Eagle 365 Esports are the Predator League 2021 PUBG APAC champions

Eagle 365 Esports are the Predator League 2021 PUBG APAC champions

Apr 12, 2021 Bryan "soupykambing" Terng  

After 12 rounds of battle, Eagle 365 Esports finally emerged victorious in Predator League 2021 Asia Pacific (APAC) for PUBG esports. With three Winner Winner Chicken Dinners and 67 kills to their name, it’s a wholly deserving victory that earned them the US$37,500 champions cash prize, as well as a few Acer Predator goodies.

Despite the Indonesian team forming merely three months ago, they managed to secure the most Chicken Dinners and second-highest kill volume – right behind second runner-ups Team NO1, who had 69 – that granted them a 21-point lead. They had nine top 5 placements out of 12 matches and even secured as many as 12 kills in a single round (round 2).

The other top three teams of Predator League 2021 PUBG APAC are CERBERUS Esports and Team NO1, ranking at second and third place, respectively. They were rewarded US$15,000 and US$7,500 in cash prize as the runner-ups and second runner-ups.

In other news, Korean team DAMWON Gaming are the champions of the Predator League 2021 PUBG for the Asia region, with a 20-point lead. They previously competed in the international PUBG Global Invitational.S (PGI.S).

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