EZZY LX PUBG Mobile: Rise of the underdogs in PMPL MY/SG S2 Grand Finals

Posted by Bryan Terng on September 22, 2020

From champions of PMNC 2020 to finalists of the PMPL MY/SG (PUBG Mobile Professional League) Season 2 Grand Finals, EZZY LX has come a long way since their formation in April this year, during the movement control order (MCO). Even though they placed 14th in the League Season, the stage has been reset, and all that matters is how well they’ll perform in the epic conclusion of PMPL MY/SG Season 2.

Here are the soldier boys of EZZY LX:

Ahmad Aidi “Asta” bin Ahmad Albar - Captain/In-game leader
Ahmad Aidil “Schizo” bin Rahmat - Scout
Imran Naqiuddin “Tidur” bin Azmi - Support
Afiq Irfan “FiqOP” bin Mohd Faizal - Rusher
Muhammad Muhaimin “Minn” bin Muni - Support

Mohamad Hairul Nizam “RaiJinz” bin Sulaiman - Manager/Co-coach

Alhamdulillah, we are grateful and excited to qualify for the Grand Finals,” captain Asta expressed on behalf of EZZY LX (formerly LX Esports), adding that they had a tough time earning their seats to the final round. He singled out Team SMG as the toughest opponents they faced in League Season of PMPL MY/SG. “They are smart when it comes to offensive and defensive plays. They also have a wide variety of tactics and rotation styles that make entering the circle more efficient.” 

Even so, manager RaiJinz clarified that they are holding watchful eyes on every single team, no exceptions. “Every team made it to PMPL MY/SG Season 2 because they are exceptional teams.” Thus, it would be wise to not underestimate anyone, and he hopes that EZZY LX will prove to be as - or more - formidable as other competing teams. Nevertheless, their cautiousness and willingness to get top spots didn’t stop them from improving themselves in-game.

"We use our break time to spend time with friends and family ... we can't help but still think about PUBG mobile though," said RaiJinz with a chuckle.

“In spite of the risk, we were always trying out new strategies in League Season, so we can fix our mistakes and familiarise ourselves with enemy tactics,” said Asta, thinking of the long run. According to RaiJins, it’s a good mindset that EXXY LX has been adopting even before they entered the professional league, evidenced by the learnings they derived from winning the PUBG Mobile Malaysia National Championship (PMNC) 2020. “We learned to adapt our techniques and rotations according to the competitions we enter,” the team manager said. 

However, behind every success story is hardships, and the Malaysian team had their fair share in the national tournament. When PMNC 2020 decided to utilise an online format to prevent the COVID-19 spread, RaiJinz revealed that the team decided to rent a hotel room and play together, albeit the budget kind due to financial constraints. This is because members were scattered across Selangor and Pahang, and they wanted to “facilitate group strategies and communication plans,” which would be easier if they were competing together in person. It was hardly a comfy option, but it did score them their biggest victory yet, and RaiJinz was undoubtedly a proud mother hen, especially since he’s the founder of the team.

Training and competing PMNC 2020 in a budget hotel is definitely one of EZZY LX's highlights.

The father of EZZY LX recalled how Asta was the first member to join the team, appointing him as the captain based on his professional esports experience. “We share a joint role of coaching the team, although the other members do chip in with their own thoughts on various aspects of gameplay” while ensuring the overall team morale is good and ready for any obstacles. RaiJinz took one month to round up the rest of the team, picking only the best and brightest after testing them on their skills and knowledge of PUBG Mobile. It’s a roster that has paid off since then, but no journey is a smooth sail, not even for EXXY LX.

“We went through a bitter experience (which we can’t disclose yet) that taught us to be more careful in tournaments,” RaiJinz confessed but kept mum on other details of the matter. Be that as it may, their PMNC 2020 championship opened up more than a few doors for the Malaysian PUBG Mobile team, with various esports organisations and sponsors looking to collaborate with them. They ultimately accepted a partnership with Ezzy Esports, and changed their identity from LX Esports to EXXY LX, a name that they’ll carry with them into the grand finale of PMPL MY/SG Season 2.

“We’ve been fortifying our defensive and offensive tactics for the Grand Finals,” said Asta. “We’ll strive to be more consistent and do everything we can to get those Chicken Dinners and hopefully, do much better in the Grand Finals.”


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