Geek Fam: The New International Experiment

Posted by San Joe Kim on March 19, 2021

You know them and have definitely heard of them, today we will be taking a closer look at Geek Fam, another team that is currently participating in MPL MY S7. Being a consistent regular face since the early days of MPL MYSG, the team has a renewed vision this season. Looking to repeat their Season 3 success as champs, the boys in red have made some changes to their roster this season, while recently announcing even more new faces in their lineup to boot!

Geek Fam’s roster currently consists of: 

  • Artz
  • Dominus
  • Feekz
  • Heyden
  • Lilbee
  • Maima
  • Nellbie
  • Panda
  • Xorn

Fondly remembered for their emote-tional centric Season 5 psychological warfare strat, Geek Fam have always been revered for having super flexible lineups. This is in part due to their players’ respective deep hero pools, often leaving their opponents guessing until the very end. The team may have had a rough start during Week 1, but things may start looking up with the inclusion of 3 new faces. Taking a page out of Orange Louvre Esports in Season 6, we now have another international experiment on our hands at the moment. Heyden and Lilbee hail from Indonesia and could prove to be potent firepower enhancers for Geek Fam. 

Geek Fam will now have a 9 man roster for the rest of Season 7

We managed to also have a word with the team captain, Artz before the season actually started. The Geek Fam skipper shared that the team’s newer faces, Panda and Maima, felt it was good to have a new experience after getting the chance to participate in MPL MY S7. Artz also shared that Todak was the team that they looked most forward to facing. “Todak was a representative for the World Championship twice, they might be a good matchup to go up against this season,” he shared. When it came to scouting out the competition, Artz shared that the team feels its fair game all across the board - with every team being just as threatening as the other. “Everyone has an equal chance to grab the title as everyone has been improving,” he explained. 

In terms of prep work, Artz also shared that the team has been putting in the necessary work getting ready for season 7. “We have been touching up on both our micro and macro gameplay for this season because we did not do so well previously,” he said. When we asked about how things were coming along for the new roster, Artz mentioned that everything has been going well. “Everything has been smooth sailing, the new faces have been trying to adapt in most situations, he explained. “It’s going to be a new challenge for them but we can break through it together.” He added that fans can expect to see the newer players contribute “different gameplay and hopefully a lift to Geek Fam” this season. “As we have newer faces and even players from Indonesia, we’ll definitely try to bring a different meta this season; with the addition of our coach who just came back from MPL ID and who previously competed alongside Todak.” 

Amoux's MPL ID experience will be invaluable for Geek Fam this season.

Though not every day is sunshine and rainbows in such a competitive environment. Artz shared that the team’s most noticeable struggle going into the season was, if anything, “the difficulty in communicating as we are very far apart.” Prior to the start of the season, he explained that the team actually needed to make due using Discord to communicate and learn together. Despite the circumstances, Geek Fam are still confident in having a successful season. Artz shared that the team is definitely still as hungry as ever, wanting to rise as champions above everything else. In the event things don’t go exactly according to plan though, he shared that they are at least aiming to “go into the international scene this time around,” referencing tournaments like the MPL Invitational and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup. 

Speaking of the international scene, the team also chimed in on the recent MPL changes, with the current league being fully Malaysian based. Artz mentioned that this endeavour is great for focusing more on the Malaysian players, allowing more opportunities for the locals to grow together. 

Geek Fam also had a few words to say to their fans and competitors out there. “To our fans, thank you for always supporting us,” said Artz but confidently issued a warning to the rest of the participating teams: “We will be the first two-time MPL champions.” Be sure to catch them in action during their matches this week!


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