PMPL MY/SG Season 3: All the roster changes you need to know

Posted by Bryan Terng on March 24, 2021

The PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia/Singapore Spring Split 2021 (PMPL MY/SG Season 3) is finally here, and aside from a new tournament format, this season is chock-full of player transfers and newcomers - both teams and players - that may be hard to keep track of. But, fret not, we've listed down every single change so you don't have to scour the net to find them.

Al Ikhlas R2K

(Image credit: Al Ikhlas e-Sports FB)

After R2K's divorce from Damansara Esports late last year, the PMCO MY/SG 2021 champions adopted two new members: VeXz (pre-PMCO) and AgusRianz (post-PMCO). You can find out how the Singaporean player came to join the squad in our recent interview with the team.

The next addition is one that’s of high-calibre: Facebook Gaming streamer AgusRianz, who was chosen based on his experience competing at SEA level. “What was missing from the team was a SEA level DNA, which Agus fulfils,” said founder/manager/coach RenZ. “We hope that Agus’ experience will help us qualify for the next PMPL SEA Finals.”

Anti Circle

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

The latest addition to Soloz’s very own Anti Circle team is Harm, who was invited by SniperMan to join them while they were playing none other than PUBG Mobile. “We ‘kidnapped’ him from scrims after we saw his talent,” captain Superboi said. “We also took him in to be the future generation of Anti Circle, since he’s the youngest.” The scout player - also Milo lover - is currently studying Form 5 in high school.

Their previous member, Been, who was with the roster during their stint as Marlino inSouth, transferred to Richie Esport, owned by another Facebook Gaming Creator, Sharina Richie.

Damansara Flash Vision

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

Damansara Flash Vision is the result of a partnership between post-R2K Damansara Esports and Flash Vision (FV), who placed 22nd in last season’s PMPL MY/SG Regular Season. Apart from Damansara’s mainstay player Sugemuya, two new members, ZigZag and Atai, also joined the group. ZigZag was invited by captain Saitama to participate in scrims with FV when they were short of manpower, but not before proving that he’s worthy to be a full-fledged member. 

Atai, on the other hand, is a former N.E.D Brotherhood gunner who was offered by Joker to try out for Damansara FV. “I used to play with xArm and Saitama (they were with N.E.D Esports),” said Atai, adding that he had chemistry with the team, which convinced him to join Damansara FV.

Former FV member, Zack, left the esports scene due to three reasons: a new job offer, helping his family, and wanting to get married. And lastly, Grim - who competed in the last two PMPLs - traded places to be the manager of the team.

Dingoz MPX

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

With AXIS Esports no longer sponsoring the MPX Esports team (AXIS NRL MPX), Dingoz took over their spot to sponsor MPX Esports and formed Dingoz MPX. It’s an entirely different team from last season’s Dingoz MZ, with three AXIS NRL MPX players (Pemburu, Rith and Appy) instead, alongside two new members: IronPRO (formerly RSG) and Eypul (formerly N.E.D Brotherhood). Both were approached by manager Joker, with Pemburu encouraging the latter specifically to be part of the squad. 

IphoneWanted LX

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

Formerly EZZY LX in last season’s PMPL MY/SG, the LX Esports roster is now sponsored by IphoneWanted Esport MY. The PMNC 2020 champions have undergone some roster changes, with Schizo leaving the squad, and Mango and Cmper filling in the gaps and more. IphoneWanted LX are also the second mixed team to be competing in PMPL, behind Damansara FV.

J8 Esports

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

Though Rocky and Bot4k left coach Boyka’s team, J8 Esports have been hard at work inducting Aniq and Mail into the existing roster (Boyka, Zully, DamQT and SanR), who will be making their professional debut in PMPL MY/SG Season 3. Boyka acquired the pair from the AROV Esports clan, wanting to recruit new players from his own clan instead of outsider teams. "We wanted players who can multirole," said Zully, adding the two fit the bill of what J8 Esports were looking for.

N.E.D Brotherhood

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

Last season’s PMPL MY/SG finalists have some of the biggest roster updates in the league, with Atai, Eypul and xSyko being transferred to the opposing teams; xSyko is currently in Taugeh Ayam Esports, who took over Dingoz MZ’s slot after their disbandment. Qarl, Oasis, LyRien and RyZai are the newest members to represent the brotherhood, alongside veterans Izz and Chinpuy.

JenteraPejuang NSEA

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

Technically not a roster change, due to guidelines that dictate only one team represents one esports organisation (MPX Esports with Dingoz MPX), MPX Redline’s players have since been handed over to be sponsored by motorcycle clothing brand JenteraPejuang, in partnership with the Negeri Sembilan Esport Association (NSEA). 


(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

Despite losing IronPRO and Y2K, RSG Malaysia are blessed with two new players to bring back the firepower: Kim from TRX Elementus, and Damansara Esports’ coach Badman. The former is a PUBG Mobile veteran of two years (placing fifth in PMPL MY/SG S2 Regular Season), while the latter is an experienced PUBG PC professional player before transitioning to its mobile esports counterpart; Badman even represented Malaysia in numerous international PUBG PC tournaments.

Team Bosskurr

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

Sam and Mozarto may have left the PMNC 2020 second runner-ups, but coach Hannan has stepped up to be Team Bosskurr’s newest captain, while previous captain Zee focuses on his role as a support player. With a wealth of competitive experience in CS:GO and PUBG PC, Hannan was recommended by Team SMG’s Savior to coach Daddyhood’s squad before transitioning to a player role.

Team Secret PUBG Mobile

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

Which Malaysian PUBG Mobile esports fan wouldn’t be aware of this historical roster switch-up? In case you weren’t, you’d probably be excited to know that Yoodo Gank’s Fredo and Jumper, plus RSG’s Y2K and coach Seraveem are now part of the Secret fam. We were initially sad to hear Rex leaving the PMGC 2020 finalists, but it’s been revealed that he’s joining Secret Jin, becoming the first Malaysian PUBG Mobile player to compete on Thai soil.

Team Whales 

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

Their name may be new in the scene, but Team Whales is actually the best of both Team No Recoil and AKA Esports, taking over the former team’s qualification slot to PMPL MY/SG Season 3. 

Todak PUBG Mobile

(Image credit: Todak PUBGM FB)

Aside from TRX Elementus’ players changing hands to be sponsored by Todak, their roster has also been revised to include KiD and ChocoJr as Janick and Ginboy’s newest teammates. Interestingly enough, ChocoJr will be the first Vietnamese player to be competing in PMPL MY/SG, after being transferred from HocVienNamBlue (then Team Savier, who participated in PMPL SEA Final Season 2). Former teammates Ziso and Kim moved to Taugeh Ayam Esports and RSG, respectively.

Yoodo Gank

(Image credit: PUBG Mobile Esports MY FB)

After missing out on PMGC 2020, the Malaysian fan favourites are determined to reclaim their glory with a refreshed roster: Bravo from Dingoz MZ and Putra from Team SMG, to replace the gap left by Fredo and Jumper. “Obviously I’m excited because I get to play with ManParang and Draxx,” Putra exclaimed, a sentiment echoed by Bravo too. They were handpicked by the pair due to them bagging the weekly Terminator titles in PMPL MY/SG Season 2, not to mention that they happened to be leaving their respective squads too.

Along for the ride is newcomer Wrydep, who is being trained as the future generation of Yoodo Gank. ManParang discovered the boy wonder when he was helping out TRX Elementus in PMNC 2020, who performed well when paired with fellow teammate, Kim. “He’s a capable player,” the captain said. “He just needs to polish his skills a little and grind more, then he can go far.”

PMPL MY/SG Season 3 begins 24 March, 4.30PM (GMT +8), broadcast LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube.

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