Geek Fam PUBG Mobile: New geeks on the block of PMPL SEA Finals Season 2

Posted by Bryan Terng on October 15, 2020

From eighth place last season to not only fourth place in PMPL MY/SG (PUBG Mobile Professional League) Season 2; Geek Fam PUBG Mobile not only finally leapt to a top 5 spot in the nation’s most prestigious PUBG Mobile tournament, but also tickets to their first-ever regional participation in the PMPL SEA Finals Season 2.

Here are the geeks who will represent Malaysia in the upcoming PMPL SEA Finals Season 2:

  • Mohd Irzam Aman “DamRUDE” bin Mohd Zaini - Captain/IGL
  • Ahmad Syafiq Imran “Qb” bin Mohamad - Support
  • Mohamad Nabil “Snipes” bin Nazaruddin - Sniper/Support
  • Mohd Yazid “Sane” bin Sahol Hamid - Rusher
  • Raziq Azraei “Modyyy” bin Azizi - Coach
  • Amirul Rashide bin Mat - Manager

What made Geek Fam’s feat even more impressive, was their ability to quickly adapt to their new roster in a short period of time - Sane and Snipes replaced Hehox and iNaoki as the new rusher and support player. “It was a challenge for us to build team chemistry within such a short term,” recalled Qb, who’s been with Geek Fam since PMPL MY/SG Season 1, along with DamRUDE. “Even so, we’re glad that Sane and Snipes have been great teammates,” with ideas, strategies and chemistry that are more in sync than the previous lineup.

It was DamRUDE who introduced Snipes to Geek Fam, aware of his potential before he joined the team. “We needed a good support player, which is why I offered him to try out for the team,” said the captain. At first, Snipes thought the offer was too good to be true and assumed it was a scam, but that was put to rest after finding out it’s the real deal. “It’s a dream to be able to play in such a big esports organisation like Geek Fam,” the Malaysian player expressed, who currently resides in Johor. 

As for Sane, he’s actually a former player of WeStar XPERT in Season 1, when they went by the name XPERT MY. The team were impressed by his “quite good” gameplay in the tournament, which is why he was approached to join the geeky squad as well.

And how well did Geek Fam perform with the latest lineup? According to manager Amirul, they were pretty good. “I’m actually quite a new manager for Geek Fam,” he admitted, saying that he joined them in Week 2 of League Season. “Their performance dropped a little in Week 3 and 4 because the maps got a bit confusing for them after the big 1.0 update.” 

Even though they were in the same arena as top dogs like Team Secret and Yoodo Gank, the sports science graduate believed that every single team were dangerous for the squad. “Everyone wants a seat in the Grand Finals, even more so for the top 2 spots to enter the PMPL SEA Finals,” so literally no one was holding back to get to the next level, except maybe Yoodo Gank and Team Secret, who already qualified to the regionals as the defending champs and Regular Season winners, respectively.

Despite the tense high stakes that PMPL MY/SG Season 2 had, there’s no shortage of favourite moments by the gang. “We always cheer ‘Once a Geek, always a Fam’ every time before the game, but sometimes we end up getting knocked out too soon right after that,” said Qb, laughing at the memory. For Sane and DamRUDE, it was that one match where the final circle ended up being on top of the ocean, so everyone was forced to swim. Snipes found their last match against Team No Recoil in Miramar was particularly memorable (and intense as heck) because it was the deciding moment of which team - both were neck-to-neck throughout the Grand Finals - would advance to the SEA Finals.

Finally, Geek Fam’s time has come to go further to the regional finals, facing off against the likes of RRQ Athena and Bigetron RA whom they hope to beat at least once. “We may be new to the tournament, but we want to prove that we’re the same level as everyone else,” said Qb, believing - on behalf of the team - that it’s not impossible for them to advance to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) Season Zero. “We’ll give everything we got and aim for the top 4 slots,” which is the minimum requirement to enter the world championship. Sane added, “The competition is going to be very different from what we’ve been through, so we have a lot to learn. But, no matter what happens, we’re proud of how far we’ve come.”

At the end of the day, it’s not just Geek Fam’s talent and hard work that got them this far. “We want to say thank you to all who have been supporting us, especially our fans and family,” said Sane. “Without them, we wouldn’t have gotten this far.” And last but not least, Geek Fam's content creator, Yap "Scout" Yuien Feng, expressed the team's gratitude towards their sponsor, realme. "We thank realme for providing us the necessary equipment that up our gameplay level, and for helping us organise events to meet our fans."

One for the road, guys!

Watch Geek Fam PUBG Mobile's first ever participation in the PMPL SEA Finals Season 2, from 23 - 25 October! Follow the official PUBG Mobile page for more updates on the tournament, and don’t forget to follow eGG Network too for more PUBG Mobile coverage.


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