E1 Championship: Finish Line Summary - Round 7 Results (Road America)

Posted by Bryan Terng on January 20, 2021

Seven rounds of the E1 Championship Season Zero went by in a flash, with the Asia Pacific sim racing premier tournament reaching its conclusion this week. And there's simply no better way to be ready for the finale than a refresher for the Round 7 races at Road America, USA.

Here's what went down at the penultimate round of the E1 Championship:

Qualifying round

P1 to P5 finishes: 

  1. Stratos Motorsport – Naquib Azlan (1:28:034) – 5 points
  2. Stratos Motorsport – Yevan David (1:28:198) – 4 points 
  3. GT Radial Eurasia – Inigo Anton (1:28:343) – 3 points
  4. BlackWolf Racing – Kalen Chin (1:28:469) – 2 points
  5. Team Safehouse – Alister Yoong (1:28:620) – 1 point

Race 1

The first race of the day kicked off with more bangs than usual, thanks to two game-changing collisions, with the first happening as early as Lap 1 - Joaquin Garrido of GT Radial Eurasia knocked RSG's Ayman Aqeem off course, costing the latter a good spot in the race.

On the other hand, life was good for Stratos Motorsport's Naquib Azlan, who held onto the top spot throughout the entire race with Inigo Anton and Kalen Chin in tow; the two were battling intensely for the P2 spot until Anton trumped the Australian racer.

Naquib Azlan cements his status once again as the league leader.

Alas, for Chin, not only did he lose his P3 by Lap 2 - no thanks to Troy Eimann (Scuderia Stratos) and Yevan David (Stratos Motorsport) - but he also went off-track after a collision with RSG's Mika Hakimi in Lap 6.

In the end, Azlan and Anton remained on top, and Eimann secured a precious P3 rank in Race 1.

Race 2

Yoong and Chin nastily bumped into each other in Lap 3, as the latter forced his way into P3.

After a messy battle at the start of the race, Mikko Nassi and Alister Yoong of Team Safehouse, along with Scuderia Stratos' Ariff Azmi, persevered and took hold of the top 3 seats. Despite facing stiff competition from behind (especially for Yoong), they managed to hold onto their crowns up until Lap 10, when the two had to go for their pit stop and lowered their standings.

WULF Virtual Racing’s Colin Lee and Alvin Yak took over the previous duo's spot for one lap, before Naquib Azlan and Yevan David once again shoot to the top and secured top 2 all the way to the end, repeating the feat they pulled off in Round 5. The former proved that lightning can strike twice, winning two races in a row that surely put Azlan in a favourable spot.

Overall Round 7 standings

Overall E1 Championship standings

Naquib Azlan's consistently impeccable performance has placed him way ahead of everyone else, establishing a 68-point head start that puts him in a favourable position to win the E1 Championship. Otherwise, the overall standings remain largely the same, except for Inigo Anton trading places with Troy Eimann to be in the P5 spot. As for the teams' standings, looks like the combined efforts of Azlan and teammate Yevan David has also put Stratos Motorsport kilometres ahead of the pack too, with previous team leader RSG trailing behind by 68 points.

The final Round 8 of the E1 Championship will take place tomorrow (21 January) at 10PM (GMT +8), LIVE on eGG Network TV (CH800) and Facebook.

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E1 Championship Season Zero is organised by eGG Network, Axle Esports and Astro, in partnership with RaceRoom and eRacing GP.


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