MPX Redline: Greatness from small beginnings

Posted by Bryan Terng on March 6, 2021

Update: MPX Redline's roster recently changed sponsorship and management, and are now competing in PMPL MY/SG Season 3 as JenteraPejuang NSEA.

By placing third in the recently-concluded PMCO MY/SG 2021 (PUBG Mobile Club Open Malaysia/Singapore Spring Split), MPX Redline are finally making their professional debut in the highly-anticipated PMPL MY/SG Season 3 (PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore Spring Split 2021). Reaching the major leagues may be an entirely new experience for the Malaysian PUBG Mobile squad, but as long as they keep the same faith they did during PMCO, they just might make it far.

Here are the players that round up MPX Redline:

(left to right) Banks, Aduka, Wong, OLIYO and Hasz.
  • Amir “Banks” Aiman - IGL/Captain
  • Azrul “Wong” Aiman - Rusher
  • Mohamad “OLIYO” Azli - Support
  • Muhammad “Aduka” Ikmal - Sniper
  • Nurhazwan “Hasz” Haikal - Support
  • Khairul “Joker” Ridhwan - Founder/Coach
  • Syahrul “Botak” - Manager
  • Hajrah "Beby" Binti Hairuddin - Scrim manager

“With all the effort that the team have given thus far, we already expected the outcome (to qualify for PMPL),” said captain Amir “Banks” Aiman, speaking on behalf of the team. After all, they did place third during the PMCO Group Stage, beating out fellow Top 4 teams Homebois and TRX Legend, so it stands to reason that they believed they could finally get to the next level. 

And their winning formula? “Hold and defence is our play style,” Banks answered. “Because a great defence is a good offence.” Though it’s obvious the MPX Redline boys possess talent and dedication, they wouldn’t have gotten this far without the help of their coach, Khairul “Joker” Ridhwan. “Many of his tactical, coordination and other useful tips helped us improve by leaps and bounds.”

Coach Joker.

MPX Redline’s members may be fresh-faced players in the Malaysian PUBG Mobile professional scene, but it isn’t the case for their organisation, MPX Esports, which was formed in July 2019 by none other than Joker. The coach/principal carries a wealth of experience under his belt - he started out as a PUBG Mobile professional player since 2018 before forming and managing AXIS NRL MPX, a name recognised in the local esports scene.

The Damansara-based esports organisation has over 200 members in various teams under the MPX banner, and even has two professional teams under them as well: AXIS NRL MPX and, most recently, Dingoz MPX (formerly Dingoz MZ), who are veterans of PMPL MY/SG. Banks revealed that MPX Redline was created after recognising the exceptional chemistry between the five of them whenever they play together, and was intended to be the next MPX project team to compete in a higher level after AXIS and Dingoz.

Training for PMCO.

We won’t have long to find out, with PMPL MY/SG Season 3 presumably just around the corner. Banks expressed that his team may respect the top dogs of PMPL MY/SG (like Team Secret and Yoodo Gank), but when facing them, “backing down will not be an option. We will fight until our very last breath.” They also look forward to battling Dingoz MPX in PMPL, because they’ve always been their idols in the scene. “We look forward to fighting them fair and square.”

It’s already an achievement for MPX Redline by qualifying for PMPL MY/SG Season 3, but now, they’re setting their sights further to go beyond. “It’s everyone’s dream to be champions,” said Banks, adding that since they’ll definitely gain a lot of precious experience in this tournament. Even if they end up faltering in the major competition, “we will use (our new experience) to its full potential for future tournaments.”

“Last but not least, thank you, eGG Network and Bryan for the interview. We wish you the very best in the arena.” We wish you good luck and godspeed to you too, MPX Redline!

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