FattahZie: Married to family and streaming

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 25, 2020

The Facebook Gaming streamer emphasizes on the importance of time management, so he can properly dedicate himself to his family and career.

Every grey cloud has its own silver linings. Stuck at home in a world plagued by the risks of COVID-19, all of us are resorting to various means to keep our cool while staying healthy. Flocking to the Net to inform and entertain ourselves, it’s a time for streamers such as FattahZie to shine, by making us laugh our butts off, have a good time, and watch them play our favourite games. For the Malaysian steamer, little has changed for him since the movement control order (MCO) has been imposed.

Going with the stream

“The only thing I can’t do is bringing my baby daughter out to see the world,” said Fattah “FattahZie” Zakaria, usually bringing his seven-month-old out to the mall or meeting up with friends and family, along with his lovely wife of five years. Although he admitted to being a little clumsy as a new father, the fatherhood experience has been good for him and he’s more than willing to learn. Nevertheless, FattahZie was already at home most of the time prior to the restricted movement, close to both his streaming career - fully supported by his life partner - and beloved family.

Started out a little over a year ago, FattahZie was streaming video games at a part-time basis before being invited onboard as a full-fledged Facebook Gaming Creator. “I love what I’m doing, because I like chatting with my fans,” he said. If that streamer mindset sounded familiar, it’s because fellow Facebook Gaming colleague MissRose has the same approach to her streaming style by “being close with her viewers”. Why the coincidence? It’s because MissRose is his sister-in-law, and he’s the reason why she started streaming. Seems like streaming runs in the family.

From student to master

Explaining why he introduced streaming to the stay-at-home wife, it’s “because she liked playing PUBG Mobile and had plenty of free time in her hands. I told her that she might as well make full use of her PUBG Mobile time and try out streaming.” Even though MissRose felt that he helped her a lot, FattahZie remained modest, saying that he merely helped by promoting her page on his. “You can’t force viewers to like a streamer. Each of them has their own streaming style.” But, it’s a tried and true method, because that’s how his streaming career got the chance to lift off too, courtesy of PUBG Mobile esports player/streamer and friend, Yakuza, from EVOS.ViP.

Their friendship began at a post-tournament gathering of PUBG Mobile Malaysia National Championship (PMNC) 2018, where the two somehow clicked and befriended each other. This led to FattahZie getting more acquainted with the local PUBG Mobile esports scene - even knowing Team Secret’s MADTOI and Bigetron AROV’s Boyka - to the extent that they even stream playing the game together for a rollicking good time. “Their play style is totally different (during streams), because they’re more focused on producing good and funny content through gameplay, and also just to chill.” The stars are aligned for FattahZie, because that’s what his streams are about too. “I’m not a pro player,” he added with a hearty laugh.

Propelled by the fans

Nonetheless, his 226k followers speak volumes of his appeal. “I like to interact with people, crack jokes and make them happy,” FattahZie expressed, and his love for fans extends to him selecting PUBG Mobile and GTA Online as his regular streaming games. “Not only is it easier to make my streams fun, but I even get to play with random players who might be my fans,” citing the availability of a Malaysian server for GTA where local players can meet. Plus, his capability to play a high-end game like GTA with a decent enough gaming rig is also thanks to his most loyal fans’ support, along with his very disciplined savings initiative.

“I didn’t have enough cash to afford a gaming PC, so I started out with an iPad to stream,” he reminisced, saying that he’s even enjoying his now-proper streaming set-up. “It’s a lot of work to gather your own loyal viewers, those that watch your streams regardless of the games you play,” adding that casual viewers will usually turn away when he’s not playing his regular games. So, it’s important that he stays true to himself, attracting like-minded people that will stick around for his streams and grow his fan base. He’s even in the midst of launching his own merchandise that was supposed to be out in the middle of this year, but due to COVID-19, looks like that plan would be delayed until year-end.

Despite the significance of his fans, family is still FattahZie’s top priority, which is why he emphasises on sticking to his daily schedule. Streaming from 3PM - 6PM daily, he reserves nighttime as his family time. It’s a routine that many work-from-home family people can lean on too. “Scheduling is very important, so that you never neglect your family.”

Stay tuned to FattahZie's daily live streams on Facebook Gaming for all your entertainment needs.


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