Al Ikhlas R2K: Back with a vengeance in PMPL MY/SG Season 3

Posted by Bryan Terng on March 13, 2021

One additional point was all it took to not only qualify R2K (now rebranded as Al Ikhlas R2K) for the upper echelons of PMPL MY/SG Season 3 (PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore) but also the championship title of PMCO MY/SG 2021. After losing their slot to the current season when they parted ways with Damansara Esports, it’s a great start for last season’s PMPL MY/SG finalists to reclaim their spot.

They were "this" close.

Here are the professional gunners who make up Al Ikhlas R2K:

Mosleh “MosGoku” bin Subairi - In-game Leader
Ahmad Aiman “Echo” bin Mahadzir - Support
Nur Syafiq Putra “NSP” bin Syarul Nizam - Rusher
Muhammad Haziq “Zykz” bin Zulkhainain - Fragger
Kyan “VeXz” Goh - Rusher
Dwi Agus "Agusrianz" Rian Supardi

Zul “RenZ” Azren - Founder, manager and coach
Siti “Maira” Umairah: RenZ’s personal assistant

“It was very unexpected,” said Echo, who relied solely on his mobile data during the semi-pro competing. The team explained that they weren’t in first place before the last match, despite their earth-shattering performance in the penultimate match. “We thought we weren’t going to get the championship title at all, so we didn’t pressure ourselves a lot in the last match.”

Aside from placing second with five kills in the last game, R2K also overtook the then-leaders TRX Legend who were knocked out early on. “When we found out that we were champions, we cried tears of joy,” NSP recalled. Their biggest achievement prior to PMCO was getting second place in the Selangor Cyber Games 2019.

Even though R2K are veterans in the scene (they’ve been around since 2019, as Last Survivor R2K and Damansara Esports), they didn’t underestimate any team in the semi-pro PMCO MY/SG. “Teams like Homebois competed in PMPL before, so we can predict how they play,” captain MosGoku explained. “But, the other PMCO teams never did, which makes them more unpredictable.” Thus, they trained hard day and night with only one rest day every week, while MosGoku took on another responsibility as the team’s designated analyst. “Basically, after training, I point out our mistakes so we can learn from them.” 

Selangor Cyber Games 2019.

It’s an effort that didn’t go unnoticed, with NSP exclaiming that he really does work very hard. MosGoku joked, “Yeah, I’m very hardworking, the rest are malas (lazy). The camaraderie between R2K’s players is solid as a rock, constantly poking fun at each other during the interview, but not before clarifying their jest and expressing admiration for one another. Even their newest member, VeXz, isn’t left out of the brotherhood.

“I picked VeXz up from the roadside,” MosGoku teased how the Singaporean player joined the squad. Jokes aside, they were playing PUBG Mobile Classic mode together one day, when he asked if they had space on their team for another player. Fortunately, the then-four-man squad did, after PewPew left due to personal reasons. Plus, they needed a fifth member because NSP has been sitting for the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) exams. “We want him to focus on his education first. Besides, if he doesn’t do well, his mom will come after me,” said the captain with a hearty laugh.

Training on the go.

However, R2K weren’t looking for someone temporary and had a few fruitful tryouts with VeXz before they accepted him. “We already saw his strength during scrims and other small tournaments,” NSP shared. “Though he made some mistakes, we noticed how he carried his team.” 

Despite being a Singaporean (who mainly learn English and Chinese), VeXz knew how to speak the Malay language, which impressed the team. “I played with plenty of Malay players who understood English,” said VeXz, elaborating that communicating with them verbally helped improve his command of the language. Though he isn’t fluent, it’s good enough to communicate with the rest of the team. “That’s why when VeXz comes to Malaysia, I’ll sign him up for tuition classes,” MosGoku joked.

Selangor Cyber Games 2019.

With the bond that R2K have, it’s clear to the writer why they never lost hope and kept going, regardless of the adversities they faced. After placing 11th in the Grand Finals of PMPL MY/SG Season 2 as Damansara Esports, their invitation to the current season was pretty much sealed. 

Alas, their sponsors were facing financial difficulties, so R2K figured that the best decision for everyone was to leave Damansara Esports. But, according to new rules, Damansara Esports holds the invitation to PMPL MY/SG Season 3, which is why their new partner team, Damansara Flash Vision, were invited instead.

Despite feeling disheartened about the news, MosGoku contacted Facebook Gaming streamer Daddyhood for help, and he agreed without hesitation - this was after leaving Damansara Esports. Before PMCO, R2K were already in talks to join Team Bosskurr, an esports organisation which Daddyhood is a part of. 


However, when they found out they didn’t get the invited slot, Mos told him that they won’t accept his offer yet, and they’ll work on getting a PMPL slot first before being sponsored. “We feel that if he wants to help us, we must pay him back in favour too.” Fast forward to the present, R2K have confirmed to be sponsored by Al Ikhlas Gadget, thanks to Daddyhood’s help. “He is like our saviour.”

From scoring the PMCO MY/SG 2021 championship title and Al Ikhlas Gadget as their sponsors, it’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions for the squad. “I feel this is a good opportunity for us, something that not anyone can just get,” said VeXz. “Some of us were already losing hope, but we still trained hard every day to guarantee our slot to PMPL Season 3.” They didn’t expect to be champions at all, and having this blessing from Daddyhood is their chance to surge forward strong.

Captain Mos expressed that on behalf of the team, they hope to get Top 3 in League Season and the Grand Finals, so they can advance to PMPL SEA Finals Season 3. “It’s okay if we can’t reach PMGC 2021 (PUBG Mobile Global Championship) yet. Once we reach SEA level, then we’ll focus on the globals.”

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PMPL MY/SG Season 3 begins 24 March, 4.30PM (GMT +8), broadcast LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube.

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