E1 Championship Season 2 Starts Tonight!

Posted by George Wong on August 25, 2021

After what seems like forever, the wait for the second season of the E1 Championship is finally over. Day one of the second (or third if you count season 0) instalment of this exciting racing tournament kicks off this evening featuring brand new tracks on a different game - iRacing. Featuring both returning and brand new faces, E1 Championship will pit 10 teams of 2 racers each, in a high-speed chase for the grand trophy and a cut of the US $16,000 prize pool.

Tournament Schedule

Dates: 25 August - 3rd November
Time: 9 pm

  1. Interlagos, Brazil - 25th August
  2. Montreal, Canada - 1st September
  3. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indy Oval - 15th September
  4. Mystery Circuit (Joker Round) - 22nd September
  5. SPA Francorchamps, Belgium - 29th September
  6. Mystery Circuit (Joker Round) - 13th October
  7. Monza Combined, Italy - 20th October
  8. Silverstone, UK - 3rd November

Teams and Racers

  1. Team Flash - Muhammad Aleef, Muhammad Ibrahim
  2. Stratos Motorsports - Naquib Azlan, Dominic Ang
  3. Blackwolf Racing - Kalen Chin, Mika Hakimi
  4. GT Radial Eurasia Motorsport - Inigo Anton, Joaquin Garrido
  5. Safehouse - Mikko Nassi, Joshua Thomas
  6. BlackArts Racing - Josh Purwien, Luke Banister
  7. Apex e-racing - Ariff Azmi, Muhammad Zihni
  8. Slipstream Motorsport - Alister Yoong, Ivan Vantagiato
  9. eGG Network - Aaron Lim, Whelan Choy
  10. ERacing GP - Tengku Djan Ley, Keifli Othman

Don't miss out on the heart-pumping action at 9 pm on eGG Network TV or the official E1 Championship Facebook Page. It's going to be one heck of a ride!

E1 Championship is powered by Axle Sports and eGG Network, sponsored by Aurizn EvoClub Insurance with PrOmilej and in partnership with ERacing GP.


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