Dari Hati: 10 things you didn’t know about Luqman Podolski

Posted by Bryan Terng on December 7, 2020

Have you ever wondered what your favourite Facebook Creator’s strange habits or top local dishes are? In this series of interviews, we sat down with the stars of Dari Hati, an eGGs-clusive special documentary programme, to ask them a few lighthearted questions that were too amusing for the show!

Donning an out-of-place wig in his wacky Vine content, Luqman Podolski’s antics won the hearts of meme enthusiasts and comedy gold seekers, which stayed long after the platform ceased operations. Refusing to falter, Luqmanul Hakim continued to upload his content on YouTube and Facebook, with his most recent endeavour being video game streaming on Facebook Gaming. On top of streaming horror games much to the enjoyment of his viewers, Luqman likes broadcasting his content with various video games, including FIFA, single-player games, and even tries his hands at odd ones - for example, his latest foray includes playing as Mr. Krabs of SpongeBob SquarePants acquiring questionable substances.

If you could compare yourself with any animal, which would it be and why?

A bear, definitely - they sleep, eat, and do it again and again. I like to live like that, lazy to move.

What are three things you can’t live without?

Internet, PS4 and PC.

What are your top 3 local foods?

  • Roti telur
  • Nasi lemak
  • Fried cempedak

What weird beliefs or superstitions do you have?

Believe it or not: horoscopes, especially those daily ones - it’s too coincidental to be true at times! When I read them and remember what I did today, it turned out to be real sometimes.

What was the first video game you ever played? 

Super Marios Bros. My Mom used to always travel to China a lot (I think), and a lot of consoles and cartridges were sold cheaper there at the time. So, she bought it and introduced it to me when I had nothing to do after kindergarten. It was so hard for me, man, that I was stuck at level one.

What do you like doing that relaxes or destresses you?

A bit cliche, but listening to music, and the genre depends on my mood. I’m into more Korean hip-hop music now, like Dean, Jay Park and Zico.

What's a funny fact about yourself that not many would know about you?

I like cats, but sometimes they really frustrate me. I have two cats, and when I tell them not to do something, they end up doing anyway, like bothering me or taking dumps outside the litter box even though I already bought them two boxes. They’re still cute though.

Which country do you dream of living in, and why?

Indonesia, I love how unified the people are.

If you could master a new language, what would it be and why?

Japanese, their accent is nice, and I can even try asking a Japanese girl out.

What are your worst habits?

Procrastination. I tend to play with my phone, lepak (hang around), play games, then only I will do my task. Not just work, but even for tidying up my house.

Dari Hati is a documentary series by eGG Network that dives deep into the lives of Malaysia’s top Facebook Gaming Creators, featuring an intimate dialogue and rarely-heard-of stories by the streamers themselves. 

Remember to tune in to eGG Network’s Facebook page this Saturday (12 December) at 8PM (GMT +8) to catch the premiere of Luqman Podolski’s Dari Hati episode.


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