Damansara Flash Vision: Wielding bigger guns for PMPL MY/SG Season 3

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 17, 2021

Having massive literal firearms doesn’t necessarily guarantee victory. But, with metaphorical guns like new members, Atai, Zigzag and even coach Sir Cloud, joining the squad, Damansara Flash Vision’s shot at the championship title just became much more likely. Case in point: after missing the Finals last season as Flash Vision, the now-Damansara-partnered squad finally qualified for the Country Finals of PMPL MY/SG Season 3.

Damansara FV, probably.

Amran “Saitama” bin Maklin – IGL/Support
Mohd Afdhal “Atai” bin Burihan – IGL/Support
Joehafrinizam “xArm” bin Jeffri Tan – Fragger
Jaslee “420” bin Jasni – Scouter
Mohamad Yuzaymie “ZigZag1” bin Karim – Rusher
Nur Suraya “Sugemuya” binti Mohd Yusoff – Support

Manager & analysts

Muhammad Qusyairy “Grim” bin Rahim
Andrew “Sir Cloud” Cheong

(Counterclockwise from left) Grim, Saitama, 420, xArm, Atai, ZigZag1, Sir Cloud and Sugemuya.

“Atai and ZigZag are mantap (awesome),” said 420, with the other older FV members, Saitama, xArm and Grim, agreeing unanimously that their firepower and tactical game plan increased substantially. The (not so) new manager added, “They’re not familiar with the concept of giving up and always fight until the end.” 

Damansara FV saw the exit of two players from last season’s roster – Zack and Grim (yes, the very same). Zack left because he wanted to focus on helping his family and marry his fiancée, while the latter, who has been with FV for the past two years, hung his guns for a managerial role instead. “I decided to be a team manager because I’m most familiar with everyone. So, I know how to settle any situation if any issues arise within the team.”

Coincidentally, Atai had just left N.E.D Brotherhood when Dingoz MPX manager Joker called him, suggesting he try out for a vacant seat in Damansara FV. Since xArm and Saitama used to be his squadmates, the support player felt he could get along with the team, thanks to the existing chemistry they already had, leading him to join the team.

As for Damansara FV’s fifth member, ZigZag is a relatively new professional player on the scene. He was a member of Mega Biskut Esports, but he joined FV after captain Saitama approached him. “Back then, they didn’t have enough players for scrims, so after I tried out, they decided to take me in.” The rusher has learned so much since joining the Malaysian PUBG Mobile team, especially how to play as a team when he focused a lot on solo plays last time. “We have to stick and work together when it comes to team fights.”

Fortunately, the fresh-faced Damansara FV pair feel that it’s as good as it gets. “It’s more fun to play now because we play similarly,” Atai expressed, with ZigZag voicing that he has “new friends to hang out with now” including Saitama, who said little during the interview. “He’s just shy in front of the camera. But once off-camera, he talks a lot!” said 420, with the rest chuckling and agreeing; even Saitama smiled cheekily at the notion.

Moving on from the players, let’s not forget Damansara FV’s arguably biggest addition: seasoned PUBG Mobile caster/analyst, Sir Cloud, who was involved in the Country League of PMPL MY/SG Season 3. Regardless of his busy schedule hosting other esports tournaments as well as live streaming, Sir Cloud makes time to meet with the team three times every week. “He has recordings of every team’s perspective while they’re playing, and we review and analyse them in all our sessions,” Atai shared.

It may not sound like much, but it helped Damansara FV improve a lot from last season. “He really taught a lot of new tactics, and we realise our mistakes more now because he sees everything that we don’t,” said 420, with Atai adding that they’re clearer on what improvements to make, as well as knowing how to rotate better and play tactically. Plus, Sir Cloud is an easygoing and funny guy to be with. “We were excited when we knew Sir Cloud was going to be our coach,” Atai conveyed.

Celebrating Ramadan 2021 style.

Though Damansara FV have more frequent scrims – running from 3PM to 3AM every weekday with breaks in between – this season to round up their training routine, they still make time during the weekends to R&R: Saturday for free-and-easy (including watch films or anime, gorge on good food and playing Valorant or Dota 2), and Sunday for team activities. “We like to play badminton, go jogging or just do any form of exercise. It isn’t good to always sit at home anyway,” 420 revealed.

When going up against top-tier professional teams like Dingoz MPX (Atai pointed out that “they’ll be the best performing team in PMPL MY/SG this season” based on scrims), Damansara FV are going all out with everything they have to hopefully be the champions of PMPL MY/SG Season 3 and qualify for PMPL SEA Finals Season 3.

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The PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Finals commences 23 April at 5.30PM (GMT +8) and will be broadcast LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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