MPL MY S7 | Terence: Father, Family man, Caster

Posted by San Joe Kim on April 10, 2021

Hard work and dedication to their craft is what separates the best from the rest. Meet Terence, one of the most prominent English casters to have graced MPL MY. His signature calm and cool demeanour style of commentary always pairs well with any casting duo, often resulting in a great match viewing experience.

On top of having great in-game knowledge, Terence also adjusts well depending on his casting partner. He makes it a point to contribute any analytical inputs where appropriate or even bring the hype to high adrenaline moments throughout matches.

We managed to catch the well-rounded caster to get his input on MPL MY before Season 7 started. “It feels good to be back again for my 4th season,” said Terence. He also shared that it has been an overall crazy year since the pandemic hit; and that he was really excited to be back to cast and watch some amazing games.

The teams to watch

Amidst the sea of new and familiar faces, Terence shared his thoughts on which team would make the biggest impression this season. “This is going to be a tough one. Honestly, I think TODAK should be the one to potentially take the crown again. But I think the biggest impression this season would be the controversial rivalry between RED and Reborn Esports.” He added that fans should catch all the MPL action LIVE to keep an eye out for more details about this specifically.

Terence also named a few teams that could potentially be the strongest team this season. “Statistically and also historically, it would obviously be TODAK. But after having a couple of conversations with the teams and seeing a lot of roster shuffles, it’s hard to decide. If I were to throw a few names it would be TODAK, RSG MY and Team SMG.”

While it is always a joy to watch the stronger teams in action, Terence shared that he had his eyes set on another pair of teams altogether. “The teams I definitely want to watch the most would be the match between RED and Reborn Esports. Well for starters, drama is always fun to watch.” He compared it to last season’s dynamic between Orange Louvre Esports and RED Reborn, about it being a subject of interest to many fans out there. “There is so much at stake especially for these 2 teams when pride is on the line.”

When it came to the Qualifier teams, Terence commented on how they are considered an unknown variable. “The qualifier teams this season are in the grey area. There is not much info about them.” With the exception of Mal and Eren from RED, this is true as the teams should be extra wary in dealing with opponents that they lack analytical data on.

That being said, Terence shared that “they should take this as an opportunity to learn and play with the best in the scene and hopefully improve themselves for the next season. However, taking into account that this is going to be a long league, anything can happen. It’s all about how quickly they can adapt and learn.”

It’s not just about the players

Mal was one of the best Hypercarries of Season 6.

If Terence had to pick one player that would shine brighter than others this season, it would be Mal from RED. Aside that, he looked forward in general to seeing new potential players rise up too. Terence also added that “I am not that curious about the players, but instead am looking forward to Team SMG’s Coach James in action. Will his actions affect the overall gameplay of the team? And how will the dynamics change compared to the previous season?”

With the league transitioning to be fully MY based to boot, Terence had this to say. “It is a great opportunity for upcoming teams to be able to compete with the best and train for future seasons at the expense of arguably top tier teams from Singapore.”

A stab at the Season 7 meta

When it came to what would be the defining meta of Season 7, Terence had a few things to share. “The meta is going to be slightly different from previous seasons in a sense that Tank roles might still be out of the picture. Whereas the Hypercarry meta for Junglers / Marksmen such as Brody, Yi Sun-shin and Wanwan might be a priority pick for most of these teams.”

“We might see an increase in Mage picks such as Mathilda, Luo Yi, Selena, Harley, Esmeralda, Yve and Eudora and probably a niche, Alice. As for Tank / Fighter heroes, it would be Silvanna, Benedetta, Esmeralda, Paquito, Yu Zhong and Baxia.”

“To sum it up, we might see teams prioritising in picking Mages to carry tempo and try to close up games. We might even see double Marksmen setups with 1 in the jungle and 1 in the Gold lane, with teams trying to drag on the game to go for the win.”

TODAK put up a dominant show with the use of two Marksmen in Week 3

Upon looking back, so far, the heroes that were highlighted by Terence have indeed been highly contested picks. We have already seen teams like TODAK adopt the double Marksmen setup which normally involves Brody as their secondary Marksman.

All for the fam

Not only is Terence a prominent caster, but he is also a father and a family man. “Shoutcasting has always been my career for about 7 years now, it requires me to talk a lot. However, as I have recently started a family in a year-ish, I was very fortunate to spend more time with my 1-year-old daughter during the MCO period.”

“I had to find a bigger space to set up a streaming room to accommodate my daughter so as to not disturb her while I am casting. Adapting to a fully online setup wasn’t an issue.” He also added that taking care of his family was something new to him at the time, but thankfully is something manageable now.

Terence’s 2 Cents

Prior to the season officially commencing, Terence did share his own predictions on who would be the Top 4 teams at the end of the season. He just stated these four names:

“TODAK, Team SMG, Suhaz EVOS and Orange Esports”

Be sure to catch Terence in action on screen for the rest of MPL MY S7 as he continues dynamic and insightful castings!


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