of Shanghai as tire durability was actually on a 3x modifier value (wearing out tyres a lot more easily). Teams had to diligently plan ahead, going for softs for better traction but worst off durability? Or opt for the hards for better durability but trade-off cornering performance? Or perhaps a mix of both as pit stops were something that needed to be considered for a longer endurance race.

During Lap 1, Inigo managed to capitalize on the reverse-grid format and obtained a strong start, being ahead of the pack in P1. 

Naquib displayed heightened aggression to get ahead

Sometime during Lap 3, Naquib aggressively pushed to obtain P3 despite picking up some slight contact with other drivers. It was only at Lap 6, where Naquib managed to overtake Inigo. Ayman also managed to squeeze through a tight corner to overtake Inigo as well, causing him to drop to P3. 

Lightning can unfortunately strike twice in the same race

As bad luck would have it, at Lap 9, Inigo spun out again to lose a favourable position just like in Race 1. Fast-forwarding to Lap 16, Ayman himself also faced an unfortunate circumstance, spinning out of the track due to an incident with a backmarker (a driver that is last / way behind the pack in a race). 

Mika was trailing ever so closely behind a punctured tyred Naquib

In the final 19th lap, Naquib’s bold strategy of using softer tyres was paying off, until one of them got punctured. Holding on for dear life, Naquib barely managed to make it past the finish line thanks to the significant lead he built up against P2 and P3 drivers Mika and Kalen at the time. It was worth noting that Kalen dropped to P4 towards the very end as well due to a punctured tire on the final lap, with Mikko Nassi picking up the P3 finish. As the perfect cherry on top, Naquib also managed to obtain the fastest lap time for Race 2 as well. 

P1 to P3 Best Lap times: 

  1. Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) - 1:32:903
  2. Mika Hakimi (Resurgence) - 1:34:838
  3. Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) - 1:35:302

Race 2 Best lap time: 

  • Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) - 1:32:903

Overall Round 2 Standings 

Top 3 Drivers of Round 2

  • Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) – 47 points
  • Mika Hakimi (Resurgence) – 40 points
  • Ayman Aqeem (Resurgence) – 37 points

Overall Championship standings

Top 3 performers (Drivers)

  • Naquib Azlan (Stratos Motorsports) – 80 points
  • Mikko Nassi (Team Safehouse) – 74 points
  • Ayman Aqeem (Resurgence) – 71 points

Top 3 performers (Teams)

  • Resurgence – 138 points
  • Team Safehouse – 110 points
  • Stratos Motorsports – 109 points

The action may be over for now, but stay tuned for next week’s race that will take in Dubai Autodrome! Be sure to follow E1 Championship on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for weekly updates and exclusive race coverage.


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